John Krasinski on directing his first horror film and working with wife Emily Blunt

Krasinski appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" and talks about why he decided to take on his very first horror film.
19:51 | 04/06/18

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Transcript for John Krasinski on directing his first horror film and working with wife Emily Blunt
Hi everybody I am happy to traffickers and welcome to popcorn when we tell you with. And this movie. You know my guest John Kaczynski wasn't enough for him to be and to force his wife to star. But he directed it and god knows what else he did I don't know whether he was. Doing the electronics. You know making people think the it's a great movie that's it will scare the hell that you and at the same time underneath it. It has hallmark in just amazing given that you're such a cruel Cold War into the oh are you really aren't yet anyway welcome here. It's so good to be here on the freshman class is exist fresh I don't salt. Is different you apparently get the total personal attack I just make it's for every you do every gas while it's perfect. And I have a nineteenth for the rest of the team that's ever been deported to choke. That blotter a fighter and I don't mean we don't have now causes but I'm here to let does not have what it really and it's better when you sing. Anyway why jump ahead when I haven't even dealt with this why you John Kaczynski. That's a good question one Har. It's funny I don't and you look at mind changed can't waiver or movie for Mac guy. I from the office yet that's we won yet. To scare the death yet the truth is not only in my not perfect and it. Direct or I mean he or are now right after Britain as they can I've seen everything but. For so long with a relentless work well you've changed it scares the technical it's really do you think with the expletive yeah. I couldn't watch more movies because when I was young I watched. Laws and like. The opening night man on the street and completely blacked out at 30 man adds that I'll stay away or. In the first night 11 of these movies recently is how ignorant as they leave John some of the best films being made right now from. Quietly quite death. Employed at the it is and it was you know get out the which. The duke but the right one and the economy there movies you seen you realize the best only. What you do something else would also that you cold ride do you call her. It was this there was Libya yes that ruling no I don't think cruelties. And down. They I mean true it's the best idea ever heard. And he's raiders Beckham would team up with an amazing idea at all that he's in the settlement great upn. It was an early draft of theirs I'm sure they would have gone farther down the road they have more time Cuba. I just wanted to play in the box that they created such an amazing world just. You know dug deeper into a book like you very beginning to me what I what I think you're right rob more than anything my personal experience because three weeks before readings purse strap. We have matters second daughter so I was literally in that place of terror and fear keepers. Alive might in the person via father. And then I about Mumia. And we'll just create these creatures. The you have restated up so. You can meet me dude are you people have to be quiet. The idea was pitched me so they asked me actually it was doing theories Jack Ryan and the preachers on back some of the producers have this back. Would you ever acts or no it. Or what's with yen and Adam and I said visible one liners. And can make noise we have to figure out why. Good one liners I've ever. And so what you find out as it's about these four people were living quietly as possible because if you make a sound. There things out there that will. It. I love about the things that comes out with him. Ways that yeah me me me with the sunbeam and didn't bother me until they made 120. Days later whether it in conflict. And this thing. Life is yet it moves yet in a cool thing is the reason why can't make out is because these creatures. Their their superpower is here. So they can hear. Ridiculous level so anything means bigger. And their blinds back. Their line is that it's just it's. Three they've they've evolved to just be hearing middle. So when you are making. Everybody there. In Peabody is walking. Whispered this wonderful thing. I dropped I was watching them be and I'd rot that in writing and jumped in might really scaring myself that's the best ever. What it is that's true I mean I think for other movies that's the worst development in India I drop might and a subordinate but in this one drug and yours of that's the yet to me it's it's. The best thing that I've heard audience has been thing which is still moving his pupils that it's an experience. Got to go to theater because being with other people. Being quiet because the movie so quiet you have to be quiet in the audience and it's a really weird thing to watch people it's always fun to watch people adapt to. So the beginning there's crushing popcorn. And then about ten things in the movie there I can't do this anymore so yeah I make you waste earlier concession money movie. Doing all. It's set up a little who this family is I don't know how you got him to leave it on either side and you couple people who knew her that meant that. Where they the children you have yet. I say go in the mommy they look what I've. Read. If had she said right yes. Million eggs possible but only doing it was we talked about