Milo Ventimiglia talks dogs, Costner and 'Art of Racing'

The actor appeared on 'Popcorn with Peter Travers,' and talked about the making of 'The Art of Racing in the Rain.'
20:40 | 08/14/19

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Transcript for Milo Ventimiglia talks dogs, Costner and 'Art of Racing'
It start my guess my love and to the welcome to the show happy being here thank you and what you dogma is broken all the rules that actors are old stubble and it is over the animal both work with kids hit eight law. Have bombed and there I am happily and you just said. I don't care what you say you know this is it what made you. Are you just yourself a major dog. I mean for me I'm this wasn't to ruled that. I was afraid of but it felt like something that. I slash we you. As an audience needed to human stories the story about a good father store about a good husband. Sore about. Lovely family. That is teaching. Their dog and so the life lessons he needs. In printed soul. That when he becomes a human in his next life they'll be ready to be a good person. He does want to be in your view does well so badly and is still badly what he wants him yelling curses himself for being a dog in moments when. His instinct is giving him insight to what this Pham is going through but. Can't speak and can't see you justice affect them let things happen. So you do you have a dog yourself no. You know even like them love dogs can get a lot of thought you said. That I think we have in a you know oddly enough are the book I don't look at our. I would op that's on how anyone who isn't my way now it really happened we have to do we have. A clip that we can show from the with police show it so that we can see. What Milo have to deal with as a costar. And so this is a U ion. You ion. My first impression of being it was as complicated as the sense in the air act it much of it and I'm the launch of pro Duce shampoo impairment homes that we. More person and dog Dennehy was clearly taken with her roommate she probably bathed every day for online you. Leoneans stared people like it. If he likes them. So you Jefferson and now I teach English as a second vigilant as students ties. She made history as Kratochvil building yet to go a neighborhood like Nittany. Commit to a hate eat. My. My friends they plan to ban. And the plans show. New moves to and I thought if you haven't planned entry. It is Seattle's third most popular sound like anything yeah I mean according to them but. I L season. You can see it. What's so great. When he gets bored with bad cops actually that would with the old when he and who's incredibly Smart he knows that Denny's. Taken with this this woman and and oh yeah I know that may be stronger bond possibly. And with the index so very into it it also this dog and named after it took for our records and notes eight. I sounds suspiciously like Kevin Costner. Very much we want to see it might be Kevin Costner with your couple weeks ago still hearing you know he had what would. What a lovely coaster than ever got to work with. So you're not hearing on the set what you're doing what we're hearing in the audience know that no game. Much like you know is here with the dogs actually. It is no talking dogs in this its its old inner monologue of this dog as he's talking to himself telling this story. To himself this man of this man. Well it yet no I didn't hear anything. I kind of our scope supervisor and our director Simon Curtis they would. Talk amongst themselves. They would she would read. Ends those dialogue. And Simon kind of paused me. And to look at all companies. And then odds be interacting with the dog. You know and then he say OK and action and then I've resumed my lines of dialogue went right here too we needed to write anything. I was and actually hear any kind of voice your thoughts your house what. Aren't apparel and the joys of working with the dog as the scene partner you have to basic. And I mean one to get a steal the scene from me because yes well I mean. There pants are they're beautiful there their you know when you've been called although things but the bill but I at this. Yeah they do with their with their with their their tongues out details wagon. Yet tried one yet I'm trying to. Blood. Because their animals you know you you have to respect that their animals and then. Take time and be patient with what they need to learn what they need to do repetitive over and over and over again not distract them. You know popular people can. Be distracted but yet we can handle lot our plea and any given time animals it was task at hand walking there to there. Pick up some popcorn. Lay down whatever it is hold the remote it's now so. It was the discipline of patience to just make sure that myself and trainers were communicating. And that I was given the dogs but they needed and in terror in state actually. They gave me what I needed which was the scene power. And that was what was so special about our two dogs about Parker Butler. Was what they were doing instincts who or. Was. Remarkable but I would also talked the dogs look at what people. Like just you know not really full voice. Certain moments about the crops down in. Whispered to Parker's ears hotel what was once it would deceive them going to be stressed about love kids don't worry about it. We're fine. It don't tell me don't let it goalies of agitate edges to stick with mean at the end of an get a nice check entry for. A but may view not a dog go say. I want to do this movie it was beautiful human story. You know what I saw again was a good man. They're being a life that was. In many points of this different cool. Challenges obstacles real life stuff does this constantly. Constantly