Toni Collette not into horror movies, why she's starring in 'Hereditary'

Collette appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" and talks about her role in what could be the scariest flick of the year.
19:33 | 06/13/18

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Transcript for Toni Collette not into horror movies, why she's starring in 'Hereditary'
Categorizing it really just. It will. You'll you know you will assume you you have an idea what's happening and it you'd be just stiff. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies and there's a movie that. And beyond reason. It's called red terror and it start my guest today Tony that which is so convenient island. She he she hadn't ever. Year. And what you're going to see it you say is its harm bees it's something else. It's something else and there's been a lot of buzz about this movie upgraded how great phone is when she great. Lot of Oscar talk I've been starting it but now. You can continue it when you see it. So first time on the show he really I am delighted. Thank you for having mates are here holy EU around Australia. I've been leading a bit of an amenity since it is we that have made before being punished it is buried we're you we've beaten I have to say. That's the revered and don't take you must not take them both it sounds like you know memorial tribute but what that opt out of the year. So many people they don't Revere me reading and what you are Revere you are somebody who is news no and look at its. You're not content to have a week where you have her read Terry opening but he thought. I have to open another mine movie I've never experienced this before yes as a pilgrim hats they aside concerns today. Yes which at the I supporting that that Lee act and nick offerman and he's seek them nick was just here aren't taking you to this car Haines city's name he's and Henry Fayette and that. Good thing there's no confusion because the act is just wouldn't it. Yes they're ready to a totally different it's now I think this if you and ask you to set and which. We're gonna do her rent Terry that's not seen the post. I'm looking at I think the issue. Yeah. Yes to Cheney's what's a lot of things I think you rise at an activist read it. I was told it was genre pace. Film and so I started reading it really didn't feel like it reminded me. The I still had its Henri then. And it's on pace for every confidence and it felt like there is he's. Wait he on to current and more than anything with this kind of beautiful look at something quite painful these family. Greet you and it's. I guess that's the story of an awakening might carry it is my has just died. Ands. Things to happen within the family and she lions. A lot of stuff. The truck hit an awakening something positive and nothing is positive about it it's literally hog heartless. It's a hopeless situation. But it's token kindness it he looks mean it has such a poetic touch to RE ST he right directed it. He's the real feeling his famous speech he's created something sound regional. And disappointing to me because so many films these days. You'll since Tina as China appealed for the masses and it for it and gets watered down. And now rankings. And is not let on to an ironically what people really really cranky I feel my archive. By the as an act and as an audience member is like this as strength of bullies something. With you know somebody has something to say and that's what this film as well that too and another thing about it is I don't know where it's going mom it's it's very surprising really you know like the I do not categorize Avery just. It will. You'll you know you will assume he you have an idea what's happening. Just skip that and I think that's really exciting 22 three and lights. Will you were care actor. Is somebody who does right away from the start mean she's the mother of two yeah. Get a husband loses there. He used is her former therapist warmer there which enacted acknowledges patted the name in emails from Ari back on it that pact story. She's obsessed I think the she's happy kind of on the scene tools feeling her entire life. She doesn't understand and I think through their work to make sound mean ages and stick caught beautiful Paine state it's painstakingly slow crisis. But she makes me is all of her own life. And geographical physical lot of people she Nuys. And I think it's by an opportunity for it to kind of control environment annals. Exploited kind of safe way and be cut. Mom is dead we give that part of sheepishly at Stillwater high. It's on the there's a lot in in something that's hereditary. That you might even pass on to your kids. But it does start with that normal sort of way. Did this mean is it becomes Varity. And high winds and and maniacal towards the expensive beginning it feels tightly and shall. Does have a real kind of rule emotional qualities. And the fact that he's its. Kind of extremes can be married beautifully one film is is so amazing to me I package usually can't have ball. And there are expectations. That come that are just always exploded so that we can't see you have. Her asked you're director with quoted as saying what I needed from Toni Collette was a kamikaze. Reform. Act of I'd look for it. Hey dates. And they aired it it's on that green you oh look I mean. Ott when I say to me. I was not looking to do anything like these I'd done a teen jobs which actually went quite as heavy but it was in a cumulative effect. I'll just kind of just crap I thought I had she ate and I was carrying around and I sit tomatoes are just