Michael Strahan posts moving video on Instagram about George Floyd protests

'The power is in people,' said 'Good Morning America' host Michael Strahan.
5:43 | 06/05/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michael Strahan posts moving video on Instagram about George Floyd protests
Everybody's Michael Strahan and you know I. Just like you. And compensate them friends and family about what's going on about the death of to a long awaited news. Marbury. Rihanna Taylor just continues to compensate them over and over again we continue to have too much. I don't get it don't understand it as hell about it. Because we continue to have the same conversation. And it intimidated. And we know. No resolution. No justice. No finished. And I think that is the frustrating thing. It's very hard to understand the black male colleagues can make people scared. They say and I hear all the time not every cop bad cop every black person that earth. Plain and simple and a lot of cops who are my friend have cops who worked for me. They are incredible people we sere. Absorb desperate actor told the story and it is estimated there are amazing people. But they're always. Always that everything. You know basically successively. Hear people making one in time for. Those who want group of people. And at the black man. If this country the country ethical would be free country that's supposed to have your back with beat your country you worked so hard for your family worked so hard for months while the military all your certain in this country. But not have the freedoms that you're fighting for others to pan. I have new respect your fighting for others to have but expected to give respect. Is Tom. Is the hardest part. And you know everyone it would probably imagine B&B MB and famous civilians and you know known. That it hell yes some ways. It does you know buy it but a lot of time somebody totally famous we could have gone in the car drug and Gardner struck that. I get pulled over a cop pulled over for not that I'm not speeding them in traffic up nothing is doing nothing but wealthy while. And comes up tomorrow when bill looks and go a whole Michael are such a big thing. When of the Kyoto trick or treating just come by your council could meet. And what are we to meet colonial or dilemma. That's not the first time many many many the moment years it's just little things like just educate. But imagine if if if you're nothing. Let it happen to you all the talk. Imagine you're you're getting pushed around in disrespect you talked to in a way that make you feel sub humans. And to see. George Floyd die the way he died with such callous attitude towards his life. Suits. Disdain forward the public who is begging you to let that may Embry. It angers me angers me. I get the protests understand the protest I do not agree with the looting in the rise because. That's taken advantage of the situation is honoring. Two of Foyt and all the other than we know whoever got. So closely at the hands of the police. Our home. You know I'm sock to surprise you gotta keep happening conversation over and over. Over and over in every every few months every year or whatever product we have an incompletion over and over again. And it have to stop. Because people aren't you mean beings we need to look in respect each other. As a human being that you treat your fans expect him to be treated when they walk out you sit have to worry. That they're not gonna come back and possibly come back months put him back a cop car and they walked the person by the look in the back to say that him or not. Because he looked like someone if that was dominicans who. Props one. Said that. Should happen people. So are mine and my kids absolutely. But at ABBA mania. Assumed too much anger that you scared me. Shouldn't be the case. Syndicate. And now hold on hold that's it hold on hold hope my kids can grow up and be in a plea for better than the place that we're in right now. Own thing we can hope for. If it doesn't change now I don't know was gonna take to change it. Because now the powers not in the politicians the powers not in some grant's speech problem the power than people. People make a change we all know that. The we need to stop depending I feel on others to change for us and we got to get get we got me to change for ourselves. In a positive way in a peaceful way if possible. Continue to have these conversations I think it's important. Continue to respect each other death that's important. And most of all. I I. Angry. And upset senate stay here. All. And I don't. Hopefully. That doesn't change come.

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{"duration":"5:43","description":"'The power is in people,' said 'Good Morning America' host Michael Strahan. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71095304","title":"Michael Strahan posts moving video on Instagram about George Floyd protests","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/michael-strahan-posts-moving-video-instagram-george-floyd-71095304"}