Lady Gaga reveals her engagement in emotional speech

Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
4:15 | 10/17/18

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Transcript for Lady Gaga reveals her engagement in emotional speech
I don't want in this town. From pop news right now where you can. Begin with a lady who is a regular now that he got got. Forget a star is born how but a star is engaged everybody. They got out speaking at Elle magazine's critic for the annual women in Hollywood celebration on Monday surprisingly little room. When she ended her emotional speech by thanking her fiance Christian. I would be Christian. Curry now. Curry agents should be mandating a January 2 dozen seventeen. An insider telling People Magazine Christians of good grounding force for god and he understands her career she's in great place now. That is the quote god also making headlines for fashion choice at the event stepping out in eight wildly oversized Marc Jacob's parents through. Explaining that after trying on down after down she decided on the suit because Bob. I decided today. I wanted to take the power back. I Wear the pants. The jacket girl worked. Alonso and other uses when he hit yourself not one of our favorites he's sent to channel his inner felines yes I said felines. He adventure star is the next cat lover in final negotiations. And then I hit the film adaptation of the legendary musical cats. How will join us star studded cast includes Jennifer Hudson in McAllen. James poured in and actually reported first Taylor sweats. This is Albert second feline lower. Well who really moist share Condit in 2016 as the jungle book no word yet on which care talent character he'll play. In the tribe the capsule sort of it appears on December 20 2019. That he had to move from it what you know that nobody showed a picture I. I don't care if I can't put an engine and lights. Don't always work that we're pretty. The latest developments. In the break up Arianna Ronde it is not yes. OK. We've assessed an abundance. Arianna. We've got the engagement ring everybody. And about that ring Entertainment Tonight is reporting that the 25 year old singer has returned the three carat pear shaped doctor. He was behind it 93000 dollars. What your hat who values like it was just sort of thing. But she real we here keep the pet pig that she had recently adopted which. Look at all the freshest news right here. Matt Andrade says it was a mutual decision to break up. The pair about the timing just wasn't right it happened quickly heartbroken Arianna Arianna will be staying off social media for the time being amended heel and write some new music. Okay. Speaking of pigs. That way well thanks for how to pick OK yeah. This is a little there's little to what separates for the Connecticut speaking of pigs like Arianna this. California police department is learning the power of jury does the using this although very usual problem take a look luring runaway pig back home. The San Bernardino county sheriff's department in responding to a call the rolling pig. And decided he Heidi use what resource she had on hand a bag of Toledo's. The department riding on its web sites of their success from crime fighting to safely securing a big. We do at all and we thank you. I just continue George also flow together. And it and I think you think management job.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58553409","title":"Lady Gaga reveals her engagement in emotional speech","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/lady-gaga-reveals-engagement-emotional-speech-58553409"}