gonna do something as an if you comedies keep life. Sick of crying at work I and then they Sammy the it's. Anyway I'm flying at work I want something. You're not. But it was undeniable lack had to do I had my choice it was that feeling. And sit. Ends. I mean I think is an act to you really long for an opportunity to. God for it. And these and they advised of a very and the aces definitely have them. You got an Oscar nomination when you do the six cents. You know we hit again the head. You know me it without Sweden but these films Ritchie and the six have six cents have a few. Similarities to the it their birthright injury to area earlier in the in the victory in victories. It's a story that feels quite natural that had been has bit of a tumultuous two east. And isn't making them. There was an air at least could be something this could be it had a special quality and really iPad it's. It's funny that. It's not to harm isn't done for out of public and I seventy films coming out of what films really what you away quickly or easily my hair or that's lately. I mean I can't handle violence that line gratuitous violence but. That thing about these film all of the scary stuff comes from something very real it's an extension of something very real it's not just. That being skipped this. Fees say. But there's that's something about you as an actress that. You don't do the movie star thing you do the thing that says I'm gonna play a million different things. Which was why when you were in the united states of Tara. Duplicate everything there was new that was currently houses. And we need three seasons at bat I sweated got a could Dante and I just was lack of heat in. I loved it and it's very man I mean I've had a handful of them now because have been making films since I was have maintains its twenty years. But when it's a miracle any movie or TV show its might that when things line opposite actually. Ease a profound kind of experience everyone and everyone in Julie's and it mines each other things kind of heighten it takes on an energy unit time and I think. United States attack definitely. Was one that's what got me about that too and what gets me about you in the profession that you're doing it's that. There is a kind of multiple personnel the thing going on because look at all the people you play. Look it got weirder things go home. Where's my way or aren't. Like to think I mean. Why I used to think about tired paints an extension of all about us she yes she deeds have. An illness but I think that we all us capable. Sunny things and all of those elements do reside in us and I just present themselves and I'm an acting like it's is an extension because he'll. You know taking certain you know we reacting to scurry to kind of using pots of yourself to bring that to lives. I think we Apple's side ultimate dimensional and have sunny. Different aspects of and they always drawn out by different people and experiences in advance. This he doesn't seem entirely. Crazies and Craig now persona. So that it resulted in years of therapy and others get to act. You know act which way is a lot it's therapeutic in a way Ali can sometimes be very very therapeutic. Absolutely it will happen to you party you have. And an Emmy and Golden Globe for terror you know it's at nominated for the sixth and they're. I've not making that up everybody's talking. Agree Warren Anderson that time is adding that award mean he. Does it matter is it something you take to heart I me. Eighty think about. Why joint I would cry laugh acting I've been doing since attaining. Side that's what I can that it is the actual experience of telling the story and being on seeing all these people like she being an. She thinks happening. So what in I mean I have been have to avoid a few comments about it I'd I've read his finest. And to be honest and sending me these kind of just drop to 99. Atheist has denied no penalties one of those ideas and I love that. Did you tell me. And it like in my mind. So if the paint has even just an awareness that it's a little line is palpable. Excitement in an eight year rant it and it's great exciting. When people recognize we're in years home minister theory here what did they recognize most problem is this little miss sunshine but. Gosh yeah I mean I mean industry idea. I think and from the Chelsea Neil cooking. You're kidding right we'll murals winning the first time I can feel like down that was yeah I mean Allen pleaded had no idea that the film was gonna. In any saint by the man of people that it. It was kind of warm maybe only this scientist I asked. About it. Sat on the stories you're terrible. Irony right there's. Acre I I guess I've treated equally well from that we've and on sit shines in Neil is that it is shocked. So just to pains on the environment here he's around. Who were the ones that mutate or the Mon they don't have to be the ones that everybody knows that art. These gigantic hits. Some guys important because I have the experience he had a different way that'll sites some kind of especially waiting it was hugely life changing so I can't help that very strong feelings about it would you treat one yourself how many pounds did you. Gain too it was like forty. Yeah okay we're gonna give you your breakthrough but we don't want you. We'd like you to be a big hit the at the ace it was a base. Forty. It was the character I loved that carried to me was there was a dairy be patted me need to carry them out of what's right. Hot back it was decrees made its these I would I just. With quietly. Yeah I'm I don't have them