Inside look at congresswomens’ first 100 days in Congress

‘GMA3’ followed two freshman congresswomen, Rep. Nance Mace and Rep. Marilyn Strickland, through their eventful first 100 days.
4:15 | 04/13/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside look at congresswomens’ first 100 days in Congress
Now is the time to ask your dermatologist about skyrizi. And welcome back to "Gma3." We're back with an extraordinary look atten extraordinary time on capitol hill. They are on opposing sides of the aisle, but with a shared experience as freshman representatives at a pivotal historic moment. Here's ABC's Rachel Scott. Reporter: The nation entered into 2021 with hope in its heart, but less than a hundred congresswomen took their oath of office, chaos unfolded at the capitol. We're coming back on the air right now just learning the protesters have now breached the capitol and are now inside the capitol. Some people will say that they saw this coming and we shouldn't be surprised because there were warning signs. Reporter: A historic insurrection, the likes of which hadn't happened in the united States since 1814. It is a remarkable scene playing out here. It's tense, chaotic. We've had to move back because of some of the clashes we have seen just behind. The president needs to do something, this is not a protest. This is anarchy. This is a tragic day in the United States of America when our democracy is being undermine by a president who just doesn't know when it's time to go. Reporter: Where were you that day? I was right here in my office. And it is interesting because the 6th of January was really the day we were going to certify the election. Earlier this morning, congress confirming president elect Joe Biden's electoral college victory following that horrific day at the U.S. Capitol that history will never forget. And some who were there experiencing it. Of course you're thinking you barricade the door and all you have are pens and pencils and scissors and maybe a leg off a piece of furniture if you are able to get it, that's all you have. A failed coup attempt didn't keep us from doing our jobs. We've never been deterred before and we will not be deterred today. They tried to disrupt our democracy. Nancy, oh Nancy. They failed. I Joseph Biden Jr. Do solemnly swear. Reporter: And new president took America's helm we reminded of the progress still being made. It's just amazing to watch. You saw kamala put her hand up and take the oath. I started crying when I saw her face on the screen and she started taking the oath. I get choked up even talking about it now. Seeing that moment in history was just amazing. Reporter: Though it seemed like the first three Wednesdays in January lasted an eternity, the duties of a newly elected congresswoman must carry on. Are we good to go? Thank you ranking member -- When you are freshman you get to request committee assignments. And I lucked out and got my top two. Transportation and infrastructure, it includes affordable housing, it includes access to broadband, especially in rural and underserved commities. So just the ability to make these huge investments in communities, to create jobs that pay well, to create more apprenticeships and just to do what we can to help people meet their basic needs. Reporter: Constantly reminding us of the work that is geting done and the progress that is in fact being made. We saw lot of great things. "Operation warp speed," getting a vaccine approved in ten months versus ten years. There are so many good things that happened. Those are things we can embrace going forward. And it is only April. Thanks so much to our ABC congressional correspondent Rachel Scott for that. Her special hour on all this is coming up. Yes, you can catch much more of the first 100 days of the most diverse congress in U.S. History, streaming on "ABC news live" at 8:00 P.M. Eastern tonight. Just ahead when we come back

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"‘GMA3’ followed two freshman congresswomen, Rep. Nance Mace and Rep. Marilyn Strickland, through their eventful first 100 days.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77045543","title":"Inside look at congresswomens’ first 100 days in Congress","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/inside-congresswomens-100-days-congress-77045543"}