Meet America’s favorite rapping teacher

Viral teacher Dwayne Reed talks about his new book, “Simon B. Rhymin’.”
2:56 | 03/02/21

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Transcript for Meet America’s favorite rapping teacher
Our next guest is a teacher who took the internet by storm a few years ago with a viral back to school video. Check him out there. It's called "Welcome to the fourth grade." Since then he's gone above and beyond for his students, but also raising awareness for community issues in Chicago. We were watching this and now it's all in our head. A great guy. He's making his debut as an author of a brand new book "Simon be rhyming." Joining us is America's favorite rapping teacher, Dwayne reed. We got the book too. Tell us what's in the book and why it's important for kids to read. "Simon be rhyming" is about an 11-year-old Simon barns who dreams of becoming a rapper. Right now he's just a student in Chicago. He's small for his age and afraid to use his voice, but when his new teacher assigns an oral presentation, he feels like he's not going to succeed. With the help of his neighborhood crew, he gains the confidence to prove that one kid can change their community. So I pulled from my upbringing. I was a short kid with a big head who was afraid to use his voice. What's dope is that Simon gains the confidence, the confidence that I never had. That's why this book is important. You describe yourself as a short kid with a big head who was afraid to use his voice. How do you describe yourself now? A taller kid with a big head who is happy to use his voice, but also happy to encourage those kids who might feel insecure to find their voice as well. I want to be an advocate for those who might not know they hav a voice, but they do. I love that. And it gets better. You're the walking proof of you have inspired so many people. So many students. So many teachers. You know during this pandemic, it has never bee tougher to be a teacher or a student right now. What advice do you have for teachers to help them connect with their students over zoom? I mean, you just brought a smile to everyone's face. I joked coming into this thing, I want to go back to fourth grade listening to your rap. How do you inspire teachers to do that in these times? Yeah. I say it's been a hard year for everyone. First off, I want to say thank you to all the teachers everywhere, to the parents and the scholars. As far as connecting better with their scholars, I say focus at reaching at the heart level. The most important thing about education, especially now, is relationships. Focus on the heart stuff and that makes way for the head stuff later on. #Relationshipsmatter. I love it. Yes, Dwayne reed, thank you for being with us and inspiring all of us and yes, make sure to check out the book "Simon be rhyming." It's in stores now. Thank you. Thank you, guys.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Viral teacher Dwayne Reed talks about his new book, “Simon B. Rhymin’.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76205077","title":"Meet America’s favorite rapping teacher","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/meet-americas-favorite-rapping-teacher-76205077"}