Ben Falcone talks writing and directing new film, 'Thunder Force'

The superhero movie stars Falcone's wife, Melissa McCarthy, and Oscar winner Octavia Spencer.
5:35 | 04/05/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ben Falcone talks writing and directing new film, 'Thunder Force'
joining us right now. He's the writer and director of the new movie, "Thunder force." Yes. This is a superhero film and it stars his wife, Mccarthy, and Oscar winner Octavia Spencer. Ben Falcone, great to have you back with us, kind sir. How you doing? Hi. Good morning. I'm doing great. How are you guys doing? We are doing great this morning. We hear you have been during the pandemic -- you have been having these watch parties, these zoom movie party nights that have now turned into costume parties. What's with the costumes now? Well, so I wanted to watch every oscar-winning movie and we started in 1961. Wow. We'd gone all the way -- the movie coming up this week is "A beautiful mind." I don't know how many movies that is, but I think we're up to 40. The costume sort of developed as we went, you know, we got a lot of film makers and actors and stuff that do -- once one person wears one, everybody wears one. It's been a lot of fun. There's been good costumes in the mix too. There's some costumes in this new movie, the "Thunder force." I love it because never before have we seen the superheroes be two women in their 40s. Yes, all the 40-something women out there, we love it. Did you always have your wife and Octavia Spencer in mind? You know, I did. I don't know if you know this, but we're really good friends with Octavia. We've known her for a long time, and we've wanted to work with her forever. With her schedule, she's so hard to book. We finally made this work schedule-wise for everybody, so basically I had in my mind, I wanted to do a movie with Melissa and Octavia, and I love comic books and that's where it Did it take awhile to get Melissa into the costume? No. She wanted to make sure it was cool she was, like, you're going to be superheroes. She was, like, yeah. We have to have cool supersuits. Yes, you do. So you wrote the movie, you directed it and also appear in it. Let's show everybody. Hey, chief. You got concealer on there? Is that what that is? Yeah. I just moisturized it and then tried to touch it up a little bit. Is it helping? Not really. Maybe get yourself a snack. I'm not hungry. Preferably something, aloe. Find an aloe plant and chew on that. Hi. Does this side look the same as this side? No. Can you tell which side I different? One side has a small scab? No, a large scab. Jason Bateman is half man, half crab? That's true. It's the role he never knew he wanted to play. How did you convince him? Well, Jason and I -- this was a really fun, you know, experience because we got to work with so many really close friends. Jason and I and Melissa are really good friends too. We were probably texting about baseball and in the middle of one of those text chains, I sort of threw in, like, hey, by the way, do you want to be a crab in our new movie? It was just like that radio silence that happens. We had been texting all morning and then five minutes later, what? So it didn't take much convincing with him either. I just said, hey. Who else is going to let you be a crab in a movie? He said, probably not many people, and he did audition which after awhile because of his schedule is hard to work out too because he's so fancy, but he kept auditioning for me. You made Jason Bateman audition? He auditioned. He came forward and said, look at this. Just the hands. Look what I can do. Ben, we know in the movie Octavia's character listens her pumpup music to Glen Frye. What was your pumpup music would be? My music -- it's similar to Melissa's character, so it would probably be, like, van Halen "Jump" or, you know, high school tunes. I support that. I support that. You have to -- look. Working with your wife, you all are together in the pandemic. You have been close, and you have a good friend, Octavia Spencer. How is it working with your wife and a very dear friend on a movie like this on set all the time? You have to direct them. You know, what's great about those two is, you know, you really quickly, like, Octavia is just the most lovely person. I'm sure you've spoken to her before, but, you know, you get why she's got so much hardware in her house hidden somewhere, you know, because she shows up. She shows up hours early to work every day, and Melissa hears -- Melissa is always, you know, crazily prepared and crazily early. So it actually got to be kind of a joke between me and the crew because I did have to tell Melissa and Octavia, like, we do need time to actually like the scene. You can't just show you way early and, like, the cameras aren't ready. People are, like, getting breakfast and stuff. So it was just a delight because they're crazy professional and, you know, they love each other, and I think it comes through. All right. We cannot wait to see it. Ben, thanks very much. "Thunder force" premieres on Netflix this Friday.

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{"duration":"5:35","description":"The superhero movie stars Falcone's wife, Melissa McCarthy, and Oscar winner Octavia Spencer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76875274","title":"Ben Falcone talks writing and directing new film, 'Thunder Force'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/ben-falcone-talks-writing-directing-film-thunder-force-76875274"}