Alyssa Milano shares her new book series for children

The 'Charmed' actress takes on activism in her new book series, 'Hope: Project Middle School.'
3:51 | 10/16/19

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Transcript for Alyssa Milano shares her new book series for children
Thank you, ginger. Moving now to actress and activist Alyssa Milano, the "Who's the boss" star is taking on a new role author of "Hope: Project middle school" and you speak to her about this. I did earlier this week. Good morning, good to see you. Alyssa's children and her experiences as an activist inspired the book series and wants to encourage kids to be part of a productive community that doing good should be as common as breathing and eating. She's the actress turned act is known for roles on "Who's the boss". You know what they say? Nerds of a feather. Reporter: And on "Charmed." We kicked butt. What more do you want? Reporter: It's Alyssa Milano's latest role as a kids' book author that has her full of hope. My children inspired the book. I just think it's amazing that kids have this inmate ability to care about what's going on and about doing good and wanting to make a difference in the world. Reporter: The book called "Hope: Project middle school" is part of a series based on a middle schooler named hope Roberts. Milano wants to encourage kids to use their voice and speak up. You say you can make a difference. You can help change the world. That's not something that we always tell our kids. Right. Hope just -- she wants to change the world but has to get through middle school first. Every single parent I know that's raising a child in middle school is struggling right now. Yeah, raise a hand here. Kids have so much to deal with with social media and gun violence, it's a hard time to be almost a teenager. Reporter: The tough topics facing our nation took Milano to D.C. To meet with conservative senator Ted Cruz. You had a very civil discussion about gun control. Basically I will sit down with anyone who can actually help to put laws in motion that is going to make this country safer and Ted Cruz has the power to do that. You said he's not a villain. Maybe we understange one another a little better. How do you understand one another better? Being able to sit down and have a real conversation and not, you know, shoot things off on Twitter that may be ultimately not productive in the movement of progress. We have to teach our kids there's a time and a place to look at your device, but it cannot be that that supersedes human conversation. Never afraid to wade into debate or controversy and fight for what she believes in, but would she ever try her hand at politics? Do you feel that political fire burning within you at all? I think I get more done now. As an activist. As an activist. I'm not saying never. Maybe down the road. Reporter: For now the author, activist, actress and busy mom of two is politicking for something else. You were just reunited with holly on "Grey's anatomy." We picked up exactly where we left off. It's Heather. Oh, my god. What is she saying? Timewise being able to play off each other comedically. Don't go toward the light. Do not go toward the light. Stop yelling at her. I loved it. Will there be more to come? I'd like to. I have been talking to holly. I'd like to do maybe some "Charmed" movie. That's a good idea. Would you like to see that? How about that for a teaser. The book is the first of a four-part series. The next out in April. There she encourages kids to do a couple of thing, speak up, listen, be confident, be an don't give up. Those can translate into adulthood as well but the book "Hope: Project middle school" is out now and everybody in the audience, you're going home with a copy. Wonderful. Paula, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"The 'Charmed' actress takes on activism in her new book series, 'Hope: Project Middle School.'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66312398","title":"Alyssa Milano shares her new book series for children","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/alyssa-milano-shares-book-series-children-66312398"}