WATCH: The Dish on Your Favorite 'Divergent' Stars

Divergent Director Neil Burger on the action behind the scenes of Summit Entertainment/Lionsgate's new release.
3:00 | 03/21/14

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Transcript for WATCH: The Dish on Your Favorite 'Divergent' Stars
It is one of the most buzzed about movies of the year divergent is finally on the big screen Lionsgate and summit entertainment spent a whopping 85 million dollars to create this -- by adventure it's -- and distill the and society in a futuristic Chicago it was adapted from Veronica -- best selling book trilogy. So who better to give us a behind the scenes look at the director himself Neil burger meal has been described by his peers as a world class filmmaker. He joins us with some nice have you with -- he'll be here so this is already being compared to the Hunger Games already getting more buzz online in fact that the Hunger Games. Which is done one and a half billion dollars in ticket sales. I mean there's the higher -- is a phenomenon and to be talked about in the same you know. Sentences that is fantastic though I think our. Our expectations are a little bit last that's a very special moving really yen lower expectations the I mean that's that's the names -- top ten. Grossing movie of all time you know so we're we're going to be. We're gonna do fine -- You're not -- but you're you're on you're also not you're not looking to drop comparison when you -- -- to this project that would did you have a sense at that moment for helping this could be ending Veronica -- Book series she's 22 years old zero the bucks. Did you have any sense how big this could actually be well I do think. It would be big movie actually -- liked it -- that it's it's an epic adventure and it's. She really has her finger on something that's kind of universal of these themes of you know who -- line where I belong and also how do you know how do we -- worked together lived together. As a society can peacefully in harmony so. All and all that was tightly tied to the action -- I really did think it was going to be. Going to be good. You have to think it Adam just gonna -- here if you're director any sign onto a project you have to think it's going to be -- right. That's right yeah you don't get on I wouldn't -- done -- if I didn't think it was getting people ask me that I change the book are things you know I would have done it if I didn't think the book was good and would make the goodness of. That's to be scary that with the level of online buzz this film is getting and and I was actually looking. On Twitter before the interview I mean there's people who are saying if I don't go to -- divergent this weekend I'm gonna be really with many Els sat. There's a lot of people who read these books who know the story inside and out. Is it does it concern you at all -- -- means that it deemed OT's of the book that are maybe going to be unhappy if you're not totally true to the story. What we we I happen to be very faithful to the book but it's actually gray and it's very hard these days to launch a -- into the marketplace to find an audience for any kind of movie. So to have a built in audience that's enthusiastic as and as enthusiastic as that divergent fan base it's fantastic it's actually. A huge bomb comfort in a way as a filmmaker to know that people are gonna be out there waiting. You got a lot of big actors involved in the project jailing Woodley actually giant. You've worked with a lot of -- actors from the illusionist limitless with Bradley Cooper and Jessica -- at the illusionist -- Op what is it like when you're dealing with all of these big personalities and you have to break them altogether it make this product so that consumers. Yeah I mean though that's one of the things I'm most proud of is that cast in this movie is that Kate Winslet as well and it's got this miles teller and -- court these people that are going to break as huge stars Theo James is he's incredible. -- In this movie there were about twelve people under the age of 24 years old so it was a little bit like wrangling cats -- -- -- But it was great and I there 124. Because there wild. They're fun and they're fearless so -- behind the scenes what was going it was just everybody sort of going that way and that way in as a directories of up to bring them in and point them in the right direction president of cold water and -- -- just I mean I think they're distracted -- -- and their fun loving and having fun and wanting to have fun at. You know at every moment and he says -- -- -- -- -- I'm not that in -- -- I can speak six. But then there was all the then -- was -- -- that slightly older group of actors like -- -- Ashley Judd and Tony Goldwyn and Kate Winslet who Kate Winslet being you know one of the best actresses of her generation. And they definitely. Provided sort of a more grounded. Feel today. To this that do you think they played mentors in some respects that he can't answer it certainly Kate in particular the dream come true yeah -- actor anyone yet she's a great mentor to happen she's -- really great. Person and grounded and sort of has a real authority actually which is one of the reasons I castor. And wanted her for the role but also just as a presence on the set just -- person to be -- was great great for those younger actors. It's been my experience in this business the business of reporting. You need great mentors you need people -- can help what you have the right direction. Who would you say -- some of your mentors who have helped you build a career that has so many different accolades for -- to the illusionist. Well you know -- often they are they are. Some lesser known people you know -- -- nice if you can have Kate Winslet the year -- -- mentor. But in my case I had people that I would I worked with growing up I had teachers at school and an art teacher at school like even when I was in ninth grade it was amazing. -- -- who just said you know just come into the courtroom every day in you don't have to draw anything -- -- and just be there and once you were there. You inevitably did do -- -- and then I had people when I started working who were. You know had an editor who was actually in -- news division. I think here for a while -- here we -- we did I actually worked on an ABC show called our world some very dates me a -- -- it was a it's. It was -- through the popular documentary. -- series and there was and a guy named frank to Mayo who was one of the editors in the dining Tony potter was one of the producers. And they were they were fantastic. What would be your advice to somebody who's looking at you. This big time director who wants to figure that out what what's the best thing they can do as a first step. And and trying to beat director I would say the best thing to do is you've got and you've got to shoot. Video film whatever you can get your hands on just make things and also. To write because when it when you write you're able to little bit more control your destiny control what that that story is that your going to be. Making an if you can learn to write the junior -- positions it then make it into something outside of your -- work. Your favorite movie of all -- my favorite movie of all time. There's that's a really really really hard but so it's there's so many of them I think -- like raging bull which is raising all Stacey with de Niro. And and I worked with Robert junior was in limitless and that is an incredible thing to work with them was -- very confusing you hello it was your favorite I didn't know of course not. They want Yahoo! is to -- UV but the funny thing about. Working with him is that you do see -- standing there and you're supposed to be on the direct terms must be directing him. And you've just flat all of his films are kind of flashing across his face as year you remember him in taxi driver and you know raging bull and and everything else he's been in -- -- to stop yourself think like okay now it's just. He's the actor in this movie and got to get it done. So Robert figure out if you're watching us right now. Neil burger is your biggest he Diane you know well where a big -- you -- thank you so much for coming for having me good luck with divergence. And to anybody who has any issues online you can direct them to us here -- don't don't bring Pulitzer Prize. Thing that -- thank you.

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