How to make the perfect potluck dishes using an Instant Pot!

Food Network's Geoffrey Zakarian shows "GMA" how to make queso, turkey chili and mini meatballs in an Instant Pot.
6:50 | 09/20/19

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Transcript for How to make the perfect potluck dishes using an Instant Pot!
Now we're heading to the weekend with a potluck party. Instant pot luck party for the end of our instant pot challenge. We wanted recipes to feed a crowd and one of our favorite chefs came through. Please welcome chef Geoffrey Zakarian. Hello, Geoffrey. Good to see you. Hi. Hi. So many people. I know. We're all -- I don't have to do anything. Geoffrey, what we wanted to do, today we wanted to learn how to make enough food for a crowd. Lara and I had our shot at it. We had some good food made for us. Ginger informed me she has one of these but the food never tastes right. Nope, never does. Ginger, Tom, Cecilia, it's their turn. All right. What will we do. A bunch of stuff for a crowd but we'll do a queso dip. Everybody loves queso. The problem with what's happening, it's not you, it's the recipe, okay. Because food -- this isn't a magical device that's really great but the recipe has to be good. Some cheese we have right here. Pour it in? Cream cheese. Does it matter. Very easy. Does it matter what kind of cheat? Cream cheese, tomatoes, right, chopped jalapenos. This is cooking, wow. Milk, pap freak I can't. Put it on, your instant pot. Five minutes, done. High pressure. Right here. If you want to double it because a lot want to do a big party, do you cook it for longer. No. That's like a wife's tale. Same five minutes, it's just the amount of stuff have you in there. Five minutes and you can share we made it's healthy. It's not that healthy but at least you feel good. What do you think, Cecilia? We have chips, radishes. It's queso but it's for a It's delicious. Give it a try. Are you on a diet? I love queso. I'm addicted to it. You can use it as a dip. That's hear ee doing or use it in your next dish with your next dish. I'm going to make another. You would think with the instant pot chili would be perfect. I'm doing Turkey chili. I love chili. You can use dark meat, white meat. I seared off the Turkey first on the saute mode and we'll dump and stir. A term we use. Everything, go. Salt, pepper. Scallions. Goer for it. It's not a speed drill. Beans. Everyone has got to get it together. Some tomato paste. All of it? One of my favorites, beer. Beer, all right. I always have beer. Can you have beer with it. Everybody got so excited when you said beer. Chicken stock and fire roasted tomatoes which is tomatoes grilled, basically. You cover that on high 20 minutes, done. Only 20 minutes. I can do this? For people like ginger, sometimes when you're cooking here it says burn. What does that mean. Burn means, you know what that means. I know what it's means. The pot telling you you'll have a problem. You want to stop, hit the cancel. Like drop and roll. Take it out, exactly. Take out -- scrape off the bottom then put more liquid in it. It means there's not enough liquid. It warns you before it happens. Turkey chili here. This is the Turkey chili. Crema. You put out all the spreads. The crema, chili, garnishes. Some people like cream, you don't have to put it on everybody's. I'm going at it. 20 minutes. Okay. Can you do it with more meat? We'll help start right here. You like -- I know you like meatballs. I'm out the way. This is three-meat meatballs again. Beef, veal and sausage. I love sausage because sausage has all that great flavor. Why not use it. It's dump garlic, onions, parmesan cheese. Oh. Lots of it. Egg. And cream and then we'll mix, mix, mix. Probably. You don't have to mix it. You don't have to mix it. We've done that for you and take these and want to put them in this pot here and put oil. How much oil? You're browning these in -- No. Then put them in. This is already hot. Ready? Saute. This is the beauty this all in one pan, okay. So obviously -- You take these and take them out and guess what, you'll leave the fat. All that fat is love. It's love and flavor. That's what it is. The days of low fat stuff is crazy because that's where the flavor is That's what I tell my waistline. It's love. You'll put all of these in and do this for how long? Just a few -- four minutes until it's brown. You're into the cooking them. Just searing them. So I see, see all the good stuff in there. You don't have to stir them. Turn them once. Sauce, tomayto, tomahto. Salt, pepper. Garlic. Ginger, you're doing it. A many, you guys. Chopped roesmary. Oh, yum. All right. Put these in. You put in these eight minutes and you got a magnificent bunch of meatballs. Eight minutes. Now -- I know when you do use it a lot there is a silicone band that gets dirty. Everything that is new has a new car smell. You cook and burn it off first, vinegar, water and lemon on the steam and it's all gone and clean. You can do that again. You want to try it? Try the meatballs. I think ginger -- it says burn right now, ginger. Still in there. Come in. Come over here. I can't eat it because I have to talk, you guys, so you can get these recipes on our website and everyone in our audience, you're going home with the duo nova instant pot. That's right. And not only that, not only that, a little more. And so to make sure you know what you're doing we'll send you home with the I love my instant pot meals recipe book as well.

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{"duration":"6:50","description":"Food Network's Geoffrey Zakarian shows \"GMA\" how to make queso, turkey chili and mini meatballs in an Instant Pot.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65740630","title":"How to make the perfect potluck dishes using an Instant Pot!","url":"/GMA/Food/video/make-perfect-potluck-dishes-instant-pot-65740630"}