Arica Himmel dishes on new episodes of ‘Mixed-ish’

Himmel talks about her role as a teenage version of Tracee Ellis Ross' "Black-ish" character Rainbow "Bow" Johnson.
2:47 | 05/07/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Arica Himmel dishes on new episodes of ‘Mixed-ish’
Don't you want some chocolate? We spent the next couple of hours trying to sell our chocolate. Want some chocolate? But ended up with nothing much to show for it. Well, that was a bust. I only sold two bars to a janitor. I sold five. And by sold, I mean I left them in the cash drawer and took -- I sold negative 12. What does that mean? I ate 12. They're terrible, but I can't stop. This is hopeless. That was a scene from ABC's sitcom "Mixed-ish" with laughs and important life lessons and with us right now one of the stars of "Mixed-ish" Arica Himmel, great to have you with us, and congratulations on the success of the story, it's incredible, and wow do you channel a younger Tracee Ellis Ross, do you two talk about how you're going to play it and how you're going to play her each and every week? Yeah, actually, I remember at the beginning of the process, we were definitely talking about how to play the character, and one thing she told me was to, you know, obviously play the character, but also incorporate what I know as an actress, and do my own thing. But of course, this isn't bow from "Black-ish," this is bow from "Mixed-ish" and she is still growing and I've been able to do my own thing with the mix of bow. A pretty cool collaboration indeed I imagine but the season finale, hard to believe, is quickly approaching, I think we have just two more weeks, obviously we don't want you to give too much away but can you give us any insight into what we have to look forward to? Yes, okay, the season finale, expect a surprise reunion or surprise appearance, I should say. And maybe even a disappearance. Oh, wow. A reunion and a disappearance. You got mu attention. And obviously you guys have wrapped up taping for the season, but you were doing this all through the pandemic, what was that like, personally, and even professionally, as an actor to go through and do what you love to do, but doing it during a pandemic? Yeah, it was definitely difficult at times, because I wasn't used to being on set having to rehearse in a mask or shield, but at the end of the day, we just made sure we all had fun, we got through our scenes, we did what we needed to do, and it was all fun. And fun is just one way to describe the show. We can see you guys are having a blast as you're doing it each and every day. Thank you so much, Arica Himmel, for bringing all of that to us today and we want to remind everyone, that you can see all new episodes of "Mixed-ish" right here on ABC. Have a great weekend. You too, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"Himmel talks about her role as a teenage version of Tracee Ellis Ross' \"Black-ish\" character Rainbow \"Bow\" Johnson.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77555428","title":"Arica Himmel dishes on new episodes of ‘Mixed-ish’ ","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/arica-himmel-dishes-episodes-mixed-ish-77555428"}