Take it from Kristin Cavallari: ‘Celebrate imperfection’

From Laguna Beach to motherhood and entrepreneurship, Kristin Cavallari says she likes to keep things imperfect and “uncommon.”
4:53 | 07/22/21

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Transcript for Take it from Kristin Cavallari: ‘Celebrate imperfection’
This is it original cast that would each season and this was the very first. We have no idea what we were there 2002. Become Easton. We are so so so just go about our business and Solomon brings up an air and then everything changed overnight in of the very. Wild experience I think that his only words to describe it you know. Sixteenth to eighteen and there's not vulnerable ages acted is your candidate. Plastered all over. It was different law and it was kind of typical consumer is and Philly papers treat me. Accurately. I cried allahu. Wouldn't talk to you. Harvard black and white. Eight we'll. This isn't the way from now why did I don't I don't wanna be accurately show and so I really looked inward and I think what it did was it worth it under the umbrella that if I give myself is. John listen I don't know why isn't worried about and you Max keep doing you. Oh Friday. Yeah. On little baby me again I think this time and aggravated life is is really special because you're so things are gone. I have no idea what's ahead of you. And I can just tell this little grown ones and you diseases yeah it exactly. He's been through spirit of having fun living in the moments. Confidence building comes from his brain and it's really need to build yourself yeah fully knowing everything you look for. Britain aren't you just that you are from the day you are ones I was I was sitting down. My every kid bit. Kids like forever and that's when I hate my baby can. First yeah honestly when I am hands. And happily. Concede the young Roma people. That song you and I happily becoming an omelet. It just felt right it does not ruling out. It was that they that is really hit my life me dig deeper and it's ultimately made me a better person to do because in order dated mom that I can be I have to keep my self and constantly. These are connected to myself that I can be fully presents. Thankfully less mean and engaged and listening more all three of my kids. You know I don't hear people now and I haven't always been that if I wasn't not always. Really competent and Lott myself if I'm not the beautiful things even deeper hopefully all the Molina Chrysler you know he's. Trying to get closer and closer to or higher self but I just think that when you let yourself you're nice. Mountaineers. Yeah yes this is a great hungry this let the lines hardy for uncommon Jane is in the most crowded on Tommy James and anything done professionally and it's weren't happy at. Hi Jane my daughter's middle name it was actually about his middle name as well and they need is a very special to me. But I also love James her for all because it. It's not traditionally been on its on content and everything that I do an uncommon James is. I'm it nothing is perfect I love in balance I loved about being passed without an. For example I have. Three years into my left here only 200 right now want anything to be perfect and so I just felt as though uncommon to have if they transfer. Today. Oh yeah. I'm 188 inches are clean skin care line this isn't really exciting venture for me personally. I. The issue does not run you know high school I was always earned break outs it's on every house there is where all socio. But yeah. Very clean natural lifestyle and so cleans things here was really brings me and I did it deep dive. Instigated what but cleans in your world and you can actually say your name brand when your span at least randomized to earth without. I think that he wanted to do a comedy was certain down we don't eat twenty cracked it purify. Did you what they say either scream you don't eat all of the other stuff everything don't you lean. Lexus in early trading in here I'm designing everything for the modern woman and we don't have an hour every warrant it. On the creative Iraq's try and and hamburger isn't there any hearings or whatever it. Way we gotta get out the door and so I just wanted to strip it down.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"From Laguna Beach to motherhood and entrepreneurship, Kristin Cavallari says she likes to keep things imperfect and “uncommon.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78981750","title":"Take it from Kristin Cavallari: ‘Celebrate imperfection’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/kristin-cavallari-celebrate-imperfection-78981750"}