'New Girl' star on saying goodbye to the show and what's next

The star of the movie 'Tag' discussed his career and the role he became famous for on ABC News' 'Popcorn With Peter Travers.'
19:42 | 07/11/18

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Transcript for 'New Girl' star on saying goodbye to the show and what's next
Doing this and somebody on Twitter wrote means that you even danced like Nick Miller. Now what I want to regard but I didn't let. Oh old supply from AE. Hi everybody I am Peter Travers this is popcorn when we tell you what's. Happening at the movies and there's a movie now caught. My wife always likes to say men are ridiculous well here's proof here's proof in the cinema. And not only are they ridiculous because they're playing tag for thirty years but pieces true story. And Mike yesterday Jake Johnson who is now liberated read from giving us so much fun for seven years and new growth. Has chosen to play a character named chilly chilly and who loved that name gently petitioner. Written subject welcome. Thank you Greg Olsen again so watt was the attraction for use in attacked the roads being a whole lean more running. Member of the male species. Yeah well honestly what attracted to me about it was the cast so you know working on you grow I'd like worker with an ensemble and you know. On the last time we sites to get her fired yet what attracted me about that one is well with targets bombers. And we said let's cast the net wide open. And work with everybody we can because when I think that I'm really it's about being an actor's other actors and their process and how they see it. And you get to learn and also have a lot of fun playing with different people so on this woman who I didn't have to carry them. Magic Johnson's tag but you know I wanted to work with Jeremy Renner who that if and a fraud John Hamlet known on the fringe but. I want to see what made him more like how he ticks and what his job is like Ed Helms Hannibal terrorist. I let Fisher in the movie. I fought to get refuted Jones in it but she still ugly stuff and everything yeah Wesley it is so for me a big attraction of this was you know. The pitch admitted that it's based on the true story. You know gives it a little bit weak these guys really do it but really it was the fun working with these big ensemble and doing a lot of groups and. How did he get it seems percentage of physical kind of movie is this yeah Alan mean it really is there's a lot of run on Jason Jeremy Renner is character be in the guy who for thirty years has never been tech center. You know. I'm a method actor's side it's got really deep and in my training because in the movie is right at times half a block. Yet I got a lot happen at our lottery and there's a lot of single. It's kind of I. Elegantly put my characters. I didn't sign and to do movie room like a marathon runner good. My character as a starter who runs a conflict. It meant a lot. So I got it. With came incredibly accurate it would have Gregory fears. With us. Really fun show up in group DU me I don't know if you're playing somebody exactly. Is that person kind of there's a guy name be. Between your children and chilling and so that would and he is the centric. The group the bandanna is his look. He's the wild card who takes too far so although I didn't you know steady beat directly. To Chile. Why they take it. I want to talk but he was way to do this but Peter as an actor I can't be distracted beeps ways. Chili's yeah defying your way active I'm I'm when when a study says in my black turtleneck with maverick spoken clove and thought. What's Jake Johnson eat it keeps you. You know I that play. We guess if it's a joke movies so. We just tried to do as many jokes again I think at her and that we all likening it was really into him repugnant is that it's shockingly has a lot harder. And it is a group but you know goof off movie. But in the end it really is about these guys and their friendship and thing together and how you hold on to people you care about as life happens. Because you know whatever I used to live in New York when I come back and try to connect with all my like old people from here I but he but they won't talk to. They yet because of the terrible things I've done here is proof that they don't regret but this game was their way of doing that. And there's an inherent sweetness to that. Well there is before we were talking about. You doing junkets yes and so that you're able to sell back your own question per share and had no need for me whatsoever. Did you play tag growing out. Yes do you still play no I don't who is the most competitive onset and who would win if you guys were plain. I'm not really sure could we never played tag but the movie would say Jeremy Renner. Did you guys really wanna tag GA begin want to run up in just hit them I didn't know that made me feel like mental patient I just happen. Put you up Iraq the arm motion movie. But most of my jacket you get paired so as I'm doing that Hannibal Burris is right next to me. Throwing out some non sequitur that try to ethical we're elected work. Now you can bird to each other I never like him that threat repeat of eleventh and a junk and unfortunately. He's your interview after interview hour after hour and then you find yourself in the middle of habitable lie. That starts off as just that funny moment when they Finley who's the most competitive. And so one you go well anonymous and competitive about it yet for that there's no there's no Jews there is nothing to it that Elizabeth and I want them. And Italy both competitiveness and you know. Dance. Oh yeah that it units yeah and you go over a year in advance and the guy next week. Yeah. Yes some very competitive would that look that self. And then the next interview just opened valued at well known fact from new girl ran. We'll get dancing is not what the French call your. It where it here. A funny thing about dance