A look ahead at the 'Bachelor in Paradise' finale

Get a sneak peek at what's to come and a look at the four couples who remain in Paradise.
2:12 | 09/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A look ahead at the 'Bachelor in Paradise' finale
We are back now with the highly anticipated "Bachelor in paradise" finale. We are just hours away from the dramatic ending tonight and only four couples remain. Abbie Boudreau is in Los Angeles with all the details. Good morning, Abbie. Reporter: Good morning, Amy. It's been quite the summer at the beach from breakups to makeups. It's all on the table on tonight's reunion. Oh, my god. Reporter: The dramatic season of "Bachelor in paradise" is coming to an end. There's no rule book for "Paradise." Reporter: Only four couples remain. So you guys are going to be announcing an engagement. You have to see. Reporter: The couples quickly realize it's not all roess in the real world. Paradise is over. Yes or no? Do you love me? Reporter: And what happens on the beach doesn't stay there. The cast will come face-to-face again at the reunion. If you continue to talk we're going to have a serious problem. Because you're a . That's why. Reporter: Facing their heart-wrenching breakups. Good-bye. Reporter: "Gma" getting an exclusive first look at jpj addressing what happened after "Paradise." Did you make a mistake in saying good-bye? Yeah, very much so. So then what? I talked to my mom about it and I decided I want to go after him. Reporter: Flying out to Maryland after leaving jpj in tears on the beach and, of course, cameras followed. Hi. Other fan favorites will take the hot seat too including Blake who will have to answer for the love triangle he created before even touching down in Mexico. Are you ready to see Blake? It will be interesting what he has to say. Reporter: The cast says to be ready for anything tonight. I'm excited and kind of nervous. A lot has happened on that beach. And one couple that seems to have made it, caylin and Dean. At least they appear to be Instagram official. Both sharing a sweet picture together from a recent trip. Amy. Instagram official. I like that. All right, Abbie Boudreau, thank you because there are no rules in paradise. You can see the special three-hour "Bachelor in paradise" season finale tonight at 8:00 right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"2:12","description":"Get a sneak peek at what's to come and a look at the four couples who remain in Paradise.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65662788","title":"A look ahead at the 'Bachelor in Paradise' finale","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/ahead-bachelor-paradise-finale-65662788"}