Chris Hemsworth talks new 'Men in Black: International' movie, co-star Tessa Thompson

Hemsworth appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" and discusses battling aliens opposite Tessa Thompson.
20:49 | 06/14/19

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Transcript for Chris Hemsworth talks new 'Men in Black: International' movie, co-star Tessa Thompson
And there's a movie happening right now that you've got if he called men in black international. Starring my friend here Chris Hemsworth who. We last saw as disgusting revolting fat for it but it's a different ventures and game and then you're in fighting shape. If I'm in the movie is well. Thank you at that I was. A little little logic in that film and the and plenty of putting a cauldron a dog really had a carpet it's the GI. It Ito is actually you it was a prosthetic patient was incredible that the that took photos more bloody. Then every little sort of Franco lord or of those chayet. Molded into this for a city cores in lodged and it was by Stuart Jack it was as if for the back though it's dependent it was at sixty pounds. Heavy body felt that our college it was a good reminder of like. You know not to put on the that white went back and knees everything within them whose. Chronic except it might have been more fun even though not really help them. To put quite put they and white don't don't be years yeah that's what there were dead that we we we juggle the two options that the disease of the giver that would. So what. What did you do for men in black one was the preparation that because that you know. There's this amazing thing you do that to me you just get plan on here. Particularly hurt when doing Shakespeare it. I don't know. It's an and your brother William was here via a month or so ago so and he kept saying blow he was the funniest line. But there. Hinton you know really in this you know have to watch him do it. Everything. Eight years it was a you know we're new yum. The first room why did nothing some. One of the first on the I've spoken views on full one but and it was obvious it. Big sort of Shakespearean. Element that was a coma in this and it wrapped up front with the idea but it was a different it was different side of comedy vote on would have the right general and it was just one personal sort of need to do something different. I started to feel be restricted. Doing things where it was the that are classics and leading man over the strikes and of the argon is somewhat predictable. And full regular book. Was just an opportunity to comment through its opponent's head and you know talk so well. We both just want to. You know to dismantle everything that is come before and I had a real difference. It related to this you know in this news big if you in this news. Another big fun adventure. And then in the big chances that of you know applauds the the chemistry that tester and I had done more to give full. But the bureau's top and so did the both of you were so really good in court Nora. And to bring that back sometimes you can feel like. Well who you know is this gonna work but it does she was another big risen to do the film the united do some safety in incompetence Sonia work to get them. With before but. You know you can spend half of through going to know 1 another in central funny chemistry and relationship and then. Finished a film wanna go back from which could really shoot that now the U understood it to. Where is the governor to hit the ground running in the in Africa where we left office. So economical and such. And we decide laughter this is wonderful sense of humor and then loves to improve laws and what must have been the aliens who use active let's just look at the scene show can we roll that clip show. Little business shown have a that he strict no men in black policy. I am in my do you Cooley and scope and therefore and I. You book club here. You can't room Higgs the Collins. It was the the adding them to all of those sort of people frighten him so. So when you're doing that we're here I. I don't know what that thing was fearful that your Leslie hold off that they have nothing it's doing this there were no other actors it was just the way you like it well yeah that's me. How excited and advice. That resound. That ridiculous and exit. It was a lot of rebuild being cameras stones and zone. And that each into the act is the the in the city to have the ultimate price which can I do enough to there was this rise think his. We as an axis of knowledge you let him look like. Also the problem set of directives as it was to where kudos and you don't really know what you bought enough that inaudible what useless feedback in the first and a black is like 97. The generation. Go was that like something you watched. Hit the was Forte Memphis went gaga and there's room and loving it remembered sort of rules of the first or recently. Realizing only goat Will Smith uses of these. As. And vida fondness and advanced that he in the film and audiences that the interest to blend of some of those. Call for to comedy was which saw a flawed it was fantastic. And that was for Ross boasts test and ought. To expand upon that not read Michael reboot who was just the continuation was if you can thank you don't know how to describe yeah it it's not it. I mean it's sort of a sequel the news sawed quilt someone prefer to repetitive and eight. If that's live thoughtful thought of them since odds. Com but the other from military. And Will Smith yeah system exists within within though as I shouldn't and we reference of the film and because we did more than went through cross and blue lights. Days very cards right now. Via cost of test of the union that your agent any huge -- am you know everybody has that the Ethan has the great hi T. Yes