'Avengers' star on landing the life-changing role of Bucky Barnes

Stan appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" and talks about starring in the Marvel movie series for 10 years.
19:20 | 05/11/18

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Transcript for 'Avengers' star on landing the life-changing role of Bucky Barnes
And you have to wait for the credits. You do you have to wisdom credits like I say it's not something my mom did went towards. What unit now I'm not going through the credits notion of (%expletive) to wait for the Kravitz says she managed you can he did. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers in this. Popcorn we we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a little movie called the ventures infinity ward. Maybe you heard it maybe haven't but you know I'd just look around and you'll see lines of people going to see. My gifted a Sebastian Stan. He's in this movie and he plays Bucky Barnes he plays the winter soldier who plays the white will go all the same person but the idea. Schizophrenic work all of these. People I have always believed that but not because of this movie that's from my own purse. Nobody. I guess it's fitting for the character that's the case. Yeah. Well I guess it it's fitting I just meant as actor. Actors must have some kind of professional schizophrenia. Because all those characters are alive. You know well you I'm looking that you see Jeff tonight oh I see cars on Ethan a whole Altamont that's not a good that I. Come on I wouldn't turn on got that listen I would really. Not tried use my tomography. To to understand me otherwise you know it wouldn't be you know. I do get cast does he think I don't know I've never really try to figure out why and up and certain things you know I just. Is dealing interesting to me at the three that I mention they're all kind of rat bastards in their own way yes he. Why would they see. Actually it's a good question I don't know because. I don't know because I was never really. As far as I know. Like that in real life you know I mean I just. I've been around a lot of people like that when I was growing so maybe it was sort of something that I kind of saw and then Favre found a way to put forward I don't know I just. We're meeting with Greek charm that the it really helps because. Win out talk about. The dangers first because this character I'm a big fan of the Captain America. Yeah. I think they're really really. And there's this sense of what goes on in winter soldier and civil yeah well those from our parent and they in what you're seeing with your character is somebody brainwashed to be either. Yeah but you know the. Thing about those movies is that even though there that's that those are the comic books either summary parallels to real life I mean you know I mean there's there's. Car when you look into. The Cold War history and you look at sort of yet Nam war you know post traumatic stress disorder and I mean there's there's a lot of history to it in and Ed Brubaker who resurrected my character Bucky bars because he originally died. And then years later that brought back as this when the soldier was I think really study the Cold War it was very obsessed with that era. And that is so you know it's got a little but I'm and sharing candidate thing going for it and the thing that kind of blows my mind all the time it's like sort of a conventions are or even sometimes on the street you know Allred people who. Who actually come back from war and have experienced post traumatic stress disorder that'll compensated me you know. It's sourcing watching this because really brings you back where it makes me feel like you know. Better about some things who has helped me dealt with certain things in my life so. You know it. It even though they're comic book movies are sort of this other layer to it that I think kids. You know full of other death Soes. The best and they resonate with audiences really does because it it's it's parallel to what's going on with Steve Rogers slash Captain America what Cologne you. A friendship. French riot can actually survive win horrible things happen. Well yeah and I mean look it's a self interest is like even that dichotomy of of Steve Rogers in Captain America and like. It just it's just interest in network were in this time right now that these movies are sort of coming out in the really popped out in it and you know you can ask that question Wu who is Captain America really which is what that character. That's what what does it mean to be. In a way we're all asking ourselves what does it mean to the American you know so it's like there's definitely all these other things to it that I think sometimes. You know. Not to point to it but you can just throw it name on top of films on its upon or Newton you know. And it is it's there to freer escape as the Middle East things by it I'm saying there's always layers to these characters sometimes people. May or may not see. I think they do see it because. I think the interest that happens when we get to see everybody together yeah in infinity ward is today. Even if like in black him that your unit form. Why. Laura second he had no earnings but he couldn't even read green. And you have to wait for the credits. You do have to list of credits like I say it's not something my mom went towards. What unit now I'm not going to the credits notion of shift away with a Kravitz says she managed to completely he did say yeah. So you have to sit the credits and then insane not. It's really important if you want to see well I didn't. I didn't say irrationally says. You know I learned that a long time ago I remember when an arm it was over the movies came out first before. And waited for the credits in the the state for them. Especially. At the that's why I think. There's a real togetherness so in infinity more. Yeah it's a different