Curry leads Golden State in sweep of Cavs for third title in 4 years

Highlights and reaction from the exciting Game 4 of the NBA Finals.
4:20 | 06/09/18

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Transcript for Curry leads Golden State in sweep of Cavs for third title in 4 years
Yes, golden state are back-to-back champs. They are. You just heard from Kevin Durant, two-time MVP and speaking of MVPs, we got whit Johnson here with us. Welcome. Keeping the seat warm for Mr. Dan Harris this morning. Great to be here, thank you. Great to have you. Congratulations to your team, you're a California guy. California guy. I'm moving here from L.A. To new York but originally from the bay so give it up to the warriors. Champions once again. Relishing in the victory, the warriors putting on another stellar performance winning their third NBA championship in four years. Can we call them the "D" word, the dynasty? Do you think, Ron? I think so. The win lapped in Cleveland but your fellow warrior fans watched back in Oakland at Oracle arena erupting as they claim the title and outside look at this, the party just continuing. It was all part of a massive celebration. Absolutely, and then check out the bottles of the high-priced champagne that were readied for the winners put to good use in the warriors locker room, the players drenching themselves when the corks were finally popped. And lighting cigars and T.J. Holmes talked to the players after the big win and has all the highlights. T.J., good morning to you. Reporter: Hey, good morning and, look, those guys wreaked last night when I talked to them. They smelled like cigar smoke and champagne, okay, not sweat. It was another night. Here we go again for the third time in four year, I am live on "Good morning America" talking about the golden state warriors being champions of the NBA and they did it in a pretty impressive fashion, a sweep. The cavaliers couldn't even get one win in this best of seven series. So, yes, the headline is, in fact, that the warriors won another championship. But there were a lot of other story lines. There's a new dynasty. Reporter: The golden state warriors shut down any hopes of a finals comeback for the cavaliers. Total domination here in game four. Reporter: Beating them in four games, the first finals sweep since 2007. We got the job done with a 4-0 sweep and this is the opportunity we had that we dropped the ball last year. Curry tried to draw the foul. Reporter: Right out of the gate, Steph curry and the warriors were on fire, but Lebron James and the cavaliers didn't go down without a fight. King James scored 23 points. Shot is good. Reporter: Trying to carry his team on his back to a game five. Back to James. Reporter: But he says a self-inflicted injury was one of the things holding him back. Pretty much played the last two games with a broken hand, self-inflicted. Postgame after game one. Very emotional. Reporter: King James was no match for Kevin Durant and the splash brothers. Picked up by curry. Curry drives inside. Reporter: Driving the warriors to that 23-point victory. Durant with his 20 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists was awarded a back-to-back MVP title and he talked about taking on the king. When you play against one of the best, it brings the best out of you as well. Reporter: And bring out the best, it did. The golden state warriors now taking that trophy, their third in the last four years, back to California. The warriors won on the road but that didn't stop the celebrations on the court and in the locker room. And you better believe all the guys last night certainly relished in being able to do this on this floor. Now, they wouldn't come out -- they gave me very piecy answers, if you will, guys, you know, we just wanted to do our job and wanted to get it done and da, da, da, da. They took -- they appreciated doing it on this floor and had to take the flight back to California no matter what. They preferred to have to take the flight with the trophy and not have to have another game out in Oakland. So the warriors, this team is going to be together for awhile. I might be covering these guys for years to come. Come on. That's not so bad, and we're going to have some story lines for you to follow in the off-season. Will Lebron James stay? Will Lebron James go? We'll check with you, later, T.J., to figure out about that mystery injury that Lebron was playing with throughout the finals. Great job. We'll check in with you in just a little bit.

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{"id":55771316,"title":"Curry leads Golden State in sweep of Cavs for third title in 4 years","duration":"4:20","description":"Highlights and reaction from the exciting Game 4 of the NBA Finals.","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/curry-leads-golden-state-sweep-cavs-title-years-55771316","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}