'The Conners' star helps family pay off mortgage with $20K surprise

Sara Gilbert reveals the winner of the ABC show's contest giving fans a chance to win $20,000 to help pay off their mortgage.
5:02 | 11/25/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Conners' star helps family pay off mortgage with $20K surprise
We've got something really special to make you smile this morning. This holiday season our friends at ABC's "The Conners" wanted to give around the cntry something back and gave them a chance to win $20,000 to help pay off their mortg we'll introduce you to some finalists each with an incredible story. Welcome Amy, Courtney and her mom Michelle, Patricia and her family, ray and Whitley and Shane. You guys, thank you so much for being here. Yeah, good morning, everybody. Thank you. Courtney, we'll start with you. You entered this contest for your mom. What made you want to do it for I can't think of anyone more deserving to win. She spends her entire life taking care of everything and everyone before herself and she deserves to be taken care of And ray and whit, you were telling us if you won this money you didn't want to use it just for you. You wanted to help your community. Yes, so we've been working in the mental health field for about 15 plus years and we recognize that there's a direct correlation between homelessness and severe mental illness so we wanted to open up an assisted living facility to service that population. Boy, what a great service Y are providing right there. And we've got a little message for all of you from some people, I think you'll recognize them. Take a look. Good morning, America. We're the conner family. We're thrilled to share a very special and exciting message with you. Yes, we're talking to you Amy, Patricia, ray, Shane and Courtney. The Conners know a thing or two about struggling to make ends meet and we heard you too are experiencing that right now. Even with that challenge, the five of you have persevered going above and beyond to care for your families and those around with a positive attitude. So from our family to yours we want you all to know that we're in your corner. We support you and thank you for sharing your incredible stories with us. Oh, my gosh. That's cool. That's not all. We have another surprise for you. We want you to say hello to Sara Gilbert. Thanks for joining us. Tell us what inspired you. Hi, guys. So happy to see all your smiling faces and appreciate you guys watching the show. We wanted to do this giveaway because we're representing people in our country every week that are struggling and we're lucky enough to be working through this pandemic, I know it's a very difficult time for a lot of people and it just felt right to be able to give back to our viewers and try to help people out who are struggling as we are trying to tell their stories. One more announcement this morning, right, Sara. I have one more announcement. I wanted to apologize because we were a little dishonest. You're not finalists, you guys won. You all are getting $20,000 towards your mortgage. What? Oh! Sara, I think I took a second for that to settle in. On everybody. Let me try to get to Patricia first. Just tell us what this means. Basically this is going to mean the world to my family. My dad spent so much time, love and energy to make this property what it is and it's just going ive us peace of mind to know that it's ours and we can focus on his failing health and his dementia now. Shane, you, like so many Americans have gone through a lot this year. You lost your job, your health care, you're blind but said that the Conners have gotten you through a lot of tough times. Anything you want to say to Sara right now? Sara, thank you so much. You guys are such a constant in my life and I'm so appreciative and you've always been there and I'm so thankful that you are helping us through this time and thank you so much. And Amy, you are not only a homeowner, you're a business owner, a bar that was forced to close during the pandemic, plus your partner is a frontline th care worker. What does this money mean to you? Does it take a little bit of the pressure off? It will, especially with 're looking at being re-shut down again in my partner being a nurse looking at the possibility of having absolutely no income and this money will save us from losing everything that we worked very, very hard for. Well, thank you to you guys for being here and for all you're doing in your communities and, Sara, thank you, and to the entire team we wish you happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving. "The Conners" airs Wednesdays. Thank you. Thank you all. So grateful for you all. "The Conners" airs Wednesdays, 9:00, 8:00 central on ABC.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"Sara Gilbert reveals the winner of the ABC show's contest giving fans a chance to win $20,000 to help pay off their mortgage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74393395","title":"'The Conners' star helps family pay off mortgage with $20K surprise","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/conners-star-helps-family-pay-off-mortgage-20k-74393395"}