working the other for a long time but. We didn't want the story of our matters to be bigger than story that we this movie's pretty out there customers they. But I also didn't want her to say yes I'll do it for you and I know that sounds funny but it's not it's. She is such an incredible level intelligence and dedication all the movie she does. I didn't want to be questions in every single day Weathers from the surfer. And so I didn't ask do and it's the only person I wanted but I did NASA said she started recommending other friends do the movie. And then Monday that read the script I said yes she got to the and we are on a plane. And she turned to mean she looked sick so I was reaching for a barf bag. When she said you can't let anyone else two's movie. And it was almost like she was proposing to me Alan are you saying what I mean. That I need to do this movie in night I think I screamed yes on a plane which didn't. Yes it was like a when Harry met Sally moment of the and you like gravity the so it. If they got yet I mean it's a movie you guys getting your record is that it. People out there get it. But she can't what you are doing hollers I guess notes she wasn't around. We've you win brief interviews with its funny say that you do if this is actually very money on the whole this is. Bradley I don't. No we have just started aiding and I was editing even as she's actually working on now lives in the coming as ridiculous the it. Now for those needed don't know these interviews and there are many if any that's not there I hope that's not all of a really good. It is good but there are a lot of people who haven't seen that you'll catch fire after that Vietnam. It's. Movie about a woman. Interviewing hideous people hideous men in particular. So it's a really we years and second or third date the shows someone that you really want to be with you forever. This is what I've been working on for two years straight and it's some of the hardest material guys talking about horrible things and I think he was really questioning whether or not I was the right. Are exactly. She's like grave it's really grade then really you're subject number twenty exactly that's definitely. I call that an of those million used to quiz me. Because it was it's that mean to beat him. Yeah I wasn't your fault or mine that it didn't in the rest of the world right now we're very nice about it early it will catch I think it will that would do that but. Emily previous to this watched as you've been to the set of the hollers and and looked at you directing you know it's funny that you visited this that I've been directing for sure and I visited hers that's but I remember a week before we start shooting. I went to find our editing Baylor where an addict and who happen to be there was Rob Marshall editing the very Indy movie Mary Poppins. And he said when he shooting at next week will be great you'll see that yeah I known. The biggest bands that non you'll see Auburn now. Not here in the room when she doesn't she does will you realize why she's such an act. I thought that was the most beautiful compliment but the other part music very. I know what my wife can do it was totally right and I know in this scene in the poster that we only did one take to bring intensity we did one take. And I remember the mayor left the room and the crew couldn't read no one knew what to do. And this is how good my wife is the most intense take. I call cut she does does anyone know what they're having for lunch that she's able to do is jump out of this amazing performance and that's when I knew how good she. Well that bat that theme is without giving too much wet she can't make sound in there and back she's pregnant rat and that little thing you big thing. Coming up with eggs tree is coming up the stairs and raping her and I think it but the big question. The EU wide then directing. Com. How was because in the end did she say. Are you talking him yeah any married couple basically yeah. The reverence for each other sort of goes way in daily conversation Leipzig John you just please yeah. Shot. Well Herbert story right now like that fibers is. The liar like. You know what is actually the night before we urge you nervous that there thank god needs you. But luckily we did most of the work force because there's now lot of dialogue movie. We just talked through every scene and what I said that are well. You need to be written. On so there's no. Place later will have now. The script that you would like we went and mr. entire movie every frame and a one issue. All that she said he liked it here. These actors and good with what she said to me don't move on. One. You'd think that I wanted it that way you after all long and so. Or corn popcorn. Or. It's true that. I don't think you're getting better she was not only. The greatest actors that you degrees operator that. She would watch means that was change. Real. Who go. Word. Is that there yeah pictures so we jest so cocky now. Need anybody yet but was there any injured. Yet know it's funny guy went. The nine then it's true because. Instead of healing techniques and Hampshire field do you. Actually watching. Eyes he. Scared because perpich. But it's bars that guy there's actually one person we we had such decrees schedule back at five days off and at times do. Collars I. Invoked anybody that Ryan Johnson and Ali's great people. And on this one I didn't have that luxuries that the only person. Drew Goddard and people. And we talked about Jon. The we talked about. We talked about metaphor. For things work that. Meant more. And remember that the strength. The movie. And we even talked about creature conducting. 