when you're doing Captain America movie and we might T couple lies everybody. It's the culmination so far of of these past. Ten more years and so and I think that's what makes it's special probably for the fans as well as when you are seeing these people together you are seeing. You know that these people have actually spend this amount of time together. As actors and and his characters and then it's will you've invested in these characters for ten years so it's. You wouldn't be able have a movie like this if you didn't have histories my point. But what happens. Being a member of what everybody called to the end CU marvel cinematic universe how does it basically changed your life. Can you go out and people don't come up to you and say York but people aren't. Arm and no IQE it. It does happen for sure you know it does happen more and more and it happens when these movies are out simultaneously. You know but. I don't know if it's its definitely changed. My life I feel that a lot in in my work and stuff you know in terms of you know you mentioned I timetable for mean. It's it's arguable you. You know had a movie like that come on my radar you know what what would I have come up on their radar had I not had some of the exposure from these films I don't. Now what you do and I Tonya. Is something that took me totally by us products Oscar you're playing somebody who don't look at and say what a swell guy you know. Yeah I mean certainly it was a very yeah for me anyway you made me understand them well let's get away it very difficult to do. You're always trying. Yeah I mean you're always trying to us I think when you're playing a difficult characters always posing that question which is. Why would someone do this you know want what makes a person's behavior sir behave a certain way you know. I think even with serial killers you asked that question could use just you know. It's it's fascinating but it's the why why why you know and so. That was. You know it may have I'm happy to hear that because I thought it was very typical and I think one of things of marble in the direct role is worried about us. How do we tell the story without alienating the audience entirely. And then also make and also have people understand why it was such a toxic and yet at times. Maybe even good relationship for for these people I mean and you learn that from her past. You know unfortunately we do drama continues in your adulthood and then sometimes see the very thing that you won his case that's the yeah me taking on that question of domestic violence which we she had to be hard to play. It was it was hard to play I mean I think you know there are two ways we we could look we could've looked today you know what and and there was a reality part of it which we couldn't ignore obviously of the story that this happens to real people and so on. And you know and then kind of the Creag lastly the director great idea which was like look. We got to think of this movie in the in the same world it's totally is. Perhaps the Coen brothers' movies you know we have to look at it from a we have to embrace it from a dark. Possible. Humor perspective otherwise cause we're not making a documentary. You just can't sit he can't. Serve that issue topic and story that way. And do it justice so we're making a movie of what we're hearing two people say contrasting things of that we'll never know the truth of so so it was very important for us understand that hone you know. That yes we're gonna there's going to be violence and it but I think if we keep warning light that. How ridiculous. Some of the choices that these people were making. You know than than we can kind of still come away with you know make part of it sows. Witness the start you mentioned remain in here for a Maine yes you know I haven't had many people in that chair that sit either way no Peter from remain. Who know it. You know so how do you get from Romania to the marvel cinematic universe yeah it's this event. No I look it's a lot of lock for sure and and there's definitely some hard work you know. I mean I've had a lot of luck with the you know it took me fourteen years I'll give you this will hopefully capture. You know to be fourteen years to go back to me last most there was. 2004. So. And there was a one other time I wanted to go back I was like very close to go back to Romania. And that was when we were shooting. I was doing a movie in early 2010. In in Germany and I just said when I go back to Romania close enough. And then I had a I had. You know I got a phone call and it was the Captain America people in this you know I'd sent in three tapes I meet three auditions from Germany. To LA audition for this. Steve Rogers role. Also you mean like the cap well that was still roll those auditioning but then they said look if you want we can had to go in the room so would you want to come in now we have to come this day. You know and so. I know of canceling the remaining trip flying back. You know and then getting in the room which led to the screen test but if I had not done and I got to remain here earlier. You know then I would maybe wouldn't have been in this movie I I don't and so I'm just saying there's so many circumstances that happens sometimes where. You know it's lock words you know sliding doors and it's sometimes like things happened but. And then. You know it's not it's not easy here no time I mean your will where he will be ruined you and when we say at one act I mean I heard that I wasn't there I didn't want it what I left when I was eight and also you weren't up for many roles. No doubt he no I was not cotton not other than the roles that my mom was having me play at home you know and imitating people but. I'm cheats you she was already fostering this talents that you well I think she saw that I was very. You know impatience in the had a lot of energy I think the word