Catching up with Niecy Nash on 'GMA'

The actress and comedian is hosting the Black Girls Rock awards this year on BET.
5:34 | 08/26/19

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Transcript for Catching up with Niecy Nash on 'GMA'
talking about give me a ride too. We got a great guest. You got this there. Three time Emmy nominated actressment you know her from "Claws" and "Reno 911" hosting the "Black girls rock" awards. Please welcome niecy Nash. Blame it on the goose How are you? Hello. Hello. Here we go. I got you. Thank you. Good morning, America. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You always make us happy when you come here. Thank you. We're going to start off by congratulating you. You have been nominated for your third Emmy, congratulations. Thank you. You said Emmy winner. I'll take that. Good luck. George can see the future. You didn't know that. This is for the limited series "When they see us" about the 1989 central park jogger case. Ava duvernay directed it and you are starred and played one of the -- Mothers. How did you get the role? Did she call you, did you call Well, full disclosure, guys, I found out about it and I said I have to reach out to ava so I sent her a tweet, I sent her a text. I slid in her dms and took two cans and tied them together with a string. I said I have to be a part of this somehow and she's my friend but she doesn't have a voice mail so I had to do what I had to do. Made it happen, though. Oh, yeah, for sure. When all else fails you slide into the dm. That was such a powerful series. Congratulations on it. It was really so well done. You're also starring in an upcoming movie with our own -- produced by our own robin Roberts. I am. I am. Oh, there we are. Hey, robin. It's called "The kamiyah Mobley story" and it's about a woman who is desperate for a child and kidnaps a baby and the girl doesn't find out until she turns 18 so -- I play the mother who took the baby. Ooh. Ooh, wait a minute. Don't judge me. It's a story we did here on "Gma." Yes, you did. Yes, you did and robin through her production company made it a movie and I got cast to play in it and it was a good time. I mean not a good time. Everybody, relax. You have three kids of your own but they're all out of the house. What is that like? You know I'm an empty nester. Yeah. You know what, first of all, I love it. I don't know why people grieve it. I don't know why they are like, oh, my god, I don't know what I'm going to do. Everything starting with walking around the house naked every day. That's the only time you can legitimately have chardonnay for breakfast. I love it. Well, we know you just hosted the 2019 "Black girls rock" awards. That was just last night. It was just last night. So a lot of people out there may not know what they're missing which I know what this show is about but fill us in. We celebrate -- there's some clips from last night. We celebrate amazing black women, African-American women doing all sorts of thing, some in entertainment, some in everyday life, Angela Bassett received the icon award last night. India Arie -- Yes. India Arie gave a beautiful performance. Regina king was honored last night. Also mothers of the movement who are mothers who have had their sons die in a violent death like Eric Garner and trayvon martin, Mike Brown, their mothers were honored last night so it was a beautiful event. So powerful. You mentioned a couple of the names, Angela Bassett, Regina king, Ciara. Yeah, she got the rock star. I ran into her in the elevator. First of all I've only had an hour's worth of sleep. I ran into her in the elevator and I didn't look like this. So thank you. We don't get to see it for a couple of weeks. Can you give us more of a sneak what else will we see? Me. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I do a lot of changes, a lot of looks, have a lot of fun. You'll like it. We're excited. We're going to love it. We love everything you do. Congratulations on the third Emmy -- and this one is special because it's for a dramatic role and that's special. Thank you so much. I was nominated in a comedy category twice and people said drama is not your lane. You are a comedian so to be nominated in a dramatic comedy. Don't let anybody tell you what you can do. You can do anything you want to You can do anything you want to do and one thing we think you should do, "Black girls rock," you should watch it airing Sunday, September 8th on B.E.T. Niecy Nash, everybody. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"5:34","description":"The actress and comedian is hosting the Black Girls Rock awards this year on BET.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65191124","title":"Catching up with Niecy Nash on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/catching-niecy-nash-gma-65191124"}