Ramon Rodriguez talks his new film, 'The One and Only Ivan'

Rodriguez also opens up about how he and his co-star Bryan Cranston worked together to help rebuild Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.
4:18 | 08/12/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ramon Rodriguez talks his new film, 'The One and Only Ivan'
Thought maybe you'd like my old ones? Here. They're a little broken. Good? Let's go, honey. Good night, Ivan. Welcome back. Sneak peek of the new movie "The one and only Ivan" about a gorilla who has the gift of art. Yes, I recently got to catch up with one of the stars. We showed you that, Bryan Cranston, another we have another star from "The one and only Ivan," that is Ramon Rodriguez. You're the right hand of Bryan Cranston in the movie so on set, how much "Breaking bad" was coming up? You know, he -- Bryan is a prankster and likes to have a lot of fun on set. There were days he'd come out of his office in the movie, he's got an office and come out and threw out a little heisenberg line once in a while. I know you did good recently in Puerto Rico dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Maria. The two of you went on a bit of an adventure I'm told. He was kind enough to come down there. I had been working down there rebuild roofs post-hurricane Maria and the town we were working in is in the center of Puerto Rico where my family is. They're famous because they have I think the second world's largest zip line so they invited Bryan and I and some of the folks that were there with us and threw ourselves down a huge zip line down the center of Puerto Rico. So that was pretty awesome. Let's turn to this movie for a second. A lot of people have watched you and maybe they're used to you being this young crazy cat but you got a little gray in the beard playing a dad so what is it like to take on this type of role in this type of movie where you are a sweet character. One of the things that drew me to the film was this special sort of dad who is an everyday hard working dad. He works at the circus alongside Bryan's character, Mac. He cares for the animals and helps with the shows but the relationship with his daughter is great. It's this beautiful father/son relationship -- father/daughter, rather, and he is a positive figure and ends up having to make a tough decision towards the end of the film and I love this really sort of everyday hard working dad and I thought that's something that, you know, I aspire to sort of continue to be, just a humble, hard working everyday guy and has a great big old heart and so it was a real special character to play in really and the movie has such a special message for all the children out there. It really is a beautiful movie, T.J. And I both watched it this week and enjoyed it. Basketball has been a big part of your life. You told us it's one thing that's helped you during the pandemic. I understand back in the day your nickname was the last samurai on the playground. Yeah, back in the day when I used to play out in the courts in New York and some tournaments. One of my nicknames was the last samurai because I used to slice and cut people up on the court. It was ticknamed by my friend so that was one of the things I did and during the pandemic as you mentioned, you know, in this quarantine whenever I can I'll go to the park when there's nobody there and I'll shoot around. They recently took down the rims which is really disappointing but, you know, yeah, this was my life for a very long time. This basketball. Oh. Oh. This ball was very good to me. It took care of me and so I'm very grateful for what this thing can do and has done and put me in front of the camera and now I'm in front of you guy. That was impressive and you do your thing. We had no idea. Ramon, really good to see you. Love the movie and hope to see you again, my man. Thank you, man. Thank you for having me. The one and only Ivan debuts August 21st. We can't wait

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"Rodriguez also opens up about how he and his co-star Bryan Cranston worked together to help rebuild Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72322631","title":"Ramon Rodriguez talks his new film, 'The One and Only Ivan'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/ramon-rodriguez-talks-film-ivan-72322631"}