Aldis Hodge dishes on ‘One Night in Miami’

Hodge talks about his role as the legendary running back Jim Brown in the acclaimed new film.
4:13 | 01/25/21

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Transcript for Aldis Hodge dishes on ‘One Night in Miami’
He's got to be. If the goal is for us to be free, to really be free -- And we know it is. -- Then the key is economic freedom. And no one's more economically free than Sam. Technically, he's the only one of us -- I'm not worried about no picture -- You don't have a job, Negro. Sounds like something my dad said to me at some point. That's a clip from the new movie, "One night in Miami," a fictionalized account of one historic night when Malcolm X joined ka Cassius clay, who later became Muhammad Ali and held during the civil rights movement of the '60s. The movie is getting major buzz ahead of awards season and here to tell us more is one of the film's star, award winning actor known in his roles in "Straight out of Compton" and "The invisible man," aldis Hodge. Welcome to the show. Happy to have you with us, and the response already to this film has been incredible. And given the timing of it, with everything we've been through, over this past year, what are your hopes? What do you hope people will take away when watching this movie? Understanding. And a greater capacity for empathy. You know, it is a fantastic conversation that we're having. I think Ken powers illustrated it beautifully, to help people really get an inside look, to what it means when we're talking about equity, equality, issues that we go through, as a culture in this country, and I think that this conversation helps people who may not be affected by it, and really get a sense of reason, and being able to understand, in a personal way, why this conversation is necessary, and why action needs to be taken, when it comes to moving towards equality for all in this country. Aldis, I know you have had conversations. As black men, there are some things that we'll get in a group -- All the time. There are some things we will see to each other and can say to each other that nowhere else and nobody else will understand. Absolutely. How close does this movie get in your opinion to letting folks on that conversation that so many of us have so often? It got closer than close. It is that honest conversation. It is the reality of brothers sitting in a room and that's something I love so much about the example set with this, is because you see these four men, who are shooting at the same goal. They each have a different way of going about it, but within their debate, you see them come to a point of fighting for each other, as opposed to fighting against each other. And that's a teachable thing. Because oftentimes, like you said, we get into these groups, man, and everybody got a different opinion, but we got to figure out how to work together. And that's something that this film, in terms of how they have the conversation, that's what it really exemplifies. And you play, as we both know, you played Jim brown. So there was a boxer, a singer, a football player, and a revolutionary, right, essentially in the room. Are you more prone to be a football player versus the boxer or the singer? I think that naturally, I have a tie to each one of these men in terms of their voice and their vision, but I'm probably more Malcolm than anything. Okay. Look, look, you catch me in a conversation, you know, what Jim was talking about, when it comes to the economics and where his head was at, is exactly why I keyed into this particular role, because he was really an outlier when it came to that, especially in this time frame. The man was brilliant. Still is. That's why I connected so strongly with really stepping into his shoes. Well, the film is brilliant. I think everyone can agree on that. Aldis Hodge, thank you so much for joining us. Please everyone, make sure to catch "One night in Miami" in select theaters, on Amazon prime video, now.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"Hodge talks about his role as the legendary running back Jim Brown in the acclaimed new film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75471791","title":"Aldis Hodge dishes on ‘One Night in Miami’","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/aldis-hodge-dishes-night-miami-75471791"}