hanging loan. And I saw his heart and his determination to rule of that duo for those that he I love the message behind. Caring for the people who really love. And now those. Who can argue with that yes no yes I am also who can't really. That's the thing that I also loved about this felt like. An extension my TV show this is often felt like. Something that everybody can draw from that we can connect Danny everybody can connect you've ever and can connect to. Two. Ends those point of view just felt very relative. Who had you plane. That we can connected to who was the rat bastard in your career. The ball ma played a couple played one in the movie. Wild parties and state. The sum of a mob boss who got away with. The worst behavior. Played the villain at the end of the second season Gotham TV show. He was a he was a killer. Some pretty dark gods. It's enjoyable. You can give you one that I play short of that. While Courtney I enjoyed that guy just really didn't like and it like putting on the character instantly. From its. The role different sides humanity. House electors something learn. And something to displayed of people whether you're conspiring to be good or showcasing that. We really can't be this inhumane well. Sometimes by showing that inhumanity your view are also revealing something about sure lots in it's about what we don't wanna be exactly which is a good thing too it's one of the great things about being actors that it would be. Is that you can have. And speaking about good at what you do congratulations third and the other in the nominations and the this is and he's in for coming and yeah well Marty two episodes in a start three tomorrow costs were most. Oh in the first candidate XOX sixtieth all of them yet it now so what you actually tell us. Nine now a thing single thing. Now I mean I could say it's going to be great and what I thought already is real is right in line with everything that this is us has done from seasons one to two to three. Formula hasn't changed. Pierson family. Fuels like we're getting even deeper and deeper and deeper into who this family is who these people Laura's individuals and it. You know. It's really just it's a joy to work on that are really amazing couple years going from Nashville to this film and mama really lucky it's fascinating to me because I remember also see you. In. Rocky Balboa yeah where a book that's what the loan is your father then. And that he has those beaches where he's basically. You know talking about fatherhood shortages have one do you know but then win. I think it was season two of this is. Oh yes light came on light comes on doing eighteen with him yeah the movie that he's doing talking about you who's gone. Who's his son's good guy but also his his his he was his his hero. Yeah I mean and I will what I have that I had the first conversation with sly about joining the show and I pretty much told lest I explained. His. Horror of it. You know inspiring younger actor. And is how key was Mike care after Jack's. Biggest on screen hero. Basically Tomasson all of that couldn't be closer the truth. As a younger actor I know it was like to be on set with you and tidbits just walks. Listen and learn what he was up to and what he was able to accomplish. And and I applied that to you my every day working process as an actor. But then also from the character's point of view. Excuse my own screen hero Mike we gas sly was mild screen hero two and you know so I don't know maybe a lot of flattery got him but also mean. You know his involvement with our writers and writing you know collect like coming together to. To share his voice what he wanted to tell of being playing himself. I don't know that he never played himself. You know I can't abandon that had in the show but he was. I get a good day yet to be at a good time he told me uses a really good day so. It's really good as a rude but it did yet what the two of you have. Some similarities. Yet he multiple people think that I am actually his solemn. Yeah I'm. You're just go yet to do it when you always say that you have this crooked man do you so where does that come from. What are you just so I was born that way I don't know where it comes from or what what got broken down on the way Al Lewis. It's noses. Certainly crooked. I use it I use talking assignment face like this that he announced it really didn't realize it until I was. But it teenager and it's all the local news channel interview were some plan. And was really struck by how crooked mouth was when I spoke. And so. I remember sitting down for the Mir and reading. And trying to catch what words made my mouth very very crooked. And in doing that I figured out how could Connell level it out a little bit. They gave me kind of Lee's speech pattern so now people don't quite know we're on from because of my lazy speech pattern because of try to correct my crooked mouth but. Now works it is it's all kind of work I think should be. But did it didn't intimidate you when you were starting out absolutely doing that you have like moments of sound mind in the do you decide this year. Com where people cruel as people in Hollywood can be yes they were. I had was a castle Tom had a cast doctors say could you just stop doing that thing you don't amount you don't think they're now. And I got you know what I was born that way at odds stared at all sorry Mike million. And then a good thing in a dent at the park but it was like. That was me owes me. I feared playing a vampire. Because you know vampires when they play vampires like they open their mountain big thing in my I was gonna. There's been go to the site Bob Edwards. Above never let you know not so there were wearing a mask he's like who's a dead