Patti LaBelle on Aretha Franklin: 'She was like my hero'

The music icon also opens up on "GMA" about her latest role on the OWN network's "Greenleaf" and her legendary dinner parties.
5:13 | 08/27/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Patti LaBelle on Aretha Franklin: 'She was like my hero'
Back now on" we are Ted to bri out our next guest. You're hearing H right now. She is the other of soul and now sh guest starring in T hit ss"green leaf." Plea welcome tne and only, Patti label leaf." Pleasecome the one only, Patti lab New attitude ??? Mwah. Come come on, girl. Goingo biteyou. Come on overhere. Ihought I had sit far aw No, no. Butou're my friend so I should H known better. It is S great to see you a tond little time with you and I beautiful, the you did to dear friend arethafranklin One of my better friends in life. I looked upo her. She was L my ro, thees singer in the world. Of all times and did a tribu torn my shoe of ys ago singing"you are my Frie" to her screen of all of her of her she's done everything so I wanted to do my thing for Aretha because she -- oh, gosh. She is theatest. Yes, yes. It was beautifhat you did for her. Eally was. Thank you, robin. Aretha, Y we know Aretha also liked to cook thisan right here, she can burn in the kitchen. Oh, my goodness. I had the pleasure of her cooking . We had a good timen your N. I taught you to cookhat day. Yes, you did. S, you did. You taughte -- I trd. Iear your dinner parties are legey. Thee. So much fun. Tell us about one about four nights ago, M crew. Sometipe don't Thi about their band and crew. I . T there's no Patti so I gave themhis fabulous dinner party at M house. They swam. We had a choir aroundheiano because all the band, tll sing so we had fun,fu F great food. And I cooeverything. Yes, yid. Yes! I know. [ Applause we're going to have you C in a little B. Michael, Michael was not happy you did bring some pies with you. I toldel he has 19 jobs.he could buy mpie. . Buy some pies. Oh, that's him. I didn't know you CING out. Next time bring someies, please. Ll. I'll bring you S thanks, Michael. UT you got some jobs yourself. "Green'll have a R on that. Uh-huh. Playing a motivational Speake A pastor. Know, Ator Maxine person and lady may'sest nd from back in the day. We used to eat skins, BAC all that stuff back in T an soda pop so Nowack in her life as her motivational person to make her know she can own the church. She doesn't have te a first lady no more. Own thebuilding. And so that's who I in "green."d five episodesnd I'm so happy. Lynn Whitfield is the best person I the world. Youse it up for her because she is insane. She really is. She is, uh-huh. How I the character lik you? It's sort of like meause I'ys giving advice. Y you ar nd I'm everybody's auntie and my mother. My sons said how manyrothers Dou really have? They the W me to me for advice. Know, when I'm -- I'm always talkinomething positive and uplifting so that's -- it's not a setch for me to play Stor Maxine. E'll show Yo a little bit of miss Patti in action on "Greenle here it is time. The pastors and the first ladies they divorce buthe pastor stays.he lives high off the hog. He be eating while the first ladies, they be trying to find a piece of B and such. You know a fs I'm concernedim run off and start something. U stay. Fix iup take over. Yours. It is like wing --T is you. Yes. Howou D that. And as we sai it's on the own Ork. Miss Oprah, you have htory with her. You weren her very showbefore anybody knew who she She was strugglin cr Uh-huh. It was I Baltimore. Baltimore, right. A balrehow and she came, my friendeold her I would do the and Aretha -- I'm so called me. I mean Oprah called M and I said, of course, so iid her first shown Baltimore. 55 years ago. S never forgottenou did that. No, she lovesatti and love her and I'm so P and for her she's just great. Well,ht back tenfold. Thank you, sw goes ck T you all that you give to all of us so miss I,you, thank you, thank you. All that. Thank yoeople areery excited about the thin of "Greenleaf"

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{"duration":"5:13","description":"The music icon also opens up on \"GMA\" about her latest role on the OWN network's \"Greenleaf\" and her legendary dinner parties. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57422970","title":"Patti LaBelle on Aretha Franklin: 'She was like my hero'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/catching-soul-music-icon-patti-labelle-57422970"}