'Colette' star Keira Knightley: 'I had a very lucky run very early on'

Knightley appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" and talks about her new film, "Colette."
20:04 | 10/05/18

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Transcript for 'Colette' star Keira Knightley: 'I had a very lucky run very early on'
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a movie now called collect. Yes it's about the famous French rider from another century. Who actually behaved at the time she was alive. Like she was right now and she was saying times op she really even without the hatch that. And my guest today Keira Knightley plays Collette brilliantly in this movie which you've got to see because it has a true with fake amount of energy going on admit that. We can feel right now so congratulations. I'm here that is where you don't care mechanic you know. And I have not seen. Since atonement. Ring he's since Tom it would look at. It was a lot with Atlantic since then easily made another like twenty movies that they are questioning eight quite a few yet another Oscar nomination were imitation game to go with the one you had her pride and prejudice yet. You are basically made your stage debut in London and down Broadway can't. You got married yeah you had a daughter yes so anything else know. Now let me. It was a Big Ten is what happened in it we. Well you. Even the petition here old just telling it I'll describe that not of these big yeah I'm sleep deprived. Thought how old is your daughter she's three inches double lightly they say it yes. You have to say but I'm shooting to death I tried my husband and you may get. I was for the last night budget she had a completes the progression. And that wasn't I have and after I think. Were that Putney. He's going to be a team. Someplace people smile but they don't understand that eventually you've had experienced. New again the ticket. But of course I'm sure when you were filming collapse. She was she's just at an Angel. Every. I'll do it. Yup exactly. Was it about this one that made you say I wanna do just enough that I mean you know I mean I think people get what they see and as such a sense of an anti empowerment and she's just this extraordinary things I knew a couple of things she re in the history that and I left them. But I didn't have anything about life so I think just reading the script and finding out about this fast marriage this guy that takes credit to credit I have asked for Noble's. But they would this kind of extraordinary couple this sort of celebrity. Feuds dollars and right right and the kind of the Jenny if finding her voice kind of standing at ninety feet. I'm incredibly empowering. People as well the Dominic West who plays Willie you know put it's this. He has. Even though he's doing things that we're looking at now and we CA despicable well yeah yeah. Yeah yeah I've used the end of their I don't want to do this this was time wasn't. Was told me that time it was ten tied but it is announcing I think what was are an important with that that relationship is that you have to understand why that together. And I think that that a caricature of Whitney have fast husband he was so it's he was saying charismatic ms. Olson to need the Nikkei stock of the day. Say you know it may have picked them at a factory I and his people the right and he was but if I mean maybe not with us because like us that they were a celebrity couple and that was hit and he branded them he marketed them. Mean he exploits it he he recognized Tynan and took it. I've sold as is has is you know I think he had a tremendous and it's and I think it was what was a fun thing Dominic. With getting with kids kind of sense of chemo. I think when they would go right have a lot of fun they would city the life and so Nazi. It wouldn't mention act it. It sounds like where I was going through your life and then see that message with a lot it hit the area. There were a lot of because he says there's a lot in recent people will not buy books written by way. Yes I mean it. People said about films starring women. Up until a few years ago you know people say about films directed by Whitman's it's still I think that's why so it's not about the script was that. It was still having the same conversation. Dinner and then we're having him especially. Well having them especially now. But we Sutton haven't. Pick it out yet but is an occupant having conversations I just felt like it was extra wouldn't have a piece that is. Sacked hundreds music and yet feel sorry mountainside conference. And that means somebody today picketing at what I I can. Relate to that. Yes I think a lot of people can relate to their yes greeting I was that I remember people and women especially in god yes. I know that cash back up and she was this country girl. You know she she was this kind of a lap she she was a country go get married to an analyst I'm not the right big shot it's kind of going to Paris at that time. And be married to backpacks and what's extraordinary is I think a lot of people would have struck out back into city did she was quite a force of nature. From the get but it again the story is about standing up in gang I'm gonna call the space for myself in the wild gonna take you want and I'm gonna win the actually winds aren't kind of every level. Residents and you're sleeping with women you know what so well yeah. I think it's great to see. Yeah I mean you know I'd I think that's also like how fascinating it was this. But it and marriage issue realized very adamant fidelity was not going to be something that he he was gonna be capable of that which went okay fine and I'm gonna go and do anything to aid. Are kind of amazing about. Well in the relationship. That she had this weekend. Well missing here is this gen Denise I'm Denise in the library and paper and this incident Jensen non conforming carrots. I am so a woman very much dressing in men's plates which at that time was complete Ian eagle. I was with this week it was in the east to meet with the details yet say she got away with it because she was very race and obviously. What that a vote for them and another federal programs on how. Say is that you know I think three relationship which was a profit sapping it rhapsody and other and you read