After The View: October 17th, 2016

Life Hacks with Gretta Monahan.
14:55 | 10/17/16

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Transcript for After The View: October 17th, 2016
Everybody we're here live the lifestyle expert grant money hand and she is some quick and clever solutions to help us eight times eight months. And dare I say it looks slimmer check out. Say it's just questions throughout the army guys meet you can ask for anything Greta I guess I'll expert. First though I would ask you what yet what are you have what's your favorite like pat. Hack I know we've got clever things all the time wolf one I love this coconut whale and love coconut now that I've and that is like remover and make a bad debt is just a lotion moisturizer. You can basically mix or use analyst at oil with anything exactly it's a really great one. Even if you wish Dresser in summer yes bring that is a strong enough. I like to add a little coconut oil to goal leak so if he yet you don't have to go out to spend money and buy an extra moisturizing deep which has Just Diesel coconut oil what's your favorite links and Sheryl I don't shop I'll I had a couple. You're gonna laugh. Tic tac tic tac boxes you know anti lands they are the most amazing Bobby pin holder. Like for when you're traveling and the eagle or in your bag legal all of your bag. And NASA is really easy thing to just kind of travel Wentz and we're always traveling with the needy kid it's super easy the other one which allowed. It's always in the car with highs in the back unlike Colin hang up this iPad on long road trips began always travel from New York to Boston her beyond. And so now might do as if block. And but the but the iPad right hand and hope get not easy inexpensive. And I don't with a wary about finding out one thing that's a good I'll tell her to life pacs cannot reach one and I still do another thing figured I'd love is red ties ideologue like chords with those cool eating red tie up any thing usually not read her house Philly where every get him. And then I love to wrap court that he seeing them I lettuce and Latin and I don't one for you one last time when I won eleven of his toast somebody more but. Paper clips yet the extra large. If you put them on the back at your desk even just glued them or put them there with a little sick can. You can actually have your courts it on your computer courts in your tho it's hard and aren't fit right inside. Singing don't have to buying eighty always slipping behind your your bed yeah well you always want a deplete our eclipse speckled I'm like stacks of paper yes not a paper so that you lack literally at I'm just fastened into the back readily concede them and then he will appear court happen elsewhere in your court never slips down behind your sir again weakened and Nellie and inadequate. No one's gonna want us to close down or talk about applicants Kinnear noted no you're right and when a top army units start at the shirt yet we ya I wanna say so I'm. These are all things I set out to find because you know there's nothing worse we sit here you think. Why is this driving me crazy today there's got to be easier ways that's hiking with a light packs I really want these items actually take the stress subpar. Every day conundrum is so the first land is skinny sure I want to show you guys how this works I'm gonna have my model come out. He and it's. My sight gag my now. Sell this Islamic spirit I'm obviously clearing it by you really can you show them I'm punched -- hit a slug. So this isn't what it is skinny sure but what's Coolidge you can light hair under sweaters. Card is helpful because right now I'm not only do we loved to layer because its fall right. But we also loved to layer because it's vary in style let me I'm glaring with a little with a with a blazer but really it's about sweaters because. Every time we put a boxy cut T shirt. Or something like a cardigan that doesn't have slipped this special fabric what does it do it bunches or at hill view in and me should look here. So this is an amazing I inning if you love your basics and it's time even if you're not ready for an upgrade this is a major step up. On certain everything having your hand you can see they come with penalty kills us asking them seeking to begin looking at Buckingham with a little long extra teletype loved poking out here. You can do the plain white. Is that all white black engineers always all light up and down. They also polka dots that sombre so you can literally get what ever little. Then lake some of those yet you can pull a picture. How do you get mad at work and cook. Sorry. I think that the monochromatic went help because you can do this again like I jacket thing I mean for me. For a blazer wearing like me unlike the girls were young cute sweaters I like the blaze because it covers my arms and a lot of ladies out there are I learn here's the bomber. You know if it gets to China skier caught up under the arms so uncomfortable flight likable feel shirts like I feel the nine years now and I don't either and that's why. When you have this if you see it