Yes, there's a mansion devoted to everything rosé

This new live museum experience is all about our favorite summer drink, rosé.
2:12 | 07/12/18

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Transcript for Yes, there's a mansion devoted to everything rosé
Well there is imagine. What's going to grand tour. This is where you get your class and you immediately learned that Rosie line is actually made from red wine grapes. So the second program you get your first class alive. This is vintage travel agency and we like to. People that wind comes from all over the world especially rose you can board Rosie mention airlines and hop on a plane go anywhere about why. This is the science that's sweet line. So this through I want tracked along with a great truth government. And it has through everything is coming up roses one take that smell and a touch of actual flowers and were you there live now your entry how wine is made it to you actually get to see how wine is made by being inquiry. So after you get to learn how it's made you get to blame your own glass of wine. We get to use the base if you look at what city do you want and you could she's her do you want it and in the purse in this room is going to. Stumbling your glass and you get to try it here. Welcome secret garden in this room we get my wife in California but really about me. Honestly as he regard it. Overlooking. And this is pretty much perfect sitting in. Back hopeful rose petals while he drinks thing. And no mention would be complete without Kindle is very elaborate. Beautiful homes and chandeliers that you can actually swing from because. If either Santo elected to my house I would definitely. So industry needed to drink a wine from the Provence region of France you drink to finally sit in a giant oversight. In the last through the mansion yet well Lexington. So in this review actually gets you drink a wine that you wouldn't drink in ancient Rome. Thank you so much for stopping by the mansion and come again we hope you enjoyed it chairs.

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{"id":56528324,"title":"Yes, there's a mansion devoted to everything rosé","duration":"2:12","description":"This new live museum experience is all about our favorite summer drink, rosé.","url":"/GMA/Food/video/mansion-devoted-ros-56528324","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}