How Lin-Manuel Miranda created a ‘Hamilton’ hit

Hrishikesh Hirway’s “Song Exploder” podcast is now a Netflix series where musicians share the story of how their hit songs were made.
3:01 | 10/22/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How Lin-Manuel Miranda created a ‘Hamilton’ hit
I love the fact that you never know how a song is going to come together. I love the anxiety that you feel when you're like there's a pretty likely chance that I'm not going to find the right words and I'm not going to find the right melody. Then there's another chance this might be the day that you write that thing that you never knew you had in you. Wow, that almost makes me want to write music. That was a clip from the new Netflix show "Song exploder" based on the podcast by the same name. It takes viewers on an intimate journey with some of the world's greatest musicians to learn the inspiration behind their songs. Let's bring the host and creator. Hrishikesh hirway is here with us. It is good to see you. You have some fans on our staff people are used to behind the music type shows. This is a little different. I want you to explain how you dig into how these songs come together. There are details here that people can't imagine. The details are really the thing. What makes a song -- the process of making a song interesting in this show is you get to hear and see what went into it in terms of the pieces of the song, the specific little ideas. A song is the product of thousands of little creative decisions that get made and it's rare that artists get to talk about those things, the things that make up their work. Just listening to your voice, it's almost hypnotic. I think I would do anything you asked me to do or tell you whatever story you wanted to hear. It's a powerful thing. Do you have any guests, "A" listers you want to have on the show you haven't had yet? When I first started the podcast, I had a long list of artists on my wish list. It's constantly growing. Still from the beginning, Beyonce, radio head, these are probably two of the top -- my two top picks. If they're watching, you want to get at me. I'm sure they will. Really, my man, congrats on what you've been able to do here. Folks, this is a music history lesson that you wouldn't imagine. I know there are some folks you're hoping to get. Who are the folks you know that are coming up next that you can tell us about that will be on the show? On December 15th there's a new set of four episodes coming out. That features Dua Lipa, the killers, and nine inch nails. Can't wait for that. The documentary series "Song exploder" is available now on Netflix. Thank you for being with us. The second volume will be released this December. A little Christmas gift for everne. I agree with you about that voice. It's mesmerizing. Isn't it?

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"Hrishikesh Hirway’s “Song Exploder” podcast is now a Netflix series where musicians share the story of how their hit songs were made. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73764486","title":"How Lin-Manuel Miranda created a ‘Hamilton’ hit","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/lin-manuel-miranda-created-hamilton-hit-73764486"}