Bobby Flay teaches us how to make a delicious looking lobster dish from his new menu

Flay recently opened Shark, his newest restaurant, in Las Vegas.
3:35 | 04/22/19

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Transcript for Bobby Flay teaches us how to make a delicious looking lobster dish from his new menu
We're at shark which is my new restaurant in palms hotel resort in Las Vegas and appreciate had it made grilled lobster. We they've made chili garlic and fresh easel butter we actually seen a lots are about three quarters away. So it's not quite cooked completely probably has a couple minutes left cooking and what that does is it. It cooks the meat so nice arm but also kind of relax. You just put on the wheel well what happens is that means it's kind of seizes up and he gets tough we have it a lot to hear that. You can see I kind of split middle. This is what it looked like beef Y cada. And obviously it's been so please read. That would we do is cut it right down the Middle East which it seeds who were actually showing the flesh the lobster so the clause there are cracked a little bit. Like this and in that we expose the me. And I just take a little bit of oil. This season with salt and pepper it. No matter what your cooking you have to seize the flew to salt and pepper always. Get might realize way to put the lobster down. I'm Michelle side down first. To me losses on the grill. Not what I'd like to do is take. Classics that people recognize. Just select a little bit of a twist on behalf of butter. Which it red chilies fresh garlic and then a minute minute plus fresh beans. Take a lobster and it would very gently just with the lobster. To the flesh side. The idea is to get like a little bit a smoking S. You know into the lobster meat itself. Of course we have to let it finish cooking is remembered steamed about three quarters of the way and we want a crooked that last quarter. We give you having dinner party for six or eight people need to steal lots ahead at times with them and a few guests come over. Turn on the grill and then displays the lobsters just takes a few minutes. Okay. That's what you want SEC like the grill just kind of finished the finish the cooking of lobster. You want a cookie leagues yet you don't want like crazy high heat waves as a whole logic becomes in flames engulfed in flames because. This Ruth Abrams we'll want that. Displayed gently global laughter. But it means cooking sweet. There. That I have the the split lobster nice if you want you can just serve it this way but. I want to make it easier for the ethnic guessed either. So that cut into a few different pieces for some of the cut off detail. Then a separate the body from the applies. Go about presentation. The butter and he. Chilies garlic fresh visual. Flourished and more. The first phase of the here's the thing about it like you get the sweetness a lot did you get smoothness of the grill. And maybe get a little bit of I heat and an of course you know garlic and butter I mean what's been. In the first baseman just brightens up all right Good Morning America this is all for you.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"Flay recently opened Shark, his newest restaurant, in Las Vegas. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62492199","title":"Bobby Flay teaches us how to make a delicious looking lobster dish from his new menu ","url":"/GMA/Food/video/bobby-flay-teaches-us-make-delicious-lobster-dish-62492199"}