Tyler Perry talks retiring his popular character, Madea

After more than 20 years, Perry is saying goodbye to his iconic character in the forthcoming film, "Madea's Farewell Play."
4:05 | 08/19/20

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Transcript for Tyler Perry talks retiring his popular character, Madea
Another amazing guest joining us, Tyler Perry, one of the most influential people in Hollywood. A producer, director, actor, writer and activist and don't say it's true but he is saying good-bye to his most iconic character with "Madea's farewell play." Thank you for being with us, How the hell you put plea on after Mariah Carey? Somehow I think you'll be just fine, Tyler. We want to start with the big congratulations to you because you are receiving the governor's award at this year's emmys, that's the highest award, highest honor but, of course, obviously this year the ceremony is a little different so how are you preparing for Emmy night? Listen, I'm just -- first of all, I'm blown away the governors would choose me for this so to have that level of recognition is pretty awesome and excited so taking it in day by day. I can't wait to get there. I'll show up -- they can have it in a cornfield in Iowa, I will be there because this is a moment that I want to take it You deserve it. We know how you feel about it but how does Madea feel about it? Can we get a little of her acceptance speech. Well, yes, I had this dress made buy coco Chanel. My next door take's name is cocoa and her dog is named Chanel. Thank you for the dress. Can never get enough. That's the voice we've been watching for two decades now. What is the number one quote you hear from fans when they walk up to you on the street? Oh, listen, it's Mariah. It's Oprah. They are are all like hellur. They say these things all the time. Awesome having my farewell tour be on B.E.T. Plus that airs in a week from now so everybody gets to see the farewell tour on B.E.T. Plus. We're so excited about it. I have to ask and I know a lot are asking, why is it time to say good-bye to Madea? You know, I thought it was time but I'm going to tell you right now just looking at all that's going on in the world people want to laugh, so once they see the play they're going to get a lot of laughter. She may have to show up again to bring joy. Any chance we'll see her again? She could make a resurgence. We'll see. We'll see. I think she's working on a visual album called Madea's queen. Well, I tell you what, you made all of us all smile when you said that. We can't get enough of they are. Tyler Perry studios, you're bag up and running with camp quarantine. You've gone through great lengths to keep your staff and crew safe from covid-19 during this time. During production. You spent upwards of $18 million to make that happen. So what's the biggest lesson you've learned from this process? That I am not a camp counselor. That's not a job I want to do. No, no, I just -- the main thing was making sure that everybody is safe and we've gotten through our second production with no positive cases and it's just been really, really awesome. My crew is awesome. We're all locked down together. It's been great so getting ready to go into other shows on B.E.T. Plus. You mentioned you've been is it true you guys ended up quarantining the cast and the crew in one place and what was that like? Yeah, no, it's 370 of us all here. The last round was 370 of us living here on the campus and it's been great. We got food trucks and alcohol trucks and we watch movies on the lawn and everybody is tested every four days so it really is a camp for adults. I tell you what, man, we're glad that you have stepped up the game and got your production back in order. I think everybody needs new entertainment. Congratulations on your award. You more than deserve it. We want to see more Madea but I'm going to read this tease, Tyler. Tyler Perry's "Madea's farewell play" premieres August 27th on B.E.T. Plus. We hope we see more Madea, though. Thank you so much for being with us. I'm sure you will and did I mention B.E.T. Plus, Michael? Yes. I just -- I mentioned it too. B.E.T. Plus.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"After more than 20 years, Perry is saying goodbye to his iconic character in the forthcoming film, \"Madea's Farewell Play.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72464668","title":"Tyler Perry talks retiring his popular character, Madea","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/tyler-perry-talks-retiring-popular-character-madea-72464668"}