‘The Conners’ star dishes on new season

Emma Kenney also talks about the last season of the hit series, “Shameless.”
3:51 | 04/14/21

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Transcript for ‘The Conners’ star dishes on new season
Oh, it looks like someone got a present from Beverly rose. She's got an interesting process, she smiles, emptied the entire contents of her body in this diaper and passed out. Drop that bomb in this garbage. Tie a brick to it and drop it in our neighbor's pool that they won't stop yapping about. Show them who has class and who doesn't. On the way back, I might stop at the free clinic and get my tubes tied. Later. Welcome back. That was a clip are from the TV show hit "The Conners." And you may recognize her from "Shameless" who played Debbie Gallagher for 11 seasons. Everybody, please welcome Emma Kenney. Emma, thanks for being here today. How are you doing today? Thank you for having me. I'm good. How you are guys? We are great but we aren't as busy as you seem to be between "Shameless" and "The Conners" we're actually shooting and going back and forth between sets sometimes on the same day, how did you pull that off? On the same day, it was crazy, it has been a busy time but I love it. There will be days where I literally stage hop, I'll go from "Shameless" in the morning to "The Conners" in a whole different studio in the afternoon. It's crazy but I love it. Yeah, that makes my head spin. I cannot even imagine. We saw a clip from tonight's episode, but it's a new episode of "The Conners" tonight on ABC. Tell me what we can expect. Tonight's episode, we actually have a really cool guest star, Candice Bergen, which is amazing to have her on the set. I mean what an icon. So cool. Isn't that funny, that you have a big episode airing tonight, the highlight for you, you know she's that big of a deal, and that's the highlight, huh? There's nothing else you can tell us about it? Well, of course, I mean I can't give away too much, but Candice Bergen, maybe, I mean she's it. It's cool to see you being a fangirl out there for a second. Let's go to "Shameless" for a second and there's a picture that we have that we will put up, a lot of behind the scenes shots, and there was one here in particular that you took behind the scenes, you say this is one of your favorites of William H. Macy on set. Explain this picture for us and why you love it. You know I thought it really captured bill's essence. He brings his ukulele to the set ever day, and I thought it was a great thing because I thought it was a great shot because you can see the whole stage and his name and a quintessential Hollywood during covid, with his mask. And the six feet between us. Emma, for fans of the show, this is the final season, what was it like, filming that, after so many, I mean 11 seasons together? Yeah, it was emotional. I mean especially, I think it hit me more after we wrapped, because I realized, oh, I'm not coming back, I don't have another script to read, we are not going to be all together again. We had a really, really special last night on set. People who weren't working came and hung out. And yeah, it was crazy reading that last script. Like I didn't think it would last this long, but I didn't really know how it would feel while it came to a close. Well, we still have a lot to look forward to. Of course, you're just getting started. You were 11, I think, when you were cast in that show. I was very young. And you are just getting started. So it is good to see you. We look forward to the episode of "The Conners" that we know so much about now. Candice Bergen, all you need to know. All you got to know. Emma, it's so good to see you. And folks, we want you to know you can catch "The Conners"

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"Emma Kenney also talks about the last season of the hit series, “Shameless.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77068353","title":"‘The Conners’ star dishes on new season","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/conners-star-dishes-season-77068353"}