Bo Burnham and Elsie Fisher say sit far away from your parents during 'Eighth Grade'

The star and director also answered questions from real 8th graders.
3:26 | 07/19/18

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Transcript for Bo Burnham and Elsie Fisher say sit far away from your parents during 'Eighth Grade'
tweet home suld check out "Eiggr" it is a story of Kay trying to navigate Thell eighth's a little taste. What. I said moreeek of eighth grade, right? Yeah. That's crazy. Yeah. H. Can't believe you're going to be igh school. Uh-huh. How did happen? I don't K And we areereh Elsie fisher who P kayland Bo Burnham who wrote and directed the my daughters areand 13 so I confess I know tare right there. I guessou had jt finished eighth gr Yes. Hen you started filming. Best pose preparation. I'm very method. She graduated from eig grade ak later. We started F a week. After that she went to her freshman year of high school and didn't cast in her school play. Oh, no. So you stink from Thousand Oaks high school.[ You gotolain this. You're 27. Yes. No kids. No children. No children. So how did you gethat's going on in eighth grade. The G thing abouts generation if you want to understand them they're posting thing about theves online so E to find out. I watched hundreds of vs of kiddinging talking about thlves online. The boysded to tal about fortnite. And the G tended T talk about their souls so probable going to be a story about a G so just tried to listen Defeo the kids and let the author the story as much as possible. Did it feel true to your experience. Very much so. Was craz just coming out of own eighth grade experience and living it again. Very extended year. Well,e' got real experts here andate gra her as well. Ask some que answer I guess the first wi one cg from Melissa. Go ahead. Ging. How are you? Els do you thinks movie can be watched by parent and teens together? Think it can but maybe sit on opposite ends of the theater. Alk about afterwards. Yeah. Yeah. That's great because actual my daughter is not here right nowut she got M at me for watching I without he better to watch separandlkut it. If you have a good relationith your parent, go fit. Just in ne Goodadvice. Bo, people should know more . Instant -- one of the fir youtub V stars. Younerr to have a special on central. Sure. As well. Ihi we ha a question out it Bo, Bo, wh advice would you give to kids like who mak YouTube videos but dream Abo having a life creatingfilms? I would say you'reoingit. You know, you are makinglms. There's this idea that like I'm T a filmmaker. I't makinnyg legit ti I become good or until I beco Der. You're already doing it. You' Ady on the journey of making it so congratulatio welcome it and keep doing it. You know. ] Tt is. Gr advice. Great film. Congratulations, guys. Thanks for havingus. Bo enelsie T over our

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"The star and director also answered questions from real 8th graders.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56683322","title":"Bo Burnham and Elsie Fisher say sit far away from your parents during 'Eighth Grade'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/bo-burnham-elsie-fisher-dish-eighth-grade-56683322"}