James McAvoy talks 'IT Chapter Two'

The actor said he was scared the first time he read Stephen King's frightening book.
4:50 | 09/12/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for James McAvoy talks 'IT Chapter Two'
Look who else is celebrating national school picture day over there. James Mcavoy. "It chapter two." Come on over. Come on over, James. Hey, man. You're a good sport. Love having you back. Am I supposed to switch? Switch-a-roo. You're a good sport as always. We love when you're hear. Thank you very much. Do we have a throwback picture of yours -- look at that smile. It's like I haven't learned to smile yet. Ageless. What's your secret? What is my secret? Em'roid cream on my face. Had to ask. Thank you for sharing. You asked. He gave it to us. Hey, man, we got to say -- "It chapter two" had an amazing opening weekend so congratulations. Thank you. And I hear you came across "It" when you were 15 years old. It didn't scare you but did that change as an adult when you read it. Yeah, a little bit. I remember finding it an incredible book as a kid. As an adult, yeah, I started to have nightmares in preparation for the film and I never had that as a kid so I remember waking up, I had the same nightmare twice and it was bill as pennywise lying in bed beside me stroking my neck and stroking my back saying, James, time to wake up, James. Time to wake up and me lying there pretending to be asleep going, don't move. It was horrible. That is. Just thinking about that. Well, we'll show a clip here because you go to kill pennywise and you think you can do it all on your own. Headstrong Mcavoy. That's right but your friends had something else in mind. Here's a look. It is my fault that you're all here. This curse, it's inside you all. It started growing the day I made you go down in the barrens because all I cared about was trying to find georgy. I'm going to go in there and I don't know what's going to happen but I can't ask you to do this. Well, we're not asking you either. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. No, just seeing that scene, quite funny when people show that scene out of context, the character of bill has a stutter and but it's not really present in that scene that much but it's there just a little bit so people are always like, why, why are you seeing it, why are you elongating your answers, the answer is he has a stutter. I have to say full disclosure, it gave me a total fear of clowns to the point where I have never been to the circus because of it. I was so scared when I read the book, watched the first movie then watched these remakes and I am so excited I'm seeing it next week. I don't think it'll do anything in terms of getting you over your fear. I feel bad for clowns. To that point exactly. There are clowns only screenings of this. Oh, oh. Would you sit in the theater? I would not. Oh. See, look at that. Oh. I feel bad there are good clowns, I'm sure 1 in 50 doesn't try to murder children, I'm sure. I'm sure. I'm sure. So speaking of scary we actually have this picture that you all posted on -- you and your co-star Jessica Chastain posted on your Instagram account, very scary, scary, not scary at all. Can you tell us behind the doors. Very scary, Brexit and Boris Johnson. Scary, soft Brexit under Boris Johnson and not scary at all, a cup of tea. Nicely put. You know what, man, you're always a delight. You're always so much fun to have here on the show. You're welcome back any time. Thank you very much. On high school, school picture day. You're always welcome to come back. Those pictures will live in infamy and hemorrhoid cream will as well. "It chapter two" is in theaters right now.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"The actor said he was scared the first time he read Stephen King's frightening book. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65558019","title":"James McAvoy talks 'IT Chapter Two'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/james-mcavoy-talks-chapter-65558019"}