expect her English improper big if but it altogether to do that. Pick your own name that make it happen here rather that is important to do but she does tested that they at one point two I guess and the Thompson there there. I dishes. You know wise men and women via. Show and I think Kevin Thompson's line is don't star. Stuff art. And was always being remembered in the organizers and oversee Emma Thompson riposte Roland. I think she's the head of the of the in toy thing will applaud. It but never at the forefront of although the friends' jaws testers and wonderful opportunity for this summer news. Is talented and her alleges in the incredible was tested at the forefront Bowden and to speak. You know to the lodge a sort of homicides and then and then and movement or caring that the women can be sent him and and off the center and culminating in the bison and Havel the ability and mobile and them. You know we which overload on the two we just on the street repressed. And I think well there's a gripe comfortable we're excited about his. More films like this. We see women's league leading the charge. The lesson becomes sort of the unique topic to talk about and it just becomes in the home and something that we. We used expectant and then you know and those beat Mathieu cast. Created higher ideal society. Yeah what. Nobody I don't know what's happening but it will be yeah I think will have that's the thing you know abating any sort of have with that is sort of a Stipe and it was just. There. You know being in the presidency in the things that is the biggest and well and you both get to Wear those reservoir dogs suits and which are all up. That such a look at its goods. There's something so cool about that watches the black suit he had lectured and tied but he just war it is here that is the we within the orbit. That's the idea of sort of being somewhat fight citizen and and not having a lot of personality richest. I think fair assumption in this for a black suit says but and blacks it's pretty cool in and that the very first I recent onset. It we've been working weeks on just. Our charges over his sort of prep from working the story was more than two regardless we had that the illnesses on the vause is in your laws but that's what I would. It's pretty comfortable with diseases like chronic knows the legacy that's multitude Decker this films and you know that. Funds realized I shouldn't have hit me towards them. Well that didn't even fulfill that kind of a dream to do this because that was happening the didn't. Four had how many times you've been born and it's this ice I think I think. Towards his movement who have used yet right. And you think fours over for you. I don't know you know yes right now. It is and I feel like it was so beautifully wrapped up the fights through marvels moms plan. I feel like we went as we go lies we could on the own proud of well. What what what we achieved a people whose. And if that's where it lies and fantastic you know I just. I think especially since regular book. I found that you love and joy for the character experience and them. You know it was such fantastic disorder read triage. Even by and god knows it was drafted by. And so I don't I didn't feel it tools and like having some who might have it and feel taught of the character. But as is is very happiness go up and leave it up Clinton very. Regrettable. Is that what how people and he did that to say. Well. Yeah but it took. Especially the younger. Cute. In fact. But you know been at airports and places and with parents school that store in the Cuba. It was with the coaster. Yes we. How can he orders. But kids actually. First of its own movies though it only god. Parties you can fly you can use with them and stuff on the due to work you work you can say kind of sit London Sitka. It was it was it was a flaw in the action it. Bill with ending opportunity. The fledgling green and regret if what we altered to what go to seven in my two boards flawed and boys. Perfect. Theme that they won and did it so that our idea for a all of this I'm just fantasy world of interactive a lot of I think might meet the cooler than ours of this there isn't over rapidly. But on the fight. For. That button this is what the pick and pop that up up up a lot Spanish. A pot that opens if words behind. Yet when with the the adjusters items that speech recognition in the years upon reference more than and use but. Beaten the more we belong words becomes that. Sid you really. Like not being in this Hollywood world you know. Yeah Angeles going back home the embargo were Iran could speak it of Los. All right. Gary anymore Olson accurate you know. Look development plus it's that we got to a point especially ones we had kids where. You know the paparazzi to really intense. Everywhere it you know you'd be reminded of what the business of the work with statistical sessions billboards everywhere you know and and I felt condom so I just don't grow it uses individually. Wasn't sort of interact with people. Outside of that spice. To exit to Duluth from zone and and we went back to destroy all and instantly just vote relaxed securities and and it's much easier to. You know to come off work or press to head spinning its intense and factories. Found. I just. And and lord troubles settling in and lawful something. You've seen more a level headed. To me than most people in your position you've talked about that but you could decide I want this pop would be green. I think even at a detention fact budget requests please you know. You know who I am this is the way it's going to be don't do that if that from you your parents your two Brothers growing up in a way. Yeah that. You couldn't get away with any that crap. Absolutely yeah yeah and. But that's pretty much if you do that