and this'll show it again. You can see it it fits right against her body and mrs. special tax to its smoothness let me to healing and it's musik curbs sleet did that pulls silhouettes of Clinton announced pretty slim. But why let arc was add extra oak aren't comfortable units like them. You can Katie can use your words. She's got it and just can not. Do you say to donors and Chandra Levy are loving it and also they want to know what the carry instructions are all lol how do you watch him. Easy just machine watch. I have to tell you just a little secret that if you if he'd been wearing a 100% cotton which is so nice cotton is lab late. When you have attackers Nick's fat wreck. Being with machine wash better and last longer you dries and a mountain. I actually lay them I may amount to I I don't know quite right want to protect you are if you wanna protect bad Rex either a lot of very gentle tri cycle or late mother seeking. I'm a big believer in that because I want them to last long time but especially the white piece is you got. When he gets some didn't yes. With as little added tacking it it really actually helps to maintain its white nice bright white look. I like best keep your questions coming we want to hear from you that I had okay love that. So the next line is what are we doing next already is Audette. While pops. Up early this week Lilly different slant lay with late. Racing. And sat out are all. Out. See our guys who all have to meet Lily she's helping our and I today bluntly telling really help pots hanging out with the Walt I lost. Yes so basically what wall pops are currently and I kind of where heaven too much on this morning by. And these are basically. Entry I cold room transformers c'mon Albert. Because you can either get the full while paper these are deep counts they stick on to the wall. You don't need carpenter at Indy me and you don't need any hammering nails you just literally life and entire at all yet he had also for the kids which is why we like it. Is you can actually pick different. Now HK. That's right and you can do little ones you can do quarks arraf pat I love this my son loves the map that skies favorite so what we have that up in the room. And knees I love it because you can do office you can do you know any bedroom any room you want and then when you try to remove them you can remove them with I love not that damaging while not everyone has this but if you rent property any higher I events as well. You don't want to have to redo the wall so why Dee Dee house and my last apartment he did little decorations and getting kids entering into room B the other thing you like the way you decorated eighty room isn't going to be the way they want it it's about earlier area casino industry dealing. My unseal it was cutesy cutesy and and once he turned it it was early like three and a half that he could actually get the warts ideas like mama superhero not like to. To repay any every saying is that Cheney image yet it's hot it's a lot of work and it's a lot of time and money. So this completely. Hacks Batt life problem because you can just pick what you like buy them online they have so. Many different patterns and find designs pray it's past yes it really fun instead of the you can eat just one Waller once cited a pop singing what do you think question do you like it Caroline FaceBook wants to know where can you buy these products sold. We're going at first that CU your deal dot com www. EUU ordeal dot com you talent really can you save your deal dot com. She added listener that's Alia that right and I think they're great gifts arraf they're greatly get out. We let it take those off the wall. When you want to take them they simply just peel off I didn't get a damage did you get an off delighted to clutter sometimes we glue just purchased for on stage we do a little I would I get all the way opt out if it literally lets write up with he loved walls are taking any pain top underneath which at lap and. Wants an end to the shirts come in plus size hole with so I think I'm science it's cold it got that on on on air earlier this sizing is petite to Kirby. So you have a huge range of sizing not just patterns and callers and links it's incredible and check out the bloody bloody as the new miss item. From that little piece of everybody wants a rock and yeah yeah kind of like day off look it is definitely an off duty item that you probably don't have its sleeve listed Scott Liddy it's that zips up very very very stylish cool from the scene one is yes I'm still Il you know that they kind of they went a little bit further with Keating war options and styles but the sizing great question think he's so much. If I'm neglected study that's I was psyched when I saw the size range they had an amazing actually covered predator indeed they did they cover everybody. Okay now we also have which may amstel smells like. I'd like that was I don't know like Christmas through next year. And spot treatment but you're getting what you are eating but we put a lot on one arm now myself I did I over and it benefits our county without. It's not