What's really in your Jamba Juice?

The popular smoothie chain was hit with a new lawsuit alleging it uses deceptive marketing claims for some of its drinks.
3:12 | 08/24/18

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Transcript for What's really in your Jamba Juice?
anthe public interest saying their shies contain more juice than whole fruhich mislds consume and our Becky worloins us from San Francisco with Moren this Y. Good morning, Becky. Jamba talks about its products hea in their promotional rial and says there's noructose corn syrup in their smoothies but this lawsuit is asking the companto stop what it alleges is misleading, false illegal markand alsoes they do have added sweeteners E of their ds. Juice, when kids walk pasthey know how to get me. Can have jamba juice? S healthy. Reporter: And that thinking is not unue. Drink them every day. I think it's H bse it's fresh fruit. Smoothies hold me er. Reporter: According to allegations in a lawsuit filed Thursday by theealth advo ka very group science publicntest they're makingeceptive marketing claims. Theirmoothies a not what jamba Ju claims and markets them Tobe. Wh on the menu board is not esentative and accurate of what's in T cup. Reporter: Jamba juice notes its products as healthful and says that I smoothiesontain real fruit and some ingredients and no tificial flavors or high frucseorn syrup. Ead of whole fruy of eir smooths arepredominantly juice, juice bs from ncentrate. Some hav added syrup and corn syrup. A company manual those ingredients. The caribbean passion smoothie lists the menu board passion fruit, orangego. In fact this doesn't have whole any of those. Beyond what you might find emed in a very sugary sherbet. Reporter: It also says jamba juclbout its greens and ginger smohie are reading. A reasonable consumer looking at menu board WOU believe that they areving mostly greewhen, in fact, smoothie consists largely lemonade. Repr: The probl experts ss is theifference between the nutonal value of whole fruit over fruitce and added sugars. Whole fruits do have Su but youody is go react to that sug in very ent becau the whole fruit alassf great soe and insoluble fiber, lots ofphytonutrients, phytochemicals. Very healthromoting edients. Reporter: Jamba juice told us the company does not comment on threatened or active litigation D did not respond to our questions about the photos O ingredients presented by . If you want heat smoothie more itl ingredients lik almond milkce or sherbet. You can request the STO do this spely for you or make them Ates way and even sho just Thi of them as adessert, not a healthy meal T. Yes, T is very good vice, indeed. Becky, thank Yo always.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"The popular smoothie chain was hit with a new lawsuit alleging it uses deceptive marketing claims for some of its drinks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57374751","title":"What's really in your Jamba Juice?","url":"/GMA/Food/video/jamba-juice-57374751"}