Taylor Swift talks about her new concert film on Disney+

The 10-time Grammy Award winner, who received six nominations for the 2020 Grammys, shares what her album, “Folklore,” means to her.
6:10 | 11/25/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Taylor Swift talks about her new concert film on Disney+
We don't have to wait another minute for Taylor Swift. What a year she is having. Just won artist of the year at the amas and scored six more nominations and her new concert film "Folklore" debuted on Disney plus overnight. Welcome to "Gma." Hey. Congratulations on all those nominations. So how does it feel to be closing in on Stevie wonder and Frank Sinatra for the most wins on album of the year? Oh, wow. First of all, great to see you again, the last time I saw you I think it was in central park. It was. For the concert we did that was so much fun so thank you guys for doing that. Yeah, the grammy news was absolutely unbelievable and in terms of those unbelievable records, I try not to jinx things to quote Michael Scott from "The office," I'm not superstition but I am a little stitious. I get it. Tell us about "Folklore," clearly a product of a crazy and challenging year for so many all around the world in this year of quarantine. What was it about that experience that got your creative juices flowing? It was really just an amazing chance situation that ended up working with Aaron from one of my favorite bands, the national. He had been in a similar creative space. He had been creating all these instrumentals and I -- my imagination was racing and creating all these story lines and so it really started with collaborating with him then I brought in jack antonoff and he's incredible and I can't believe I ended up getting to work with them. It was so crazy to create an album from my house. I had never done that before. I always worked in studios and this was an experience unlike anything else and it really -- it really changed I think what this year would have been for me emotionally and mentally. And then you topped it off by directing this. I know you directed music videos before but the first time you've directed a movie, "Folklore," dropped overnight on Disney plus. And the first time you actually got to be in the same room through the whole production of this album with Aaron and jack? Yes, it was actually. And one thing that is so amazing about getting to create with your collaborators is taking those songs from the studio and then getting to perform them and getting to connect with fans and obviously we're doing things a little bit differently this year because concerts aren't happening and so many times jack and Aaron and I have said to each other like wouldn't it be so amazing if we could get in a room and perform these songs together and kind of feel that connection to the music in a live sense and provide a way to, in a way, do a concert for the fans and so I, you know, we figured out a way to do it where we quarantined completely. We had six fixed cameras in the studio. We had a robotic camera moving around the studio and Disney plus, they have been such amazing collaborators in creating something that we wanted to feel like listening to the record felt and like making the record felt. Just kind of full of warmth and as cozy as it was for us to create this music. Yeah, that's one of the ironies of quarantine, isn't it? That it did sort of foster that sense of coziness for so many in a sense of really what's most important in life. It really does draw so much into profound focus. What matters to you appreciating the things that you have, appreciating your health, protecting it, trying to live in a way that is responsible for you and other people, the one thing that I knew I needed to keep me afloat was music and I'm really grateful that I had that and also really grateful that the fans loved it in the way that they did and saw where I was coming from and I think they let their imaginations run wild with these stories too which made me really happy. A lot of fans watched the movie overnight and got a big reveal and learned the identity of your mysteryollaborator William Bowery. You know one thing about this special is that we got to delve into how we made the album, stories behind these lyrics and it was really great to get to go behind the scenes and tell people but you got to watch it in order to get it. I knew you weren't going to spoil it. Before we go, my daughters as you know are super fans of yours and their first concert besides the wiggles wasn't that "Gma" concert at the central park, it was actually times square in 2014 and my daughter Elliott had a question for you. Want to play it for everybody. Taylor, I'm a huge fan and I want to congratulate you on all your grammy nominations. They're so well deserved. I wanted to ask you what song are you most excited to prerecord from your previous album? Love you. Have fun. Ah, love you too. That was such a great question and that is sweet. Thank you for sending that in. That was a great question. I've been having a really good time rerecording my older music and I think my answer to that is so far of the ones I've recorded I think it's been the most fun doing "Love story" because the older music, my voice was so teenaged and I sometimes when I hear my older music and my older young teenage voice it makes me feel like I'm a different singer now so it's been the most fun to rerecord ones that I feel like I could possiblyrove upon the song, so that's been a really amazing, fun adventure and, yeah, amazing question. Well said. Well asked. My girls always say T old songs always bring them back to their childhood. Taylor, thank you for joining we hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your family. Congratulations on all your success. Thank and same to you and your family and thanks so much for having me. You guys are the best. "Folklore: The long pond studio sessions" is streaming now exclusively on Disney plus.

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{"duration":"6:10","description":"The 10-time Grammy Award winner, who received six nominations for the 2020 Grammys, shares what her album, “Folklore,” means to her. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74393499","title":"Taylor Swift talks about her new concert film on Disney+","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/taylor-swift-talks-concert-film-disney-74393499"}