Luke Wilson talks about his new show, ‘Emergency Call’

The actor also dishes on the recent “Legally Blonde” cast reunion.
5:57 | 09/28/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Luke Wilson talks about his new show, ‘Emergency Call’
We cannot wait to chat with our next guest. You know Luke hosting the brand new show "Emergency call." How's it going? Good morning. Got to see you. Happy belated birthday. We know you celebrated in L.A. We heard the real party got started when you got to your hometown in Dallas. What's it like being home? It was great to go back to Texas. I hadn't since the pandemic hit in March seen my mom. It was nice to see her. Saw a couple other friends. Always nice to come back home and it's cooled off a little. It's been nearly 20 years since "Legally blonde." We heard there was a zoom reunion of the cast. Can you confirm those rumors? If so, when can we see it? That is true. Yeah, a couple weeks ago Reese put together a zoom reunion. It was really funny because I hadn't seen everybody since we worked on the movie. Always been such a big fan of Reese's. Yeah, it was really funny to see Jennifer Coolidge and Selma Blair and everybody else. I think they're in the process of -- I don't know anymore than anybody else that's on the internet. I don't know what they're plan is. I think they're writing another movie. Yeah, I always thought that character of Reese's was so funny. I know people would love to see it again. A third installment is on the way. We heard the same thing. Any chance that Emmett will be making a return appearance? I don't know. I definitely would be up for working on it. I'll have to wait and see. Let's talk about "Emergency it's set inside a 911 call center. Is this something you wondered about as a kid? Yeah. I was saying growing up in Dallas my favorite section of the paper was the metro section and reading about different crimes. You read these little paragraphs and it was somebody's name, the location, the age of the person, what time of night it happened. I found myself wondering what's the story behind that, what was the fight about or what caused the argument. As an actor, I've been around police officers and did some ride alongs and got to meet firemen and emts. Never had a chance to speak to any call takers are go to any call centers. That was the much interesting research I've done being around those people. They're incredible. They so sharp and also very thoughtful. They have to talk to kids and people that are scared and worried. As they said to me, you're not calling 911 because you're having a good day. Most people only call 911 once or twice in their life. They try to treat each call with importance. Let's give everybody a look at the show. You call 911. Now your phone's location, it determines the call center you're routed to. What is the location of your emergency? As you explain the emergency, everything you tell the call taker is logged in a report. There's a guy walking around with a sword on his back. Luke, you talked about how you went to the call centers. What did you learn? Was there anything you were not expecting that happened? I just kind of thought the person answers the phone. They write down an address. They give the information to the first responders, whether it's police officers or firemen or emts. As I said, it was the multi-tasking that really surprised me and how skilled they were. They're talking to you if you're making the call. They're talking to other people in the call center. They have multiple banks of computer where they can track where the first responders are. Yeah, just how they have to switch gears because, like I said, they get people that are angry. They get people that are scared. You know, there was one call taker that was talking to an older woman who called in and had, I think, Alzheimer's and the call taker was so thoughtful. You would have thought she was talking to a family member, just how kind she was to this person. Also, they have to get as much information as quickly as they can and be calm for the people making the call. They have to remain calm as they give the information out to the first responders. Yeah, I would go in there and, you know, be with them for three or four hours and I would walk out feeling overwhelmed thinking, you know, how do they do these 12-hour shifts where they're taking dozens and dozens of calls. Like I said, it was about the most interesting research I've ever done. Sounds like a fascinating show. "Emergency call" premiers tonight at atnewyork-presbyterian Hospital,

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{"duration":"5:57","description":"The actor also dishes on the recent “Legally Blonde” cast reunion. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73287175","title":"Luke Wilson talks about his new show, ‘Emergency Call’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/luke-wilson-talks-show-emergency-call-73287175"}