Olympic silver medalist says luge racing is like 'my meditation'

After winning a silver medal in the men's luge in Pyeongchang, Chris Mazder tells "GMA" that staying calm while speeding out of control is the hardest part of the sport.
4:38 | 02/21/18

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Transcript for Olympic silver medalist says luge racing is like 'my meditation'
We have an inspiring guests in an Olympian who bought top of the world right now he's the first American to medal in the men's people lose please welcome Chris. Matt good. It. Okay. Good Morning America. Evolved wings Genesee regulations UW history maker yeah. OK. Good good. It's. Second yes I don't think it has now. I just I just love the sport and lose I love what I do end that hasn't changed and also. It has incentives didn't really hasn't. McConnell lose your when your little. I started with sledding. It would lose it's pretty much alternate sliding so it's very easy transition you go to your sledding help you take your flexible flyer egos faxes you can only help. And then you moved to the luge track hit partner Brad yeah. And so cool and and recognizing all that came before you all the the men and women who were in the sport and you to be the first one and men's lives but you've been very respectful. Your predecessor. I mean is taking generations this isn't just lake so I started out like a couple years later I have this this is there's 33 other men who have gone through this US and that's. And that takes lives like I said when I was eight years old ones when he nine now that's 21 years of this there's 33 people here. It's did before. And it feels really good so I come back Kabila we finally we have it isn't hardest thing about going down that track. Whole hold the ice is pretty hard yeah. Long enough. I think the hardest part is staying relaxed when you come out and you know that you're just like less than an inch away from that wall and if you tense up. That will lake said as you know send this slide into his skid. So you have to be completely relaxed when you know you're out of control that's an artist Barnhart. Let's medicated. I don't know that that is to lose this kind of like my meditation though it's a minute where it's a 100% focus. Where you don't hear or feel anything else so when you're going down it is kind of like a meditation. And also the Internet as a massive crush on you I don't know who got there on my near everywhere are so are we wanted to know what something that we don't know about you but that we should. We'll. I would say it I'm always up for a challenge I really like challenges whatever that is I think we know that I. That's a pretty amazing and you have a challenge for some people. Yeah apps absolutely so I I did a mentor for kids through this nonprofit co classroom champions. What makes this program so specials typically athletes will will go to a school will talk in front of kids. And our message will stick bird and help a couple days to a couple weeks. But if we're not there to reiterate that message and kind of gets lost so this allows us to. Become involved with classes and every month were doing you know the video on perseverance or diversity and we're talking about these great topics. And we always challenged the kids. On whether that's not to help out with their community or if it's just to talk about how they persevered some making grow. And I was give it challenged and right now I have a challenge for people were on matching our I hope he matched. I donated 5000 dollars from this medals winning what I'm trying to get other people to match that. And I try to get in this program a couple years ago but he couldn't because didn't have the funding. And I really feel that this is a way that I can make a difference in kids' lives and I want to spread out how to write cancel my challenge is did. See people can match that we've already raised about 30000 dollars. He could have. Now how you go to bomb. Class in champions got bored and it's right there yeah. We'll see you netted 20/20 two by the way back at the Olympics again. Also. It.

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"After winning a silver medal in the men's luge in Pyeongchang, Chris Mazder tells \"GMA\" that staying calm while speeding out of control is the hardest part of the sport.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53234032","title":"Olympic silver medalist says luge racing is like 'my meditation'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/olympic-silver-medalist-luge-meditation-53234032"}