my house to Duchardt regatta knock them. He. You know I'd Tom Hanks has said that many Italians and it was stuck with me that the five doesn't Schneider just amplifies what you'll fuel. A generic organ and and all. And dumb. But just also heard in the drawing entered constantly appreciate and sort of sit back and well what an opportunity this is because want to becomes the goal I think then there is a scary transition insert potentially. There's a bigger expectation. As the biggest sort of demand and and then want who won't believe the U does excellent Wednesday. Constantly. You know that these things. But yet appreciate it had an interesting time off this Austin and his. It continues among lawful this and sort of exit the madame I'm when you know and as a slots of the celebration but. Lo lot of sort of like souls pitching for the osprey have always done it. Now I'm working to handle it well as its main target of our Rick acknowledge him. What do I got all know what's next and it city hidden in a vote in continues pricing and dear to goal and and and nor really enjoying the moment is much and so. The it was a non us Condit should like up to just. Oh it is. It just enjoy every single step and so looking so far there's been you know have. A golfers. An idea but but but just to come out of justice it with another good most illness with that and yeah. I feel maturities now. Did for a long poem. Well you've always been you'll still up in my ghost busters or nationally. If any and they have real. Yes and that I think this commit you for that except must be some people Reggie thing. Yes. What did you all do a lot of very Rea yeah half yeah I think is something about. I Israel striving for is self deprecating citizens Yuma. You know maybe years ago Australia. Intentionally doing Dancing With The Stars with that. Goal. And the attention to. Not be able to edit that was ulcers you. Just several months in Australia a version of dancing that yet with vote problem here at the united that no execute this like. And acted does business and speaks to sway us his way. You know and tortured soul it's likely please those users and it was like it would force me to. Laugh myself and I think. You do have to be an acquisition work analysts bio. And it the arc although it permanently into left on a strip dancing with the about four. Good what's nice to exploits were edited just above average as what my article school. Did the worst thing would be your office. The first week that's those happening yet it's like you can start showing your kids you know videos of your experience there. That will be addictive lesson for a Wednesday and the weapon. That kept we can have a few questions from you from the world outside. Oh my goodness from the top S. I heard you became the deacon to get in shape to play or did you follow this thing died when. Tom. I didn't become a vegan. Alan Cutler greeting the wrong answer no incorporated. System. A large portion of Saturn V and food program with sort of different dogs and it's so much animal protein one's body respond to. I are hungry balanced. And and actually fun mark fuel and runs better on animal protein. The and them but that was just in appear growth going. Irving. Did you follow the sun dog him of it com. Yeah IDs most intimate and tossing Sully district overnight. Am which is using beneficial to have for the so read generation. And immune system energies all sorts of health benefits of pilgrim. Bockwoldt. Yeah but it into eating less calories and and that is that what cycle and have been this. Okay incidents where you are right prodigy says do you think you kids will want to dress up as marble or it might be carried into the way. To and lose my those youthful probably not be light is visible. From that they did the worst possible thing and pick another danger that they were working and he did Wonder Woman but I I let you could that I'm like that's an excellent company he would have he's. It. I don't like read about metaphor one it will. 120. Sorry. It may have dressed up the school. And it's it's tough ago from a pleased that we're pleased that. Once I gossips like all these miniature version of what every apathy. I'll get one more question here. OK if you had a device that could actually raise someone's memory what memory would you and someone else's memory. So ol' ma miss someone else's memory of something. Oh well. And on the boards of rights memory of the wonderful films saying and agree what's the of that. News some experience with added fats like day. And a knife. At a instead have the horrible things that happen now moving this show always ended song and when you were here. With Africa. He took the burden of that it did I kind of wait for. But dog now because we always ask which is that that. That's something I don't effort complete song you know I think I was asking you do waltzing Matilda something new themes are. But I can give you this. That if the little B you do get our and you don't like it. Wrigley junior and right now it appears so he'll absolutely there's no pressure on in the favor of this media market duty. He comes in and in. That's a federal government. We're song and it that found him. Craig in. Miller me and give thoughtful audience successor everybody's got an art. And the next time my presence here he's going to do three song. Trees are accused of Saud in and the numbers that. We really do. And the numbers that you dance do on dancing with the start Australia I really. I really would love to see people that you know this that I enjoy doing this in my own prisoners as. But yuck near laws that runs memory for some her dance that you moment under your life itself. Let's. Yet. Anyway Chris always related did. There's.

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