and that show and social media and the world as we see it. So I was doing press for this Musab obviously good. Never have been written in his felt for you you know during yet it is huge I don't know what it was yes and as it. Yet and UT's and Emerson well okay I'll give you the story one so. So yes now loves these gloves musical he loves that show. New rules her show. So that first season when we are doing press one of her friends that lets to a music video. It's interactive and pop was all excited interactive where people can go a different rooms and cast members tell him what to do so it was like. I. Eat and maximum Mort right sure whatever for fox but I knew this is a danger zone for me. This isn't where. I live so why don't you guys do it. And then Al this may be in the back on this and everybody is involved in this so we have had dance that we had dance instructor. He did they have them now this is my nightmare this is not what I like I'm not good at it but everyone's wanting to please though. Yes for certain and once you're in it and you have like dance teacher would ever elect Andrew Morton's kind of and Max was actually a kind of good do so the woman kept asking how the urban feel it. And I would we're good we love it as you go public your Jake and I just kept and I feel very confident. Like keeps I'm confident I'm confident that dance starts. I'm hiding behind actors in the background as much as I can and it's fine noble calling me mountain. They then say let's watch playback. And as we're doing play back Max Greenfield. Goes. Oh my god look at Jake I'll. Eight let it back. And it would just that terrible life moment everybody's you know you in the perfect like shoulder things and I had not paid any attention to the teacher. It was always good but it wasn't him I wasn't about 200 directors most of the time depends on the director at some of them. But they'll let me go and likeness in the background and they just played loop and everybody died laughed and so that panel was then bring in enough. This is seven years having his seven years do you like you know. So what happens when the moon goes away when he's not there you know you like to plan. I did press thing in Miami and at the end that it was a Spanish TV show and my when everything's crazy living knickers. So by the end of the show was called and borrow enough flock quote which isn't good at the special it and that's give me. And we were dancing and I little person ran out pushed at Alvin a crotchety L over yelled gonna jump over account. Isn't. That the hack of and appear. And so they go like let's dance Hannibal that was announced and but what if there was just art movement. Doing this and somebody on Twitter wrote means that you even damp slick Nick Miller. Now what I want to write about but I didn't have no fault like me. And thought I was far I. And so my thing with at all it is for me Nick Miller never. Goes away. Because that character is a huge part of me we improvised a lot we were allowed to bring a lot to our they know Liz meriwether crater. One of her brilliant you know what are the one part of her brilliance. Apart from being a great writer. Is she wants part of her actors social site like what what do you think. Open this up improvised. So. A lot of nick we you'll see in every character I do that I'm allowed to improvise and bring things through. What I'll really miss from that and what I really miss from that show and it's it's genuinely hard. Is how fun it was working at those other actors as these characters he. So Max and I have a very Max Greenfield have a very frightened fund French of the real life. But we tapping the nick and Schmidt when we do our bit because we get to you. We both love those characters and we both love that tone in that little bit of a love story just a 100% I agree as you injects I think my character head to love stories you know saying it on our final eight I was telling people. That in truth if you did a number as my number scenes. Of who my character is sitting across from him in covers just like this insane sweet things too about how much I care about them and our relationship. I did that more with Macs than I did so. Though if your argument. We're confident others about leaving you because you know my memory of that is that there were so much of Max and I sitting on the couch at like 9 PM on Thursday night shooting. Where we're reading the scene in ago. I tell him he's like a husband took it and the writer ago yeah. If very intimate to tell another man confederate last week and we believed that we love each other while your column each other's. Dennis TV it is estimated that at bats a Max and I as the relationship is we've had. I've been lucky enough to have a lot of romantic lead the movies Indies made you do form a different connection when you do that together. Actors. Max I feel that the problem with them like most romantic I've ever been with another actor because you and Janice. You and army are up and harsher for seasons in but. Not my number one well now my eye on it that's so everybody should be you know just re paint two new girl wanted a domestically while at it again and get rid of the girl. It's a different growth. What you peaking. Also known and on that would reverse then in every of the world social media's gotten me. Yes. Com well that actually season wore on it was really weird thing that we have with that so. I didn't had they didn't know how to write for me and table middle of season one so the first few episodes and it didn't have any jokes. And I would talk to the writers about it is that overly it was the mourns character in my character they hadn't figured out. Max came right. Zoe woods you know loses babies those though in -- figured out yes Max Greenfield came out of the box rated. He was Schmidt gave 12 one everybody knew what was funny about it. And the more and I were these two guys from Chicago or like being polite