would be eighties he but I don't think I don't think I actually let. But by channeling it would she was like are you know. Lot of energy going on. Select it seems like he's a very expressive persons I guess she was trying to kind of give it give it some parameters you know but I but it wasn't until it came back I got here 95. And really in nineties seven believe. Or nineties when those fifteen went to staged or manner which was. The movie camp yeah that's really what that's really what solidified. But that camp that's where I met my manager for seventeen years and you know she started sending me mountains. You know which instead of she was also very supportive and I went that I go to college. Had she been different had she told me you know I should move it to the city now I mean. So I think we're asking its big question you know I think I think it is a lot of comes out sometimes. Being a place the right was the right time and then when he or in the right place the right time. Making hopefully the right decision. Yet no accent at all. He leaders remain in the current I don't know what are this I haven't stories secretly. So it's flipped and you need to say hello Edouard human remains. Its secretive. You watch it's. I'm las that it that's what they've been could lose its that you great today. It's a little more fresh tonight because I went there literally this past weekend so with heavy defeat when you went back it's been a long time. It was a long time in and it was. You know that that this viewing is we're just now kind of starting to digest and settle in but it's it's wild I mean. The humbling news is really the major. Word that I take from that because. They I think it's very different and I remember it ands and second of all I just did not expect to be embraced by. The people there and they in the way that I that I was you know and and also just to see kind of the journey it was very emotional at times for me and so but it was put but I broke the ice you know those that thousands of part broke the ice in the sense that now I feel like I have. A connection to it again an opportunity kind of re establish something over there and a sense of place. Did you grow up with the marvel universe did you did you beat these things language it. We didn't have comic books and school which acted. Yeah now Darlington is that you didn't get into it that you actually casting yeah I knew nothing about Captain America went out. Auditioning for. Which is then I started kind of looking into it reading it. And understanding now you know. It's it's a massive thing I mean things that I had court Ehrlich. I mean. You know Power Rangers. And and in Vienna I remember watching Beverly Hills 9021. I mean I was. 910 years old I'm watching sure that process. Yeah I don't know that's an outraged you're watching that it. Probably reason want my relationships have been great. His candy. No but no booklet but. What I was gonna say it was. Yeah I I think. I always saw in more adding grow up with the regular stuff united and receive the wonder years. Or some you know for example tells. Hey look you know what what I was getting at is sometimes as an actor you can you can reach a place where you do something. That resonates for you personally I have to care. Yeah we'll that's why everybody always asks you know what what advice do you have as an actor and I always go you know trying to. It's who you surround yourself with you know what you what you you know what are you reading what you watching if you are watching movies what what who which actors what -- watching. All that stuff right thing. Helps kind of what you sense is that what you put in your minds would. So you're watching a lot of those classic act of course yeah I mean you know resolve it. The seventies and upgrade I mean that Francis Coppola movies did. Morris sees in movies you know in any of this news French connection all those. The park he's an amazing my first two movies and theater were dress apartments. Update that explains a lot green apple. So one day when you're deep into their pay yellow Abu. Why those two things dressing like an older woman. All that we'll come up well. You've never been on that just so happy that they accuse the don't know it isn't song costs. Doesn't that's always the right people. They support me and now you can do anything at little piece of anything but. I was hoping for something in remaining in but I it's gone dormant or do warn a lot of you know what. No way I mean what you've seen when you were in musical theater staged. What was your first U. I'll tell you broke but I but I don't remember any of the so. Why did Greece thousands more money to understands little. We go to get like gravel level election that now that's that was edge. Yet about one or. What was the one that the main ones. And then that we lightning. Yeah I camera development. Now now I'm on the spotlight like and I go to karaoke old time do you really. What what do you like to do karaoke that all sing like be elect you know the two or the doors of the grade you know. Say that it would be true they say that it would. If you come on they knew. Yeah that's fifth accident that. The perfect way to go like government and mine there are clues into everything he's saying as to what's gonna happen in the neck good guy eight. Everything nice. It it has a cool yes thank you so great. Absolutely pleasure but he.

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{"id":55079599,"title":"'Avengers' star on landing the life-changing role of Bucky Barnes ","duration":"19:20","description":"Stan appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" and talks about starring in the Marvel movie series for 10 years. ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/avengers-star-sebastian-stan-landing-life-changing-role-55079599","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}