Ayesha Curry judges 2 weeknight meal recipes from 'GMA' viewers

The celebrity chef picks her favorite weeknight dinner recipe during a fun culinary competition between two couples, live on "GMA."
6:49 | 06/18/19

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Transcript for Ayesha Curry judges 2 weeknight meal recipes from 'GMA' viewers
Y'all, we're going to have to come together and pray for the chicken. Pray for the chicken. We need this chicken to be done, yes, lord. Like in ten minutes. That oven was cut off twice. Not by me, lord. Yes, by Darlene because she was the only one over here. Lord, if you can hear us, we need you to do what you need best and we need to touch, touch that chicken, lord and the church said -- That is real, though, I guarantee you that's a real good chicken. That was a clip of ABC's new show "Family food fight." Ayesha curry is here this morning. I got to say looks like a lot of fun in the kitchen. It was insane. They had such a great time. I wish I had a piece of that chicken right now. You are the host and one of the judges. I am. I am the host, the judge, I executive produce it. It's my baby. I got to go back. Of course, we know Steph and the finals didn't end the way that you would have liked. No. Kudos to raptors. How the warriors put out an ad featuring your husband congratulating the Toronto that really -- A lot -- it's bigger than basketball. Are you going to have some fun. That's the hope. We'll spend time with our little ones. Our son is about to turn 1 so -- Whoo. Y'all are busy because you have this and towel times do we see the promo. Holy moly. Taking over Thursday nights and excited. Move own, Shonda rhimes. Here she comes. "Family food fight" is about families being in the kitchen cooking together which is important to you. Absolutely. So I feel like the best relationships are formed in the kitchen. The kitchen is always the hub of the home where everything happens and this is a perfect representation of that, it's relationship building and you'll see that as it progresses. I've had the pleasure of being in your own home and it's the real deal. In the kitchen with the dishes and Steph with the kids in the living room. We have two couples here. Arielle and Seth. They're going first. Aly and James in this corner. So, Arielle, death, what are you going to make? Spaghetti and shrimp. So good. We are big on the Italian thing and this is super quick. Tell us how it's done. We cheat and basically when the pasta is about to be done we add the pasta. It took really quickly. Now we move on but we use the pan and add garlic, we like to add red pepper flakes to the toil because I think it adds a little bit of spice. You let that, you know, sort of hot and add everything else in. We add garlic which we already have in there, the shrimp. Seth, I'm curious, what do you do? Do you watch and eat? I live eat. We do take turns cooking. Oregano. Thank you. What is this? Semin zest. Just a little bit to taste. And then also, you know, what's it called we we add a bit of white wine. You got to have the white wine. Splashing it around. When you're at home do you pour yourself a glass. Yes and don't measure so you could end up with more. Tomatoes, I like to have them soft because they're easier to pick up. Can I go over to Aly and James? All right. So what are you -- Apple cider bri. N with mango salsa. The star of the show, the apple cider brined -- we sear it -- first we dry it, nice and dry and sear it in all sides and put it in the Kiffin at 375. When it's finished and seared. What are the other Next we'll do put together a mango salsa. A great way to amp up a weeknight meal and I have some extra flavors especially in the summertime. Lots of fresh amazing, sweetness, a hint of sprite with the jalapeno, take the seeds and ribs out if you like and cilantro and the squeeze of a lime and then to serve it, we like to go ahead and -- Brussels sprouts you have there in Brussels sprouts with pancetta. Give this a taste. We'll taste them real quick and have to make a decision here. I put the corporal for you. This, take this. Uh-huh, hmm. Really good. Really classic Italian lycosal Italian with that shrimp. We love the cheese so we throw a lot on there. Oop. Are we supposed to say something? Well, eye -- Iesha, it's on you. Who wins the food fight? Oh, boy. All right. No decision is the wrong decision. The number one food couple in America right now is the pork tenderloin? Wow. Congratulations. You know what, weesht all that. From what I appreciate about both dishes there is no reason why a weekday meal can't be special. Simple and special like this. Watch family food fight Thursday, you're a tough judge on ABC. Yes, on ABC and, everybody,

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{"duration":"6:49","description":"The celebrity chef picks her favorite weeknight dinner recipe during a fun culinary competition between two couples, live on \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63783222","title":"Ayesha Curry judges 2 weeknight meal recipes from 'GMA' viewers","url":"/GMA/Food/video/ayesha-curry-judges-weeknight-meal-recipes-gma-viewers-63783222"}