that the nexus between them anyway. Compete in and I think that raissi helped. Helped stands up helped take. You you have the right to be yourself not to live without shame. And should support that such an extraordinary way you get the feeling the watching her that if she were in this time. And we were dealing with sexual harassment and the stuff that we're seeing every day and people finally being. Called out for. Yet and innocence punished for she had to do that herself she didn't have a movement she didn't have somebody because and she was a low to mid. That's so I didn't think she'd ever been comfortable with it and Amy Goodman like she didn't identify with any kind of the suffrage movement all of their alienation she didn't she was accidentally on earning for herself which is lower any kind of guy that can be pretty ambiguous unit but she was the ultimate sources. The ultimate survive. And again you think wow I can't point when nobody was fighting for the things that maybe she was that she sang I am going to live my life the way I want to let it island going to whack. And get the credit for and the way the pipes at that point. Was completely up head up island and until my and you name it I mean it's the associates extraordinary. And also told it's is it isn't yet but. What about you in doing this in this career this career that began when you weren't the asked to our ports for staff have inherited as a good start. Yeah colloquy Tico a quit once. What made it's so it might have heard of like anything about where you would not yet but yes yeah its it unit they thought all right. Fat. Obama is our eyes and read it yet. Under an officer of the British now I'm an officer of the British sky what does that mean you can definitely you have vessel in hopes of I mean I don't think I need to find this out what how what what pilot did this get me I know exactly. Because we're seeing this and in the empowered women doing this yeah now and it's happening did you have to go through this. What you would coming up in that would did you face. This kind of harassment yourself not harassment luckily no I've never faced harassment but sexism of course you know and the thing I think nice women identify with when that watching this film is. You know something everyone's been through Europe let you have liked it you say the idea everybody completely ignores decent guy says he's exactly the same I did three seconds later after it operative well thing. So I decide to set safe you know I mean in a much less a sense but not just that feeding. But not being and being in some way not taken seriously because my sex. I'm being judged because of that is a unit that the playing field for women and it's not equal and it's a battery tricky. Place. When you're an election environment and you're like wow see you get behave one way and I have to behave what another and I have to be saddened and I have to pretend in I don't have any I'm not ambitious because that's no seven in and then you might like we said. It's a very complicated kind of position and I think what's great is. Again watching this the only thing that's why women identify with fists sodomized. That happens it but he has his extreme. Act as situation is that husband taking credit for that weren't you know. But they'll be some some thing that I think speaks to ever limit unlike president Geisel like it did that spot. You know it's a very fun kind of and majestic piece but I think as far as me wanting to pass I just went. Yes I identify with that's. Well you do you look at it and saying. There's something you can learn from you can't believe that was over a century ago he asked that she came in did this and yet. The progress that she made got lost along the way too. Can't say there are ups and downs peaks and troughs he yes there is there is progress but I would think. With you in the career that you. Mean you've done lots of fascinating movie some of them costing movies appear human beings that are there and then the blockbusters. In the year. Yes you were in pirates of the Kennedy could deficit enough. Actually I'm just I'm just getting to the point where I'm gonna get some relocate elsewhere because my nephew has five just sort like a bit of the fast. Now oh. And to Karen you could fighting pop. And actually. I am veteran at all I think that's an opposite I think I do you forget but we need to move you never know when you do them now and how it's going to be received now with that the public is gonna take to it yet and you've done more than a few people that actually people when I bring them. Yes and it's it's an amazing hung on because it didn't do well when it came and bit and some I think it's Valentine's they can't yet you want yet it's amazing you know I mean I think I have very lucky run very Leon. Which you know I hate it it was love actually and let back in love actually and pirates of the Caribbean as a three you know and then and then. Pride and prejudice mean I don't think another and a half that run of luck Everett that it'll not release. But it's an astonishing one that said that he Nate looking at the thought that the one. The what about the Whitman's the pool. In typical bend it like apples and manage and remembered the times of ten conference I was doing and people like laughing and good Latin that. And the same with pirates of the Caribbean would say yeah. That's yet to occur at seventy you know whatever in a and then pirates of the Caribbean basin Disney theme right once again that night pretty hot you know what I can repay that's going to be great and I say I think it's it's easy with hindsight though obviously that is going to be great successes they use it. It's kind of the one thing that one thing that one of many things and of about it what I do is the kind of Neff in. You never know and you what's going to be the thing that for some reason as a space in the wild for. When you look at your work when you looked at want to make that three or four. Movies that you've made that I don't think they did the best of the didn't think that that meant the most to you. Yes it's. Patton. That it is. I think pride and prejudice was. Meant sentence. Because it was at that I'd been expects to have sex with since I was a very small child I mean I had the doll's house