giveaway alone that no follow up. But I think look at you know who that is it. I can't be can't be that you've been it'd been on Gilmore Girls you've been heroes you've been on different shows and now this is. When people see you on the street are at a restaurant who are you to them I did they all have their favorites they do you know sometimes you know people say you know you're always just in the year you were always Peter Demeter in case he was anybody other than Jack. I just come and go with whatever energy either bringing in the Inchon reflected back on them because obviously whatever I've. Don't whatever I've been a part it has impacted them and that. Means that I'm on to something with this work. Possess all of ever tried to do was an actor is is be truthful with the characters. The honest and deliver performance. That. Feels like that person that I'm playing is alive and re you'll and you can. Reach down and grasp who they are and know who they are and being on TV in particular. On in people's homes. Every week on the people's homes alone almost a member of the family character is a member of the fans though. I don't understand. You know the hugs and and all the exciting people see Jack Pearson now the world. It's so part of it. We have one question from the outside world for Milo let's see what they've and says it's starring in this movie give me the desire to own a pet if you do. No well we found out that you don't. But what about the desired so no not at all. That's just wrong you think you need he can you need to go back is this I'm gonna have Kevin Costner co you know let me tell hasn't. If Parker are two year old him. And the presence of Kevin Costner said I need a home of course I'm gonna I'm gonna have a can be any. Well for me I know what life is comfortable road is difficult and they have been trying all week with adopt the bull puppies that that were beautiful. And smelled delicious and all of the I was like you know. Idol. I'm not there right now my life as there is is full in Remington and brewing over and I need to. Maybe the parameters of little bigger to let a little more will. People will hate you but if it's okay you know ultimately eight because because I know my little talk via while we don't care about their dog others a month don't care about them that we basically want this dog. It into your life. We saw like this metaphor or talking about it and I would've stolen and though they've let it play with that but that that's like all of me. Because that's that's like this this evening outlets like connecting with one of like the fact of the matter you know what you've got great partners of public safety. Our mayor decipher it I didn't mean deciphered say like you know what I know your Mary get a baby but. It's a lovely. A movie merit if you know what you're thinking my wife like you can't do that they'll have happened in Hollywood I'm afraid no way out YE. Or about if abstinence is not go to the path that other people have I don't know Italy 10 lead there but I'm just telling you there's the little of that funeral on the blame united. Expect. I'm really paper you know matters is what averages. He brought it yeah. It could we first time you're on the show so you don't know we ended song. I did know about but we did did you know that adults and yet but everybody does things you know do you think that Kevin Costner well he does does have a bit of the band. He was reluctant to do the little bit that I but he did. Is overseeing this everybody to know god they think used to sing a song to be imaginary dog that you'll never. I think it would be great there's always the song and somewhat collided over certain baby shark is knowing that Potts of access rates. No I'm not gonna sing baby shards Tuesday to pleaded right now you do you brought it up now what is it what is the song in your heart. Song in my heart yeah. I mean this autumn hearts a little more like mix of light. Chet Baker blue room and choose some kind of jokes from a class act doesn't agree W can combine the two which you could there in your head. But what does Saddam and acted like they write lines forming and I deliver them. Come there something you parents must have some years as a child now. Now you're really really did like Devlin abducted it would be votes if you didn't that this sentinels along these things. She gets some. Would. Peter. If that song. Who put a bit chip maker. All right. Butchers and Chet Baker that's what I wanna hear. And new. For two. Where really seeing is a Holler at the peak soon manner and to me. Who. Could pool. Small. A whole room. Where I can use. Move my pie who were being rude. You we calm mind. We move for on. Keep. Boom learn. Sheriff's low paying. Kids since. Wing youth minister. Man it's it's. Along moon. Much. You saw. You're a truce. Soon crews so. Is not so food from wound leak. Full moon when now stood. Being involved Obama. There's my little means I don't know I here's that they got all arguing the guy you deliver the lines. At that point we were married in little blue ruin of Boudreau you were sold its soul. I was an. I would think you got to have to off. That's how it ended when you're like my island and they think god is there yeah Europe Italy race car drivers. Thank you for you.

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{"duration":"20:40","description":"The actor appeared on 'Popcorn with Peter Travers,' and talked about the making of 'The Art of Racing in the Rain.'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64949228","title":"Milo Ventimiglia talks dogs, Costner and 'Art of Racing' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/milo-ventimiglia-talks-dogs-costner-art-racing-64949228"}