Keke Palmer speaks out on asking National Guardsman to march with her

The 'Strahan, Sara & Keke' co-host shares why it's important to her to be on the front lines of the protests over the death of George Floyd.
5:46 | 06/03/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Keke Palmer speaks out on asking National Guardsman to march with her
All across the country as we've been seeing demonstrators banding together peaceful protest for big cities to small towns among them. Our very own Kiki Palmer and Los Angeles. A video Kiki urging national Guardsmen to march with them that her fellow. Protesters has been viewed millions of times we're gonna speak to Kiki in just a moment but first. Look at her passionate plea. People need what happens when you don't got together with the community with the irony is that that's up. The government pulled the sheet everything. You. So there were largely as much decided to give it to people yeah. He added that the publicity about the things don't they do it. Some of his business it's called paying more okay. Yeah. Can you please give me around holiday meal. At an English only. Or. That is art Kiki. Always always always always keep minute real had. She is peak hit Kenya's cynic can see we can you feel it has sold at he got to Leila idol idea. All bless your heart I'm telling you Wheaton issue we miss you around these Margaret. You are doing your thing has always give you believe it it just a short amount of time already more than fifteen million views. Of that video tell us what it was like being there and how important that what's to you. Ohman got whose sole important you know I want to just bring as much awareness as we all can't eat justices that it warned America. Beat it with everyone acknowledges soul inspired it and power. There. Intel spoke of what made you go up to the national Guardsmen like that in and what was it that you were hoping. To get them to do what is what is it that you want it. And they're randomly I was just talking to the people that would marking queen had not act just poll the question. Why aren't they witness warrant and not able to you we are Margie peace with heart is cash and I'm sure any didn't feel the same latest don't want it just just isn't the be all and that's winning its audit reports. On the depth you know you insist that it. No one that was great to see the dialogue between you two in the way that he was listening to you. Intently and down he did explained that he. He and the other ones could not leave their post because of the business they were there aren't you know they were working there. They wanted to lend he the one to compromise a little bit. And you were able to get the fellow protesters get him. And the other ones to deal. We heard you saying. That wasn't enough what what more did you want. I think he told he Ilya can be seen at the walk in the same directs in eagle. We also see it just moments after some of these cities we'll see you outsourcing your acting K act Schwartzel. After the reality is the president at every sites device still some say a situation where our military orders to unleash its citizens. Still the experts and make it work with are these men or working with the national bar politics. It is the morning know what's not history you're trying to heal. I get their person in the room is that you want the people. Out of the eighty or taken a life outlook handled it with the citizens need to sustain you and Eddie justices are five. No matter who are out what Mary and me. With Latin taking your ball. Knowing you you kept expressing what it has to be together that that the cat that togetherness than what that would symbolize. Kiki I don't have to tell you this there's a whole generation that looks up to you they have and they look to you what is your message what is your overall message Kiki. First called to voice mad as you don't have to ETE or what locals Libya's let it. Hurts you grieve. The same you do I don't have it's not. At its top. But in broad strokes Lackey has got to heal the entire story. At any time eating a little bit of what's on the news analysts online. You know we can see brawl from you look for people there on the ground it is not just this act as snapshot. It's one near it but are expected. These are with Nancy says. And conversation it eats you are aren't racists you conversation now. How deep your interest in ranked eighty. Racist and what action to to take to systematically changed in eat eat while you'll know what color it's not. The BEI isn't beans and hold American couple. Great country yet we know she makes the what does the all people who are here eat out. Now now. We can do better and we will do better and we need to do better we can do better. That is the bottom line all right Kiki thank you thank you it's wonderful allow wonderful Nancy I let us that we can we miss you stay safe. And we'll talk soon be taking heat thinks he can he get hit with our.

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{"duration":"5:46","description":"The 'Strahan, Sara & Keke' co-host shares why it's important to her to be on the front lines of the protests over the death of George Floyd.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71040288","title":"Keke Palmer speaks out on asking National Guardsman to march with her","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/keke-palmer-speaks-national-guardsman-march-71040288"}