that was pending. And we nine east to pay back I had on tape I would listen to content the BBC bass is constantly moment read that you know I mean I was obsessed with but. Sydney didn't think it actually then be able to play. And that that did save you that was amazing. But that might have to get what haven't done well which would be enough snipes that was directed by my friend Massey testing. Which was. Just such an interesting amazing operatives to experience and a very different stunts and sadistic acting like. And then linking with David Crane of Baghran dangerous method which was suction out that it tends mental in the fact that somebody was really getting sick days. Gates attack like really push it. I really can't and I really. And then. I've never let me diet because again never let me go it was something that didn't do well offense came out and it's the film that most people to. Because it's such a strange and it go read reviews and we went in and came out on dvd and amazing movies on dvd but thanks guys can expect. Anthony yeah. I was up and if it. Would you want this for ever write this was particularly members that he is there there's this it's an apocryphal. About you being your daughter's age and saying I would and it. Yet in an apparent apparently it's true I was there are currently outlawed and I didn't. Hit. I'll buy it in you to ask for an agent when I'm outraged. I would probably on him I do it and it's not but it's been such a pop my life story that you know I mean it. I met once. Again equipment advocate for even a sack and wanting to do anything house and if so. If I've been fortunate happen right foot in my life that links that they have been nice. Because I see an adamant friends who have very brilliant and amazing but it shouldn't have no idea what they wanted to I think that's kind of difficult thing whereas mine with rhapsody summit. Right from the get kind of stinnett I don't know why. It's it's it yourself one point I know I can do this this is I think always had a company belief. Like and in anyway keep myself that the beginning of my career right it was certainly didn't have amazing just in built. A big if he'd like to kind of young people. Need to oh cents a minute I didn't act. But why did have with an edgy and I always knew I had a black ethnic. And I always need Ike again. And say even at the beginning when institute came apart the camping yesterday pretty coming to act I I always mean I had to wait to. At I was pretty confident that all right was rating gonna try. So I surprise I have acts I was awake quite. They it would myself when I was. And you can beat the east you can separate yourself from all the fruit fruit that's around the actor act I mean is the heart to handle other thing. This irony Neal. And accuses I'll strip and you kind of thing and no point to anything. And I found it very very frightening in the the rise to find it very pretty extreme Munich. But I have yes and I figured out why like a date night and without what is it what is the what you like the best thing. And that that I find it fascinating reading by fastening my mind. A fine of recent widely period I'm not them as as a job and up next but I think it's the recent reading this like I get to kind of if I can get to bring the dead act. He and I get I I get through it might walk around in the past Houston kind of breathe life back and claim it like quite extra with histories and their refuse the I think. And back out of a dead I don't. I'm not that. Well but just be answered it well I mean does I think it's it's that it's a fascinating thing Keenan the fact to connect. We're still having some conversations we where a hundred isn't. We think we progressed we think we're experiencing everything you would not being there I mean how can we still there I think this conversation a hundred is nice that. And so I think it's kind of interesting about I I don't know I find that really interesting. Lot of people say well you've done a lot puree it fountains. But I don't resent that because in the sense that numbered the same Elizabeth Bennet in pride bridges is not panic ridden like police the Internet I IG kind of guy you know I walked across the street and wouldn't somebody's wearing jeans and I'm wearing jeans that doesn't mean that they've got the same life I think I have boys kind of got my I think if those girls quite different Albright I am in dresses. I. Sometimes when you're not you did any. Left can't begin again yes and other found. In wind. I talked to the first time because on the show we always end in song. Who we did you do don't take off I just hope. You looked at me like I had struck him. Yes I it was like I did it like I don't sing and NIC beginning and yet and I didn't like market comes of the trade. The contract and I'm you know. So what is this I don't mind kettle chips. I really direct issue saying. Your daughter's friends do eating eating that you don't seem to. Abbott you know an audit TV show apple. Keep it up. Yeah what were you in the inhale when you were shooting him and I think. I am car out of my career is about facing life being. At. And but you can't teach them with me and all we've been together. But the site need. The pilot club luncheon dog just won't work no I just it's just not gonna get you lay it. Can collect yeah yeah you're an old beat eight yes and I would be I care about the world and Asia. And linking him shrinking and it you're shrinking relentless in these years I would like the fillets up. And I imagine flexing its. I think they've been like OPEC but I'm fortunately because you know. It's just right when you have David is too painful for me. It is painful and that there's something so appropriate that I like and with in the end the year that we don't have to say okay in Los stars which is say it which says. Please don't see. The girl wrapped up in dreams and fantasy X has please see me. As something else here. You can end by saying who should we see US who are you here that's the question I'm going to ask if she won't sing for me. Who. Statement that this is gone he likens it honest I didn't school. Why income net which is coming to cinema. We've you've now been in this business long. He saw him I think it.

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