about it. So that okay great and we did have jokes so I would be in a scene with the Zoe who would have a monologue. My character it's of Nick Miller and go walk question mark then I would turn and Max would give them. Well they still put a camera on the politics equal time. So it started source of governments and before you know it I'm there for four hours I'm clown like everybody else I would Billick. Baby got one camera operator laughs and goes well do I don't know. I'd ever yeah I'm in a separate and then. In. That eternal faith. I think that with the sort of a few famous yeah that was the first when that that came out and I realized that something that happened beacons a bunch of people sent me photos of the turtle. With my face on it. And yes but it can do if you're new to this were to Iowa is the very jarring thing. When you first get on TV and play well look at me I'm on TV your ego starts filling. I can almost be Benedict. It may cost you want it now you might have been internally lit. Do it out yet dark. Was the very last thing you shop on new group. You laugh assault cry. There are too sad to scenes. That worthy and it really felt sad for me one was the wedding with nick and just weigh in we get merit in the hospital. Because I knew this had been building for a long time. And so and I really did care about the nature of story and we would you know tax them calling each other. And had discussions of how we wanted to play a moment before we would get onset get directed. So is something we both really valued. And I do have been character and I do of the jets characters and setting their front of their with our whole cast. And have been like. Hand maximum Mort all stand in the reality. The reality of the situation did it need for a moment. And I I didn't realize very quickly oh this is all and in less than eight days. But this is a good bye even though it's a wedding for the characters this is our good by the each other. We've all been building to this and we got it. And the other one was Max and I hate data flashbacks. And the finale and the couch. Where he was fat Schmidt and I was college never Reno on his neck. Max and I always do certain emperor. That made us laugh and a few members of the crew that never made it on TV. It was hinted at and TV but what was done with Max would avert way. And it would get too far that finally somebody the next stop in my character that would always be like. I can't believe this is happening I can't believe you if it bit me. You're here they talk about CC. I mean she's pretty but look you go there let our guys. And we would laugh and whatever. So we're doing that scene and the bid is where foreshadowed. It. So he's like what you think it happened in the slot and let me. Probably and it was supposed to be he described CC. And I go public view and he goes. Well hope I meet someone as great ago when they look and I was wearing a red hoodie hated being Indians Allen down. We're gonna read ability and the appeal of its current if everybody lap the crew laugh we did it again. The thing that that was really sweet was actually put bad. So Liz who always has the final say show it to put that in the finale so firmly I'd now like I was seven years at like enjoyment of my life. I'm glad crossed over but what happens now. You know you know you don't have a master Jay Johnson plan well I actually didn't kids at home ideas and here's my master plan. I've been talking during press. Just taking a break but I'll be more honest with you in that is. I'm taking twelve months and I'm working on passion projects and I modified. You know in terms of this business it's a lucky thing to be. And I've been struggling the united start work and I was about 27 years ago so I was here in New York itself reality in collective unconscious and UCB. Performing nightly to audiences packed with three people who hated me. Who were never interest in my it's really I was active hostility Alia God's chosen from people where I want to stop the show went what is it about me. Why argues up and map. I that you have a rough like I'm having erupt like we're all in this together. X twenty minute sparked a like me. The show better. But then all of a sudden I got very lucky and Liz mayor weather cast in the show and also I start to work and I've been able to work and I feel gratitude. But I would be. I would be lying to myself if I didn't at least try to do the things that I deeply care about and feel passionate about. Which go back to those weirdo ideas had when I was 1920 years old and first starting. So what I'm doing now I was pairing up with talented people and creating ideas you know like Charles Wahlberg movies yet and drink haven't really about a he's passionate in these in these smaller things. I wanna find streaming homes for that I just wants battle of the time and remember why god into this whole thing. As the next chapter of my life begins. Well that's perfectly fair and three test as the show ends and you have never done popcorn. It is in song. So I believe I did it could have been dance and then you could of that reason to object. We need we need just a little bit of something from you that maybe points a song that senior. That points to this future here. But experts about everything about magic Johnson and Carter who so it's. Bob Dylan courses. And losing one London I want more can I need but it. Tomorrow how but I give you notes and then the line because I don't know the line OK. I. Bun and bring those on the notes I'm telling you this is me try my hardest. It's not my. I just think again. But. Webb visited Gypsy. I can I think we can all take that home. And we can also move on but it's because of what's in the healing people I had a great is the feeling they had that Peter walked. I. I can understand what some hostility goes by but still I preached effort they really. They figured that he feet.

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