842. Creatures. And so much you develop all of them one. But he three technically. They're supposed to be weird seeing that there's three I don't know I keep thinking they can come out anyway yet again but yeah. But your metaphor basically used the fans that threat and there's a line in them the that Emily speaks that's about it we can't protect our kids. Who are yeah who want and what happens and that the thing that under Everett. That's the reason my did get movie I mean it's funny because he knows I remember Greg Daniels who created the office said. One days that your job is not to deliver these mines funny your jobs to deliver these mines truthfully. And the people find them funny that's up to mamet people find emotional what you say the Pam that's up them to. And it sounds like such a small bit of advice but it really tractor my whole career but especially for this movie I genuinely don't think I would've. Done this movie without that bit of advice because had I gone into it trying to direct a scary movie I would've failed. So I directed what I knew I wanted to tell a story about a family. You know. What would you really do for your kids' is a really interest in concept to me not just. Feed them give them some place a living get a good education you actually saying what would you really do fewer put in this horrible situation. And I just took Greg's advice I said if I can tell this story about a family then you'll be more scared because you're in love with the family. We care yet we care but this you have to worry about college education in this man gets there's nobody Iraq. My dad Saturday however there are no cop now must agree to become the professor at me weird equal that would be maybe three. An oath a not so quiet play right resident care yes there's teaching guys that happened we'll we know we live in that world. You bring up the office. We can get a reboot of that look what's happening and race everybody's doing what's gonna go with them the truth is everybody asks me about the reboot announcer really insecure because that never got a call. Vote either everybody's getting a call on the budget Devlin Kaczynski we don't need him Steve commitments. We did sell elk you got it. I'll get it yet Gadgetell Michael coach Jim into care. Anybody can do this the camera don't know that all of that even this thing about the Christmas bird sellers they'll see that as an idea that I was I intended them you the brits have done such a good job. To me Christmas special time gone by anyone catch up where we should be on. Well again if they call me bigger. Don't you know people seemingly grosses will determine whether you think call. And whether anybody anything but maybe that you needed to sequel that should be in the yet now when Jack there is no problem with a profit over how you keep them out doesn't. You have nothing like. What they had what about tech fine where's that said Jack Ryan we're going to they got picked up her second seasons we're going to do that. The. In there she. Comes out merry. Character. Did you. But you have a lot of other people in. Let owns. Oh well what's. It like Goddard death and a total of Alec Baldwin did it completely you know. That is accurate feel onion and a and law. It's. Currently. Oh you. Each of these two daughters because there while Alec. 411. At least among them were. He. Would. But we're anything. Happening outward when. What when they both of them like what you'd do what did you do. Oh I think they think. We work. My dad are stressing that mom. And and that it popped the little bit more vigilant wealth that's like it might. Yes it was pretty great. Rating. On the use. And we laughed openly about now. Human standards Saturday wearing bright colors green enjoyed the world and I was alone in a whole race dark meters. You know it's June it's totally. It was review which. Coach would you. You know some of the way things are now never ever. And in the first anger was accompanied by an orchestra. Even on that island it's ugly gray like mine that and I think that you Oded. Going. Oh great perfect night. I cried. Oh. Now on this hour now still. She did into the woods with rob never yen and now Mary Poppins. And now holds a break and it's only one rob march oh. You you know that we end the show it's all the time so emily's here I get the theme yeah kind of thing that you had before I saw into the woods I don't think I don't do it and then. You Steve that movie and it is now you have to makers. Why did the last time he we hear you and fabulous mark mark. Public saying it keep it seized by I don't know. Because humans yes I don't know why aren't I didn't think you're like red and I am retirement C we do back part of who is your favorite of that era locally in my. I've wanted to Sinatra but I kinda thing for thing Davis junior I think Bobby. But he has the north of that error well let's err okay well then how about a body Dan. They take us that's a quiet place you're gonna be noisy I want something always easy for me to go with the really do come on back it's very. Senate before. God. I mean night eight I'll give you very little little that's all expect. From a I'm actually eats you line and those same words a Lou. Dolly. You do that. Well low. Dolly. Good they would not let go all right well. At any. You're welcome at a get a little too.

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