VP Joe Biden on Receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Biden tells "The View" co-hosts about the moment he was surprised with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
7:03 | 01/14/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for VP Joe Biden on Receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom
Now the most heart warming hot topic right now as President Obama shocking his vice president Joseph Biden with a surprise. That brought everybody including all of us to tears take a look. For the final time as president. I'm pleased reward our nation's highest civilian. The presidential medal of freedom. In a consort. An icon herself on Friday. Right now I still don't know anyone who doesn't have a soft spot for this man. We are. We love we love when he's here he's just one of the realist people you'll have our ever meet in your lifetime. Please welcome. Vice president Joseph by yeah. And not try him. Stock up ten years large debut ever wanna have a great train ride that he. I was on Amtrak one day come and home to New York. And I went to sit absolutely case. Cancer that we need to movie was called but please please come with us about what. I'm like. Yeah they wouldn't tell us and so hasn't OK and not just went is that when they asked me to sit. And about fifty Mezan. The door opens and cool comes rolling and he's on his way I hope he's oh yeah my. Joystick the training camps and catch the 800002. Mortar round trip well. I'm. And then yesterday. President Obama. I'm in shock you sure nobody is yeah. And then walk and a what did you in the presidential medal of freedom princess. A man was saddened and. This is this isn't a war that you should get. You have do you have danced given such great service to this can't change. That it. You should not have been shot I guess he got you got you into the was my act and act for. Yeah just and a parent and then you realize it's for you. And you knew burst and TR's. I. Look. First of all I don't think I did deserve that none of them don't know I'm not looking don't know I'm being serious problem. But secondly I. I had not the slightest idea I didn't even know. This what I was told will be was we're gonna have a toast. And I thought that meant my family history we've become very close over the years are my granddaughters is daughters are each other's chewy best friends etc. I thought the family's going to sit down sort of reminisce about you know the last eight years in him through. And walking and I see half everybody. It's been important my life in the room first all that shocked to help you Addai and it. And and then we started oh after. I it was time to walk out. You know I made my comments and his beautiful comments and I made my comments and I started to walk out mirrored. There were military lined up on one side and they said no the other side and I thought well maybe there were army walk out through the military not. And that was that guy came up with a metal I thought who the publicist for her. Well I really did I started. I didn't he's. He's been extremely generous become a great for you that was such an emotional moment for you as well out here completely shocked but why did in my view to tears. Well you know it's some. He and I've been through a lot. And down. You know yes you all know it and whether it's in your business or it's a million. You learned some wounds. Relations to the real based on trust. And trust occurs when your thrown together in a circumstance where there's a lot of pressure. And you watch the other woman or man reacted in you know when they have to rely on new and you have to rely and then. The deal the president Ron made when he asked TV vice president I think I talked in the show about this news four. Now is that I said he said what you want us this wanted to the last guy in the room I just be the literally the last person and every major decision. Whatever you decide I'll back up but I wanna be able Hamlet pointed you know and so. I got to watch this man make some astoundingly. Difficult decisions just he and -- rumors I walked out he's left have to make that decision. And and so he had learn to trust Bateman the process. I learned to trust him and so he became for example. The only confidant beyond my immediate family when my bull was dying. He knows everything about my children me about his children army we've it's just. And so it's grown in a way that is on. That Israel and Lebanese born out of this notion of just trust and so I respect and a great deal of respect I have enormous respect for him and so it was it's just been there has been a great ride sends out. Let me act college. Yeah okay. Coming. Yeah I would clogged up President Carter Jimmy when lawyer William Colby Joseph. I hope I'm not Arrojo who I. I have big Joseph big.

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{"duration":"7:03","description":"Biden tells \"The View\" co-hosts about the moment he was surprised with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44765612","title":"VP Joe Biden on Receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom","url":"/Entertainment/video/vp-joe-biden-receiving-presidential-medal-freedom-44765612"}