Jason Priestley says his daughter asks to watch 'Beverly Hills, 90210'

The actor, who is starring in the new series "Private Eyes," doesn't rule out a "90210" reboot.
5:32 | 02/08/18

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Transcript for Jason Priestley says his daughter asks to watch 'Beverly Hills, 90210'
I'm telling you that. Next we have a great guest who has gone from heartthrob on "90210" to 911. Back on the small screen in the new show "Private eyes." Please welcome Jason priestly. ??? Don't ever let go don't ever let go ??? Welcome to the table. Thank you. Thank you. George, how are you? How are you? Robin, nice to see you. Very well. Thank you. Good to see you. Hey, guys. How you been? I'm good. I'm good. How are you guys been? Great. Nice to sit here. Your new exciting desk. Isn't it fun? And we want to thank you, thank you for joining us for throwback Thursday so I have something that you recognize this kid on our throwback Thursday from 1987? Wow. Yeah, that's my high school graduation photo right there. Wow. How did you guys get that? We have our ways. Wow. You know, I was telling you earlier my daughter has discovered "90210" at 13 years old has watched the entire thing. Do your kids know how cool -- I was going to say you were but you are. They don't think so exactly. But my daughter is 10. And we have all the box set of "Beverly hills 90210" in the top shelf of our TV room. Collector's item. I wouldn't go that far but it's -- but she talks about it and wants to see it someday. Daddy, when can I -- when can I crack the seal on that? When can I watch that show. When are you going to let her. I don't want to let the genie. When she figures out how to use Netflix you're done. Like she shows go it because she's heard about it from teachers at her school and stuff because they, you know, certain teachers at her school do you know who your daddy is? I used to watch your daddy. You know, I used to have a poster of your daddy on my wall when I was a little girl. That's unbelievable. It's pretty funny. You know, you don't think about these things. You don't think about that all -- your past is going to come home to roost for your children. But it does. It does. A lot of super fans. Don't we have some super fans, everybody? Thanks, guys. I thought there was someone who was going to ask a question. I will. There you go. Jason, huge fan. So, Scott, myself, a large number of people still believe that "Beverly hills 90210" is the best show on television. Until "Private eyes," of course. But is there going to be a reunion? Can we ask that? Is there going to be a reunion? I -- uh -- Sounds like you can ask. You know, there's been rumors floating around in the ether -- you know, of course, this era of reboots and redoes and '80s and '90s shows coming back, you know, who knows. Never say never. I hear the title "9021 old" is being kicked around. I'm considering, Brandon because I'm giving birth tomorrow to a boy. Jason or Brandon, very nice names. 100%, yeah. Thank you. Congratulations. Thank you. Should we talk "Private eyes" right now? You play Matt shade. An ex-professional athlete, now private investigator. Yes. You guys want to see some? Yeah. Let's do it. I don't like keeping secrets from people I'm working with. Working with? You're reckless, impulsionive and most frightening have no grassof how much you don't know yet in it means the world you're telling me in this person. But I also think uping from the last week sore so there is a chance we might work well together. Are you offering me a job? I feel some tension. A little bit. A little bit of tension. A little bit of chemistry. The actress who plays my soon-to-be partner in that scene is fantastic. We have a lot of fun making the show together. You know, we developed the show from a series of books called "The Brad shade mysteries" and, you know, we wanted the show to feel like -- I'm moonlighting "Remington Steele." Yeah and we ended up with a show very much like a "Castle" kind of feel. You play -- -- Former hockey player and you play hockey in real life. You going to see some skills on the show. I'm Canadian by birth and raised in Canada and as you well know --S if. A pair of hockey skates with come with your first Canadian passport so I played hockey until my ambition outstripped my ability. And so for me playing hockey player kind of second nature but I actually as of this point in the show I haven't actually put on my skates myself. But I'm sure at some point in time they will ask me to lace up. Save it up. Save it up, that's right. We look forward to this and, everybody, "Private eyes" premieres this Sunday on ion television. Make sure you check out Jason priestly, everybody.

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{"id":52920693,"title":"Jason Priestley says his daughter asks to watch 'Beverly Hills, 90210' ","duration":"5:32","description":"The actor, who is starring in the new series \"Private Eyes,\" doesn't rule out a \"90210\" reboot.","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jason-priestley-opens-private-eyes-52920693","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}