Anthony Anderson on his 9th Emmy nomination

The ‘Black-ish’ star also reveals how Michael Strahan did on "To Tell the Truth."
6:23 | 07/31/20

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Transcript for Anthony Anderson on his 9th Emmy nomination
And we have a Friday surprise for you, a pop-in for our "Pop news." Right? It's with our very favorite Anthony Anderson joining us. And the timing is perfect because he just got his ninth, say it again, ninth Emmy nomination for "Black-ish." Good morning to you, friend. Hands up. Good morning. Good morning. Let's see. Hold on. Hold on. Nominee, nominee. Let's see. Nominee. There you go. I was going to ask you how you're feeling but I guess we just covered that. I'm feeling great. I'm feeling great. It's a great morning this morning. Well, congratulations. The shirt looks good. We heard from Kerry Washington yesterday. She said when she received her Emmy nominees you were the first celebrity to text her. So who was the first celebrity to text you to congratulate you? The first -- I was just going through my phone because I was asked that question, don Cheadle, my partner in crime who's also nominated again this year text me first. Speaking of partners in crime and Emmy nominees last time we had your "Black-ish" co-star Tracee Ellis Ross on, she was talking about how she thought you two might be shooting the next season. She was saying about being in your car six feet apart using cell phones, she was joking, but the question, it does beg the question how are you going to film the next season of "Black-ish"? Do you know? You know what, I think we're all going to do it via Skype, zoom and blue Jean right now. None of us will ever go to the studio. We'll all do it from the confines of our own home just like we're doing this interview right now. No "Black-ish" bubble? No. No, no. We're going to have our own individual bubbles. Look at all that gray. Look at this. I didn't put my shoe dye in this morning. Okay. No, you're still looking good. So we also know you're working on "To tell the truth" where celebrities have to turn into detectives to figure out who is telling the truth. Who is the worst at it so far that you've dealt with? The worst -- the worst person that we've had so far is actually the most improved person because we've had him back a second time. Mike Tyson. We had Mike Tyson on season 1 and he came back this past season which is our fifth season and he was one of the worst players we've had in the beginning, so bad to put him on time-out literally in front of a live audience and he came back on our fifth season and, you know, really had a great time. Oh, well, you didn't list our friend Michael Strahan as the I hear he's on the show next Thursday. How did he do? If he's not the worst where does he rank? You got -- Mike is a competitor and basically my brother from another mother. You guys have to watch this show with Michael Strahan on. We have a new segment or a new part of our show where we give away a bust of my mother and her bust. And that is only given to the celebrity who answers everything correctly. I will tell you this, coming into the final round of the show, Michael Strahan had answered everything correctly. You have to watch and see where he ends up at the end of the show. So we might get some new hardware here in the studio. Let's keep talking about your mom. She is full of life. She's right there by your side. She brings a smile to everyone's has she done anything that shocked you on the set or shocked the audience? Well, nothing my mother does shocks me, you know, I'll be 50 next month so I've had the pleasure of experiencing my mother for, you know, 00 years now. But we had a contestant on the show that had the longest fingernails in guinness book of world record history and my mother being my mother asked a question just straight out, how do you go to the bathroom and finish with nails like that? Oh. Oh! These are the questions America wants to know. Yeah, that's another pretty good tease. And that's what I love about my mom. My mom is the voice of the people. Not only for our in-studio audience but for the people at home watching the show and once people saw that, they would stop us on the street and say that's the same question I would ask. Speaking of family, Anthony, we saw your Instagram page. You were able to post a photo with your grandmother that a lot were able to relate to. What was that experience like. You know what, speaking of truth and dare, my grandmother is -- that's my mom's mom. She's 94 years old. Lives alone on her own in her complex, would not allow us to visit her. Grandmomma, we're going to visit you. No, you stay right where you're at okay, grandmo. So fortunately I was over in the neighborhood one day and would not take no for an answer and grandmothers, especially people of a certain age have no filter so I went over and my grandmother told me my head was big, my beard was too big. My head what too big for my I've messed up my face and I needed to shave. Sounds just like my grandmother who will probably tell me she didn't like my hair today. Where will you put the Emmy if you get it? Is it going on the shelf behind you? Already have scouting locations? It's going on the shelf behind me. You can't see it right now. As you can see, it's going to go right between my two peabodies right there, right next to my nickelodeon kid's choice award for best in the movie "Kangaroo jack." Perfect location. We hope it sits on the shelf. Anthony Anderson, we always love having you. "To tell the truth" airs Thursdays at 10:00, 9:00 central right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"6:23","description":"The ‘Black-ish’ star also reveals how Michael Strahan did on \"To Tell the Truth.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72100573","title":"Anthony Anderson on his 9th Emmy nomination","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/anthony-anderson-9th-emmy-nomination-72100573"}