'Empire' star Jussie Smollett heartbroken over criticism after attack

The "Empire" star details how he was brutally attacked in what authorities are calling a suspected hate crime.
4:50 | 02/14/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Empire' star Jussie Smollett heartbroken over criticism after attack
That exclusive interview with jussie smollett answering questions about his story for the first time. He really is and sparked an outpour of supports along with questions. Jussie was passionate detailing the racist and homophobic words that we cannot broadcast. Here's the first part of jussie telling his story. I'm pissed off. What is it that has you so angry? Is it the attackers? It's the attackers but it's also the attacks, it's like, you know at first it was a thing of like, listen, if I tell the truth, then that's it because it's the truth. Uh-huh. Then it became a thing of like, oh, how can you doubt that? Like how do you not believe that? It's the truth. And then it became a thing of like, oh, it's not necessarily that you don't believe that this is the truth, you don't even want to see the truth. What happened that night, jussie? When I landed in Chicago and Fred who is like my uncle and also my creative director picked me up and then we got back to the apartment. There was no food and so I went out to Walgreens thinking they were 24 hours and to have a smoke. Walgreens was closed. So I called him up and said, hey, I'll run to subway which is across the street. Do you want anything? I went to the subway and got the order. During that time I texted my manager thinking that he was still in Australia because he was on an Australian tour with one of his other clients and said, Yo, call me when you can. He called me immediately and while he was on the phone I heard as I was CING the intersection I heard "Empire." And I don't answer to "Empire." My name ain't "Empire." And I didn't answer. I kept walking and then I heard "Empire," . I turned around and said what did you say to me and I seen the attacker masked and he said, this Maga country Punches me right in the face so I punched his ass back then we started tussling. It was very icy and we ended up tussling by the stairs. Fighting, fighting, fighting, there was a second person involved who was kicking me in my back and then it just stopped and they ran off then I saw where they ran and the phone was in my pocket, it had fallen out and it was sitting there and my manager was still on the phone. So I picked up the phone and I said, brand and he's like what's going on. I said, I was just jumped and then I looked down and I see there's a rope around my neck which I hasn't -- You hadn't noticed before? No, because it was so fast. How long did this all -- It felt like minutes but it probably was like 30 seconds, honestly, I can't tell you honestly. I noticed the rope around my neck and I started screaming and I said, there's a Rope around my neck. Did you get any kind description -- I gave a body description, you know, because I saw this, you know, right here or whatever but I can't tell you what color their eyes were. I can't tell you and I did not see anything except the second perch I saw running away and the first person, yeah, I saw his E. I gave the description as best as I could. You have to understand also that it's Chicago in winter. People can wear ski masks and nobody is going to question that. The police have gone through a lot of video and they were able to capture an image of two people of interest. Have you seen that image and do you believe that they could possibly be the attackers? I do. What is it about their size or why do you feel they could possibly be? Because I was there. For me when that was released I was like, okay, we're getting somewhere. I don't have any doubt in my mind that that's them. Never did. That's the first time he's given a detailed account, an account that Chicago police have saids that been consistent. He hasn't changed his story and also said it's credible. The police have said that and also he's been very cooperative. A lot of questions have been raised as well. Oh, absolutely, a lot of questions especially about the timing of the 911 call, about the phone, the phone records and jussie addresses all of that and we'll have much more of that coming up in a few minutes.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"The \"Empire\" star details how he was brutally attacked in what authorities are calling a suspected hate crime.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61070612","title":"'Empire' star Jussie Smollett heartbroken over criticism after attack","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/empire-star-jussie-smollett-heartbroken-criticism-attack-61070612"}