Bestselling author Brad Meltzer talks new children’s book

Meltzer explains why his new book, “A New Day,” is a great way to teach kids about the value of kindness and gratitude.
6:19 | 03/04/21

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Transcript for Bestselling author Brad Meltzer talks new children’s book
Our next guest is the New York Times best selling author who has penned every genre imaginable from page turning suspense novels. Two historical accounts of American president. And now author Brad Meltzer is reaching a new audience with this picture book debut calling a new day. Which teaches children the children the value of kindness and gratitude and let's bring him in now Brett. Idea Dell and Amanda lot of books behind I have good good to see you I'll expect nothing less than an author to have books behind you know that life does a good to see you. Here we're talking you're not it this is not new writing and -- making books more kids but why is this one different from anything you've done before. You know this is the first fiction have ever done and it's also the only book I ever dreamed. Actually woke up two years ago. And had the entire book in my head I wrote down Sunday quits just like that. And it was about the idea what happens it's Sunday the day quits in the other days of the week. Have to hold tryouts for a new day. I think you'll see in the book would beautiful are banned Santa. That they have tried to say you know let's have run day will run well funded which is really fun we'll have Bundy where Ron Weyers princess lea areas in the bottom there. And they're like each day's decreased year that dogs want dog David Katz want Saturday. I'm dusty sharp gain every other day but the most important thing. Is at the end of the book. You'll see a little girl brings a potted plants. The Sunday and she says what's this going to be treating a unity were debated day she's is now the little girl's doesn't just wanted to say thank you. It is when she never nice today can now moments Sunday is recharged and realizes. The entire point of the book. And with a little kindness every day becomes a new day arm that's we want our kids right is our kids are anxious today where anxious they were in the age of anxiety. But if you can change their mindset shown no say thank you put a little kindness the world you can give your kids in new gig every day. OK I actually just got chills when you explains the message in the purpose of the block and such a cool creative way to send this message that we all need to be reminded out that kindness and appreciation win the day. You said you dream dip. I know it certainly every author were you know. We if you pretentious like myself you keep a pad of paper by preventing easy on the weak governance. Let me most striking all right economic genius and had never thought I'd be happier when I woke up and I sits might like it. Sunday quits just like that she sent right back down and might like this we're smarter than I am com and and they come on with award winning artist can sense that and he made my ready look far better than it is but I know what it really is it's my kids all the books and write from my kids. Okay I'm fascinated now bye week we had several questions erupt still fascinated by you do waking up. And having it how long did it take you to put it together the U local with the idea but once you started laying it all out how long detect. Yeah you know you want to have good gates rice that we had you know. Robots in gelatin gays and we had the worst vice President's Day when you can dress up we had cats were really meant for Kennedy because the dogs kept coming back from Bordeaux obvious cause I have a dog my daughter loves our dogs. I'm so it took me a couple months took to work all out at the same time I'm also working on you know I read other kids books are at this entire series called ordinary people change the World Series. So part of me is fighting to write these nonfiction books like I'm familiar are nine Abraham Lincoln and then. Of course I have to do it Saturday and Ronde and unsafe but each day in you know brings a little bit of more fun for me. Brent is the writing process in different when you're writing. For children verses suspense novel or something specific historically important for adults or is this process the same. Now that's a good quest Fino the kids' books have far less murder in them in my thrillers I who. Five. Days as you know I'm writing when I read it when I already knew DA I'm I write from my heart and I read it for myself but I write my kids you know it's for every age and the same thing when I write nonfiction book African design Frida Kahlo is our new book. And it's all about you know a female artists. Who and it was celebrated a time when no one celebrated female artists and when I do as I follow I want my kids to have the same way I want kindness from my kids and a new day in ninth street column I said from my kids I said you don't want to. This is a woman who was an apologetic Lee herself people made fun of how Frida Kahlo looked. Where she was from but she was determined to see things differently. And her favorite thing she liked to draw was herself she used a mirror. And so on the last page of time Frida Kahlo one of the things we put the book emotionally because it's I never get to show this dog show you the last page of the book. We put a little plastic mirror in the book and it says he hear us say this is a work of art icu your worker bar and it's designed Frida Kahlo. And I know that the most beautiful thing is you just as you are. That's the message I want for my daughter. That's the message I want my sons to accept themselves who they are and to me whether it's my thrillers worthy ordinary people change the world books or new DA. It's always about a message that you have to accept yourself and love yourself. We are. You we will have a lot off as a come on promoting books. They give you the ending the of the book but this makes sense to do so and my daughter was over my shoulder as I was on your web site. And use point oh yeah I got that when I got Alan I got that when I got ballot all of your ordinary people books so. They are everywhere could grant a seems Witasick as they first kind of book for you but you've written so many children's books but this is they first. For you as well bred is really good to talk to you congrats on everything to grab some breaking it down. And this is great for adults as well I can tell yup looking ahead doctor Ashton in and Roebuck hears you were talking and that their hands over their hearts and just the Mets is there. This one that resonates with everybody so thanks so much. No thank you and thanks again for your daughter that's not a good parenting. I'm. And fat pat yeah. Brett I've made at that man to win. I. Think and a new day is available no. Anywhere that books are and so yeah. He just changed all of our day to day thing that was great all right who.

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{"duration":"6:19","description":"Meltzer explains why his new book, “A New Day,” is a great way to teach kids about the value of kindness and gratitude.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76254417","title":"Bestselling author Brad Meltzer talks new children’s book","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/bestselling-author-brad-meltzer-talks-childrens-book-76254417"}