really it's intact so that they love about Chris of all there soy delicious and they sense are delicious straight AIR tight lately Allen hit a home but arrogantly says. And the holidays I specifically put on Sarah. The apple spice or crew with me I am obsessed with it because it feels your home with the scent Geddes and and so not only is an amazing and it instantly gives you the bite you want for the holidays this season and it actually makes you smell it you're cooking which for me or does not cut yeah Ali really apps liking it freaks when he AM at me ask ourselves it looks like smells like abuse have been in the air but I'm really not there's no apple highs but it is a scandal. But it comes of this really cool little wooden spoon and you scoop I note the natural soy and it's not only safe it's. Actually I deal from moisturizing and I'm not just talking light moisturizing you tell them writes Aaron it's intact -- you said it's really good for feet yeah actually I happen to let it because I don't spots that we can paraffin treatment a picture expensive and time consuming. And this if you've ever had a paraffin treatment. Which is given que you know deal with cracked skin AM eight X street hydrates on a hyper drive level. This is equivalent to that. I and it's a great gift actually copies. Someone keyed them to a bunch of us for a family get and it worked for everyone from my dad. To ease it was like a perfect generic absolutely around and a woman a kit you think it's great like and we all of the houses and we visit or you know I'm I'm thinking this year has might my son's in kindergarten teacher gets some analysts and yes I'm giving them is because they're perfect for everybody. And east. I like the scandal that's mountain Agnes smelling now they have 77. Sentencing the upper seven dinner all delicious. But the pumpkin and the harvests in the apples by saying it wouldn't you person that sense but went by you were starting with the price of the seventh and olds questioned yeah. She likes it and a face that actually has two questions one are any of these products for men and Q how Long Will take its eleven Eddie that you sent date rape. So handled well first of all. The wall pop would definitely be forgot it isn't just earlier kids you can pick what ever design she wants. The candles are great I you know my husband gets candles he thinks that's enemy tipping and loves them in fact I have to stop him in the stores on the that's enough no more candles he's candle fanatic and lo and the ferry crash which is the prince fresh. Is really for everybody because obviously that's gonna save me I mean on average on just on the fridge fresh which we haven't gotten to yet which is preserve streets and yeah as. Did you know that on average we spent spent at least 40% of what we spend on groceries. Goes bad and we end up throwing it out analysts that in my mouth cleansing value for that. And then also the dough literally wires which I love you know they have. Basic black so to answer David you could totally do basic black line if you like a little case for everything. And also the simple no covers yet the seal coverage you can totally coaster where and whoever you are loved and because you can do high heels. To sneakers to loafers what every year outlook if you just might actually see me out into the act which wringing his leather shoes couldn't cover him exact and I feel like. Men are always in the work Sheen I mean my guess it depends on my and lastly how much at a candles and where can you buy these things a Keck. You got to have. You. Just let me so the original price in the candy tell me again you guys. So the deal is nineteen dollars sorry it happened on my partnership right with me. But I mean everything today is 50% not so it's incredible value that's why I was so half. In the vendors tank. You know they really want it's kind of a cup but that's yet to you listed make everyone's life easier and give them hacks that makes sense. And honestly the candy wires and a PU this that you can. Take a photo. Or take a phone call while your phone is already in the act cool little your case yes. And a lot of bees that are organizers that you see out there you after a move your phone. Often times to either a pay work all that all of the aspects of the device which is real pain so this fits everything in there it's got a little slippery and put your dollars in. And considering don't want line you can either get one with a wrist let well not so it's totally different when your carry Nike you wanna take money -- run for lunch Kenyon like this season how many times you changing your bags for the girls because you're going from like a big work Tautou Adler bag to a cocktail party to a Christmas party and he in the to go digging around at everything so this just keeps you instantly organize the saves time and reduce the stress all thanks to pat Monahan. I feel like this thing. I until I like a hack at it like that he'll even better sell eighteen Greta as always and keeping all of these items in feet east. It.

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