Colton and Cassie open up about their journey to love

"The Bachelor" discusses the explosive season finale and how he came to his final decision on his journey to love, live on "GMA."
9:00 | 03/13/19

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Transcript for Colton and Cassie open up about their journey to love
This is so exciting. Okay, now to our "Gma" cover story, the stunning bachelor finale, Colton changing the show. The actual format of the show, rewriting the rules for the finale unlike we've seen before proving how far he's willing to go for love and it worked. He and cassie are with us live but first, erielle has a look at their beautiful journey. I will tell you I have been watching the entire journey. It was far from the ending bachelor nation may have expected. Colton professing his love to cassie without the promise she felt the same taking the bold step to introduce her to his family, spending alone time in Spain, then finally making it to the fantasy suite. It was the bachelor journey full of twists. I just need time real quick. Oh, boy. Reporter: And turns. Colton ultimately jumping into love. But not exactly how fans may have pictured it. I'm scared. Reporter: Falling head over heels for cassie giving up everything to fight for their relationship after a devastating breakup. I didn't want to end the other night like it ended and I want to have another conversation with you. Reporter: But her feelings initially not matching up even as she met Colton's family in Spain. I didn't know if I could get there. Reporter: His parents concerned about his heart. See you hurt after that hurt bad, especially feeling like I was helpless, I didn't know what to do. Reporter: The couple continuing to grow together, tackling fears. And deciding to give it a shot. We're going to take this day by day and figure it out. Reporter: Kicking out the cameras for some quality time in the fantasy suite. A blushing bachelor stealing the What happened last night was great for our relationship. That's elaborate. A gentleman never kisses and Reporter: Joining Chris Harrison with an update on their last few months in hiding. We're in love. Yeah, we're super in love. Reporter: And cassie reacting to the moment she saw the fence jump. Watching it back I had no idea how dramatic it was until I saw it. Yeah, thank you. I feel like the luckiest girl. Reporter: Colton ending the season without a proposal but with a promise of a future with the woman he loves. And for a little bit of contact, Colton is not alone in not popping the question. He is the ninth bachelor to end the season in 23 seasons without a proposal but he is in love and, Lara, he's here with his girlfriend cassie and you're with them now. Congratulations. So nice to have Colton and cassie with us live. Are you guys awake? It's been such -- is there kind of. 24-hour whirlwind for you. How does it feel to be out in the open. It feels so nice. Ah, it's been -- We've been smiling the last 24 hours. I know my cheeks kind of hurt. Kissing. And kissing, am I right, audience? We feel your excitement and happiness and you can't keep your hands off each other. That's a very good sign. What was it like for you guys watching this back? Was it -- you tell me, Cass, why don't we start with you. I feel like it was kind of good and therapeutic in a way watching it back. It kind of helped me understand like what he was going through the whole time and kind of what I was even going through because it was just -- I don't know, it was a lot. Without producers, why were you prepared to walk away? You know, I went into it like open and ready for an engagement and then until you're there you almost don't realize how little time you're going to get to be really sure that's like a lifelong commitment you're ready to make and I just -- I wanted to be sure at the end of it and I loved him and cared about him so much and wanted him to have that because that's what he had said he wanted the whole time so -- Were you surprised he jumped the fence? I was. Shocked. He broke the show essentially. I know. He was telling moo he that and I was like, no, way, you're not going to leave but he did. I'm so happy. How about you? What was the hardest thing, Colton, to watch back and with all of this, such a whirlwind, so much drama. Yeah, and like she was alluding to too, you see such a small part of who we are as people and our relationships too and just knowing, you know, how much we've been through together and for me it was like knowing that the future with her was something that, you know, I just did not want her not in my life and I think it was one of those things that was bigger than the show itself. I didn't care how it ended I just wanted to be with cassie. Cute. The thing is this is a very popular show. Chris is our friend, the purchases work hard. There is a format. How was that behind the scenes going to them, sorry, guys, I know you have a format. It's not happening here. It was tough. It was that night in Portugal where we really had to sit down and they're like, what do we do now? Well, like this is a person who I fell in love with and who I want to be with so we sort of had to figure it out on the fly. But, you know, say what you want about it, they did an amazing job, I mean, they put her into my life so I'm very grateful. We saw you head into the fantasy suite. Are you -- you were very gentlemanly I thought last night the way you handled it. Are you happy to be done talking about the big "V". Yes. And the fantasy suite. Yes. Yeah, I mean, there's just -- there's so much more to our relationship and so much more to me too so I'm very happy that we're going to be keeping that part of our relationship private. Cassie is too, right? I'm glad too. Cassie, talk to us about your dad. My dad. Was not -- where is that now? I mean, they've always -- he's always loved Colton and I mean, they hang out and talk and everything is good. But he didn't give initially his blessing. No, he didn't give his blessing initially but I mean I think maybe if I went in there like more sure of everything, he would have but, yeah. I don't know. I came down and we watched episodes together and he had control of the remote full time so he was pausing, breaking it down, asking follow-up He's very supportive, though. Yes, he is. And he's supportive -- Both of our families have been amazing through all of this because they know it's not easy watching all of that back and I just appreciate and love them so much. That's wonderful. So what does that mean for the future for you guys? Right now we know we got the rose, we got no ring. You guys call yourself boyfriend/girlfriend. Is there a proposal or a marriage you guys you think in your future? The audience says yes. You know, we have talked about it. Right now we're enjoying dating and we're going to enjoy going to dinners and movies and walks on the beach, but we have talked about an engagement so we'll we'll see where it goes. Today the first day you can be out in thepen on a date night? Yeah. What's the plan? We were in the airport and we're like, oh, we're together in public. So fun. I felt like a rebel but -- Are you going to spend some time in New York City? Yeah, we're actually going to "Frozen" on Broadway for our first date? Our first date. Control room, do we have time for our special? Well, funny you should mention that. We have a special shoutout from a superfan. I believe this is one of the stars of "Frozen." Roll 'em. Hi, Colton, hi cassie, congratulations on getting to the end of what was obviously a very epic journey. I'm so excited for you guys and so happy for you, cassie, I cannot wait to meet you. And I'm just sending you all the love in the world. Mwah. Patti Murin. Did any of you miss an episode? This season was -- people were blown away. Hopefully you guys are happy and get some time to yourselves now and thank you so much for coming and spending time with us. Thank you. I happy to hear only good things in the future. I know, they want to go kiss again. Tomorrow we meet the brand-new bachelorette. Did you see her last night, Hannah B.

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{"duration":"9:00","description":"\"The Bachelor\" discusses the explosive season finale and how he came to his final decision on his journey to love, live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61651629","title":"Colton and Cassie open up about their journey to love","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/colton-cassie-open-journey-love-61651629"}