way not a fountain. Which doesn't really really experience. Quote in machines I was the direct quote Kenneth Hanson Swiss. Well one of the highlights of my life beautiful hats and brilliant brilliant lines incredible direct. On which Kennedy as practices and so it. They had to be very active and there was little differences between the eyes to seized as they needed to be the peak physical differences. I'm and just eating sign much in line to an ex husband at night hold my head just watch me just watch me make it. I I'm eating I'm not. And it its final minutes to Eddie's way. And of course you have to you know I get back on abstinence yet been have to lose it. Well yes yeah but it. That it. In have been in this. And it's only on anyway. Thank you had ringing endorsement for the show. I thought no it isn't. It's sunny six Jesse they're not saying it's had metaphor. For the movie that's right for what we do when we go to them to do it. Take us back to you growing up in Austria. And deciding what is happening to your fans I would know what in the a case. From the very Elliott. Three of something Alex theatre little sought to live my cousin Lee. Dancing outside I need to do I just have elected I need to be updated thing and so ecstatic dancing. Tents will wrap my child into I was attaining. Then went to high school. You nice supporting this and putting. Petting goats gone to run in the me and I me. IE auditioned for that and got one of the pots and had like. The title appease me artists. Absolutely loved it I felt like I had come to life I had found my fame but it's a school musical generally takes it seriously except me and then one of my music teaches suggests that Icahn audition cities. They were auditioning. Thousands of kids from all Lebanese halfway house static and for a bicentennial musical that was being need reason for these stranded if young people which the price we keeps going to study acting. You work with a lot of professionals in the industry. I was so nervous I didn't know what to expect I wasn't really aware and had abilities and I and Matt. Getting the late well. And then from that I've got an I agent I was on the in my teens and by the time I was 1617. I was gone I am I I knew this was it. I was very good school summit parents decide shocked when asked that I wanted to leave school an act and looking back now I cannot believe adamant that decision but I think. At that day yet really fly to spell absolute clear positive about what it was it was just he's in a knowledge of these is warm and it is. So they felt that they didn't stand in front of you say they all are gay pride Timothy school obviously I'm very headstrong fairy willful and ice attitude get a little veteran agent sat office. For some non paying too is and then some work and so they deeply they dean let me leave school. Ands and an uncomfortably real which class families when no one really completed school anyway. So I was like you know hundreds of Simmons couldn't go to Phoenix school in Cincinnati university. By me I just. Loved. Acting sign much it made me feel subtle way cell alive. And is still keeps me feeling that way I feel I'm it makes me it forces me be curious because you click constantly looking at how people. Lead agency will have AT and its tests. That's just my they couldn't deny it you also seeing you have banned. I'll look I hope I'm right and do whatever we haven't done anything for a long time I'm rise but have been very very easy especially since having my key aides and and I eat and Hampton died. To husband was in them yet and he's a beautiful song privacy he still makes more music and I did. That we've talked about Pat's making another album it's been a long time between drinks but it's something I'm very passionate about according to acting very singing and I feel. I makes it actually it comes from lights it's a very. In this sub prime comes from something sewn. Kind of role in the that I. Me do this and NC Toni Collette in the Finnish that's nine with one in line by that there was. Hit I think it and I think. Think this is the first time your on the show you don't know that it ends in some. You gonna think opting for years I've done it. I've done some people. You know but everybody I ask you don't make any when do anything. What's happening but it now. The little bit look at this a lot of little bit of lives. What are you seeing to the key. I've seen. Every night actually dancing to my little guy he said and for the time actually used to play Elaine about half a pound finally he spectrum moment when that five literally been listening to since that the garrison. TC. And so I think him but beds by The Beatles or put all that would be perfect thing to do just a little oh you mean now now I you know not. When we're in the elevator. With two. Gently men in Yemen I didn't that we did the others very room had taken its sweet they're. Eleven people. And it would seek a right not to honest following are the most DO. Actress there if you missed it right now and why would song which you've just told me. In the most under way it was hard accident scene in the Diana. Take these broken wings and land and then. Leon. He. You around the U waiting for this moment to Letterman I mean I'll. DC and bring us just absolutely so anything that we mean it's just now. There's music in your heart there is where all nothing like a truckload of awards to go I am very easily it's great it's great to have you here love and I'll see you again. Allen I don't. An area increasing.

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