Tony Hale dishes on his 'Toy Story 4' character, 'Forky'

The star of the highly-anticipated fourth installment of the beloved series opens up about what fans can expect, live on "GMA."
4:36 | 06/17/19

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Transcript for Tony Hale dishes on his 'Toy Story 4' character, 'Forky'
great guest. He's one of our favorites. He is a two time Emmy award actor who you know from "Veep" and "Arrested development" now joining the "Toy story" franchise as the voice of forky and "Toy story 4." Please welcome Tony hale. I can make your hands clap I can make your hands clap Hi. How are you doing, man. Hey, brother. Good to have you back. Hello. Oh, I love that color. Forky. Thank you so much. It's Monday. You have a nice color -- How was father's day? It's good. I was traveling doing press so we'll celebrate when I get back. Yesterday I just stared in the mirror and I'm like, you're a good dad. Sometimes you got to do ha. You got to take care of the kids. They'll understand. You know, your daughter, she hasn't seen "Veep," I'm sure. Has she even -- has she seen "Toy story 4"? She did. We saw a screening last Tuesday and it was nice to share something with her because she can't see most of my work. What does daddy do? Because she would come on set when she was little and she couldn't even wear the headphones because the language was so bad. Does daddy work? And you play forky, a new character. Created from trash. I know, bless his heart. So he -- There's a message there. There's actually a beautiful message so he did not want to be a toy. He was made from Bonnie the little girl and called him forky so he's walking around, a, I'm a spork and I'm not a toy. I'm meant to help people eat chili then the trash. Woody says, no, you have a greater purpose. You have more value. I love the message. Cue the tears. Cue the clip. Let's take a look. Oh, yeah. These are your friends. Hi. Hhello. No, no, it's okay. I have a question. Well, actually not just one, I have all of them. I have all the questions. Why does he want to go to the trash. Because he was made from trash. Look, I know this is a little strange but you got to trust me on this. Forky is the most important toy to Bonnie right now. Did you have a favorite toy growing up? DI have a favorite toy. Do you remember scooter from the muppet show? Yeah, I liked him because he had glasses like me. He was a nerd like me. I'm still a nerd and I was convinced he had asthma like me so I would put my inhaler in my hand and be like, you're my guy. Can you believe it's been 24 years since the first "Toy story"? It's so -- Do you remember it. I actually moved to New York to be an actor in 1995 and that was the first "Toy story" and I remember being shocked by how beautiful it was and never thought I would one day be associated with it. And look at you. What I actually love about the franchise is you see these group of characters who are very different and you see them working together. Yeah. And like living life together and woody is always like, come on, guys. That's what we need to do more of. The reviews have been amazing for this "Toy story 4" saying it really has a message in our time right now that people are hungry for. Also the thing is the voice actors, we're a very small piece of this pie. Most of the pie is the artistry that they put into the movie. It is so visually stunning. I remember the very first one. Got to ask you about your other -- the other crew you love so much from "Veep." They'd kill me if I didn't ask about it. How are you doing now that the finale is done. It's been hard. The thing is our characters are so abusive to each other on the show that I think we like each other so much off the set just to balance it and as we do we miss each other so we'll go grocery shopping together just to be together but we just really like each other a little too much. Oh, never too much. We love you too. Before we go, Keegan Michael key is here so anything we can ask him. Any insight. I always like to be asked what is his favorite ice cream flavor? That's what I'd like to know. We'll roll that clip tomorrow. That's it. Tony hale, ladies and gentlemen. "Toy story 4" is in theaters on

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"The star of the highly-anticipated fourth installment of the beloved series opens up about what fans can expect, live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63756954","title":"Tony Hale dishes on his 'Toy Story 4' character, 'Forky'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/tony-hale-dishes-toy-story-character-forky-63756954"}