Weinstein ‘Silence Breakers’ celebrate conviction

Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced former Hollywood producer, was found guilty of criminal sexual assault and third-degree rape in a New York court Monday.
4:34 | 02/25/20

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Transcript for Weinstein ‘Silence Breakers’ celebrate conviction
Today I stand at my sister silence freighters as we celebrate a conviction of our user party mind seeing. While it's disappointing that he was not found guilty on all counts the truth is that this verdict as a triumph for survivors. Accurately for all of us silence makers and for all of his surge by us. He outcome is a result the voices of over a hundred women who refuse to be silenced anymore. And those who took a dangerously putting their health. Relationships. Careers and livelihoods at risk to tell the truth about Harvey Weinstein. When my sister survivors and I began to come forward with our stories of wise he's predatory behavior. Now we know. That if we dared to speak there is a far greater chance we will be hurt and our users will be punished yes. Outcome not only represents justice for the women directly involved but also hopefully. Some measure of vindication for all people who actually use. Because every victory like this is a critical step in the direction of a more just future. In a time when no less than the president of the United States is a sexual predator. And countless other predators continue to persist. Yesterday's verdict was allowed an unwavering statement. A cry for accountability. Plain and simple we will see you here in Los Angeles where hopefully your conviction will leave you in jail for life. End to the rest of the 4%. Of the predators you create 91%. Of the problem. We are coming free AM. The vending yes today help was thought my belief that there very many decent people out there. Decent people like the ones you sat on the Jerry. Decent people read the coverage of pop audience say I never treated human beings like bats. That is what we collectively as a society. Reclaimed yes today I sense of decency. You know. His defense lawyer called the meeting movement it is out of control. It's run amok it was a witch hunt we can't just believe all women and we have to try him in a court of law while they dead. And that Jerry believed the women and need to conventions he's now a felony rape this that is. Huge as. Yesterday the scales of justice restored the balance of power. They checked in favor of survivors of assault and workplace act but he. The balance of power is now survivors and silence breakers ten. Abusers and predators zero. This verdict will change the history. Of future generations for years to come Harvey Weinsteins. Conviction. Does give me a sense of peace. Justice served an eye of the so grateful for the civic duty displayed by the easterners. I am one of the many women that was targeted. By Harvey Weinstein. And it's the agency's that he hired black cute. An everyday. It went by. That he was not in jail I fear that I was once again targeting. It's so important that women continued to come forward and break their silence. That predators like heart beat me that way I don't speak for that one in three women and one for men. We're victims of sexual violence. And I want to say that it has nothing to do putting yourself in that position. Except it in meetings when it. Hollywood icon is produced every single independent film that you grew up loving it needs Altima with acting now. And carries you would inspire you constantly. We're in this industry begins at. Is now putting yourself in that position. EHarmony her apartment and having patsy person margins here. Tiller and radio is not putting yourself in that position. A reporter asked me yesterday. I think Harvey Weinstein will be you know what you think his legacy will be in Iowa as well it certainly. Won't be for the movies asking me. It will be as if convicted serial rapists.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced former Hollywood producer, was found guilty of criminal sexual assault and third-degree rape in a New York court Monday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"69205378","title":"Weinstein ‘Silence Breakers’ celebrate conviction","url":"/Entertainment/video/weinstein-silence-breakers-celebrate-conviction-69205378"}