‘Biden is the change that we need’: George Floyd’s sister

Bridgett Floyd and attorney Ben Crump call for a day of action to honor what would have been her brother’s 47th birthday.
7:34 | 10/14/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘Biden is the change that we need’: George Floyd’s sister
Name is Bridget Floyd named assistant coaching. Joseph dining restarts the family to actually meet he was there to listen. CC in writing this to changed and we need a lot of people don't really care for. It is important. This very important and you vote district. Des Moines Bowe. Makes a difference. That is a first look at an all new political ad featuring Bridget ploy sister of George Floyd. Whose death at the hands of the police also sparked the world while outcry just five months ago today would have been George will with 247. Birthday it's families more communication by calling for a day. Of action that's right and we are joined now by Bridget Floyd along with the Floyd family attorney Benjamin Crump thank you both for being with us today. And rigidly first ask you on this day. On George's birthday how are you and your families you. On cue for ST. They keep asking. First degree in the mouth not whether. Eight flights a days theory being so. In the mist that every game we are staying positive. We're praying for just days and now I believe justice took its. We are thinking of you and your entire family on this day. Also we just got that first look view in that new political ad. Obviously we are just a few weeks away I think twenty days to be specific until Election Day. What happened to your brother has. Obviously incited your own personal activists and but it's incited the activism of so many others so what do you wanna share on the stay with every one who was watching right now. Polite to say it are participated in that Everett has more or biting the phrase that it. I shared a personal message of Hamas Stanley. Yeah down. Stanley and but she eighty former vice president in. Annan is sincere condolences. And support. A memorial service is former brother. Com. Bob what this gifts that global outcry for change problem. That's why I'm encouraging it really want. About. I think well I don't think I know fists as and that's why in this kitchen instead beauty. Bin though he brings you're in here we've seen some really unprecedented numbers and record. Odd numbers of people out there voting early do you believe these cases George Floyd pretty on a Taylor and others. Are going to directly have an impact. On this election. I absolutely do TJ because people are emotional. And people are crying out that we can do better America and they know that Egypt vs dot more with the case as a role to play. In this brits say it. Boldin is one of the easiest way east that you can't. Maegashira that we progress Eugene George lower our future Rihanna Taylor are huge Omar arbor or QGJ related. All of that happened to independent Timothy TJX when he actually so now this is our moment you have to seize that moment and ball. Like our children lives did you know. And then I wanna get your reaction to a development that happen just a few days ago. In regards to the murder of George Floyd the former officer who was charged Derek shot and was released while awaiting trial in fact the judge has allowed him to lead this state what do you think about that. You know it'd demonstrates that there two justice systems in America one of the black American one whole white America because. Do on how much time as an attorney I have never seen a black person charged with murderer being granted permission. About the court to leave this state because of safety concerns. It is only win. Why people kill black people that we stories in these issues about OK they get a spiritual oh are vague and death race. They never say that about us and so that's why we're continued to say we count the price equal justice. For every citizen in America. All we won't Clough look. Who wants is the same thing you movement where your loved ones if they have been Keogh and that is put him to be held accountable. And Bridget he he just spoke there about the justice system I'm just gonna ask you about it personally every day can be tough after you lose a loved one. But like you said some days the holidays and days like today a birthday can be especially. Difficult but on this day Derek strove in the man accused and charged in the murder of your brother did not wake up in a prison cell. He woke up in a bid somewhere in a home somewhere but on this day how does that sit with you. Knowing that he's actually walking around. There's a scene where would we. Now. I just. It's really know what it's really no words. All are well. He is it it's am because we cannot be yours today or is but it. Because looking. Around. It is is is is really devastating. Everytime I think about is humane being with these really waiting strap our. Like Bain need shape it was one that's. Yeah we wouldn't be home without. There will be no way. So I just don't understand. Just dismissed them as to why do they. Its main desires to be used and the it would not you. It's. You clearly. Have anger you have every right to be you still have. A lot of hurt. Which are trying to turn that into something. What do you want people to do with this they now a date of action Bridget what do you want to come out of this on this day your brother's birthday. Today. Or cure accused forties it all at age. I encourage everyone in great spirits or. Whoa whoa whoa whoa. It's your way is great and we'll let you on a boat or whoever you want about bullying wherever you go move to dispel. Our late. And Doug to eight X. That's what it's every what to do all. Bridget Floyd. Turning your pain in two. Action and certainly a promise for a better future and Benjamin Crump thank you both for taking the time. To be what's us today we certainly appreciate it and your message. Bureau.

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{"duration":"7:34","description":"Bridgett Floyd and attorney Ben Crump call for a day of action to honor what would have been her brother’s 47th birthday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73609784","title":"‘Biden is the change that we need’: George Floyd’s sister ","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/biden-change-george-floyds-sister-73609784"}