Amy and T.J. unleash their inner rock drummer

Drum teacher Rich Redmond teaches the hosts how to burn calories while rocking out.
4:47 | 01/19/21

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Transcript for Amy and T.J. unleash their inner rock drummer
We are back with our get it done in 2021 series, and today we are getting out of our comfort Zones as we try a fresh new way to burn some calories, T.J. Six years I worked with her. This is the most excited I've seen her by this segment ever. Here to teach us is someone who's toured with some of the world's hottest musicians like Jason aldean, Kelly Clarkson. Let's welcome touring drummer as well as motivational speaker rich Redmond. Thanks for having us. You tell us, man, drumming supposed to be creative, right, but it can be an intense this is not just about playing music. That's right. I use every muscle in my body when I play the drums. It is a fantastic workout, and there's tons of physical and mental benefits from playing the drums. I mean, physically people are always saying, rich where do you get your energy from? I want to bottle that. I say the drums give me energy and the drums improve my circulation. I mean, it really gets the blood pumping. It allows me to lower my stress. Everyone's looking for ways to manage stress and lower their stress. It increases my coordination because drummers, you got to love drummers. We are extreme multitaskers. We're doing four things at the same time, and yes, we burn calories. I've had scientists come out to my shows and hook electrodes up to me. It turns out I burn over 1,000 calories in every Jason aldean show, which is pretty amazing, and also, mentally the drums help us reduce our anxiety and elevate our mood. It reduces depression, and it helps us improve our concentration, and we actually use both sides of our brain. So why not get a set of drums and start playing? I agree. That's amazing. And T.J. Couldn't use us more than he ever needed it today. We don't have the setup that you have over there, but for people at home, we've kind of created this makeshift drum set. Tell us what people at home could do. Well, that's really how it starts, like every drummer's got a story where they say, yeah, I started playing drummers in 1976 when die know sores roamed the Earth. It started with pots and pans is from there you see these amazing street bucket musicians. You get a bucket from home Depot, you could bust all day in New York City. It's a great thing. Get over on those drums. All right. Show us when we get over here how to hold our drumsticks correctly. Those are beautiful. This is how you hold the drumstick. This is a crash course. You got the first joint of the first finger. The stick rests right in there. The thumb goes directly across. You see what's happening there, you got a little pressure, a little pitch. Then I tell the kids, mountain, mountain, river. The stick goes in that river between the two flesh VI lobes. Tension is the enemy in drumming. We want to get a good relaxed sound. Let me play these things for you really quick. Okay. I mean, that is powerful. Who wants to go first? Amy, just hit that kick drum. Okay. Which one's the kick drum? With your foot. Right there. It's got the pedal hooked up to it. You're doing great. I have stilettos on. It's not easy. Yeah, it's hard. Hit that snare drum. This is the snare drum in front of you. That's where people clap with their hands. No, is that it? There you go. This one right -- there you go T.J. That's the snare drum. Now I'm going to show you the first beat everyone learns to play. You're going to hear it at guitar center on Saturday. It goes like this. You guys have heard that beat, right? Oh, yeah. Basically it's a conversation between the bass drum and the snare um. You go foot hand, foot hand, foot hand. Try that. There's a little delay, but you guys can try it. Two, three, four. What else you got? I'm feeling it. What else you got, rich? Okay. One more time, I'm going to demonstrate it. You guys are going to try it. I wish we could all play together and there wasn't this delay. Okay. So boom, pap, boom boom pap, that's Ringo Starr all day long. Foot snare, foot foot snare, try it. Amy's got it with the crash cymbal, you're a natural guys, fantastic. Rich, thank you. Thank you so much. See, he's smiling. You made T.J. Laugh today. It's so hard to do over zoom, guys. Oh, we really appreciate it. You did a great job. We're going to keep practicing during the commercial break. Thank you for being with us we hope we've inspired a few musicians out there today.

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"Drum teacher Rich Redmond teaches the hosts how to burn calories while rocking out.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75345222","title":"Amy and T.J. unleash their inner rock drummer","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/amy-tj-unleash-rock-drummer-75345222"}