Dolly Parton talks $1 million donation to vaccine research

The country music legend talks about her charitable work and details Dollywood’s Flower & Food Festival.
5:12 | 05/12/21

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Transcript for Dolly Parton talks $1 million donation to vaccine research
We don't have to, we don't have to give a back story or biography or list all this stuff. We have to introduce our next guest, you can do it with just one word, dolly. But I am going to list a few things because in case you didn't know, dolly has had 26 number one songs, she's won 11 grammy awards with 50 nominations, and this past year she donated $1 million to help develop a coronavirus vaccine. So please welcome the one and only country music legend and humanitarian, dolly parton. Dolly, I have to tell you, when Dr. Jen and I told our daughters that we were going to talk with dolly parton, both of them, they were on facetime, screamed, I mean, you are such an inspiration to so many, I mean of any age, all women and men of all ages, for what you do, not just what you've given us in the music world, but what do you each and every day. We just mentioned that generous donation, a million dollars which we now know helped fund the modern vaccine. T.J. And I both got the modern vaccine, so from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. I want to know how it feels to know you've had such a big impact and lent such a helping hand to stopping this pandemic. Well, I'm getting more credit than I probably deserve on that, but I was really happy early on when I saw -- I felt like this was going to be a terrible thing, so early on, before, before it got so bad, I just felt led to kind of lend a little money to the cause for myself, as well as everybody else, so I'm just happy to be a small part of that. And you say a small part, that's a very humble way of putting it, a small part with a million dollar donation, but a big part of that community where you're sitting right now is dollywood, some 20,000 plus jobs are created directly and indirectly by dollywood being there. And you're getting back up and going, but are things starting yet to feel a little normal in dollywood? A little normal. We're certainly feeling so much more positive and I really -- I just kind of have a good vibe about it all and seeing all of the people milling around. We're still being safe and smart and I'm so proud of our whole dollywood staff during the whole pandemic, how they stepped up and made everything look so well. I know that you've got your flower and food festival going on right now and a lot of it, you've got these beautiful floral mosaic sculptures throughout the park, and among them, I know one that pays homage to your very own mother, and I know you've been working on this for some time, but you actually are there now, you got to see it in person, can you tell us what that moment was like? Well, it was wonderful. We actually were planning this for last year, and we got locked down, so actually they brought it all back to life, but to walk out and see that wonderful big display of my mom, that you know, even the hair is made out of vines, and her little face, and how she is sewing my little coat of many colors, all of those patches are made of little flowers and I had a chance to walk around the park yesterday because the park was closed, and so I saw the butterflies and you were talking about the little bears before, it is amazing to see it in person. Dolly, a lot of people came out of this pandemic with different feelings and changed in some way, and those of us who have had the privilege of being around you, or interviewing you, in some way, over the years, we all feel this energy. Even your fans. You can feel the zest for life that you have and this positive outlook that you have. But for you, now that it seems that we are coming out of this thing, what have you picked up? What have you learned about yourself? What are you now going forward with in your life that you have learned through the pandemic? Well, I think we've all learned a lot about ourselves. I think we've all had to go deeper inside than we might have before. I even have written songs about it while we were in lockdown, the song of where life is good again, I'll be a better friend, a better person, when life is good again, and it is really kind of like you think how much more you can do, how much better you can be as a human being and how much more you can share, and I always try to bring some light, if I can, into people's lives, and so I tried all the way through the pandemic to do things that were positive and uplifting. Ms. Dolly parton, we needed you and your energy today. I mean, it has just been a pleasure over the years, you are just infectious and just through the screen, even we can feel that energy and that life and that love. Ma'am, thank you so much. It's good to see you. You have huge fans all over this studio as well who are just giddy, trying to jump up on set so they can ask you a question. Well, thank you for having me. It's pouring rain and all of that lighting is coming right here. I think you manufactured that. I got your spotlight on me. I didn't do that. You did. See, we want folks to know the flower and food festival is open until June 7th. Dolly parton, it's good to see you. We'll get down to Tennessee soon. Thank you. Thank you. I wish you could have seen Dr. Jen fan-girling here the whole time. Did you see her documentary? I have heard all about it. I will watch it today. Must see. It's amazing. She is just incredible. All right, coming up next

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"The country music legend talks about her charitable work and details Dollywood’s Flower & Food Festival. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77645808","title":"Dolly Parton talks $1 million donation to vaccine research","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/dolly-parton-talks-million-donation-vaccine-research-77645808"}