‘RHOA’ star Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill talk wedding plans

The engaged couple play the “Near Newlywed Game” to see how well they know each other.
4:40 | 09/23/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘RHOA’ star Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill talk wedding plans
You know our next couple from the real housewives of Atlanta and last season they got engaged on the show and it is when that. Cynthia. You not love you as well has been rest maligned would you. Are you marry me. Yes and wedding bells are now in they're actually very near future seventeen days to be exact. It hasn't always been a clear path to the altar for these love birds it's it might kill writing a rock unemotional memoir about his life to feel ready to start a new one with his fiancee Cynthia Bailey so here to talk about his new book. Titled open Mike. Our Mike hill and Cynthia Bailey think you book your being here I love the title Mike but. Hey days this is this pretty strong language like you said at one point you felt like you we're going to die. If you didn't write this book tell us why. Because I was living a facade of that in the lie. I was living room a life where seem like I was happy on the outside also myself I was happy but also actually not only inside because I had. So much show trauma that I have suppressed for so many years so much depression so much pain so many. Bad news the music kind of mold in my life you may need a person that I was there actually expected Meehan affected my life. It wasn't that allows it is unpacked some of those promises a little agency admits balance as key Carano my mom. I'm not that my father willows a murder for hire Sima about our friends go to would be went through when he came to drug use and abuse facility being killed what. And that these are what do among professional in my personal life and how it affected me and other people. That wasn't able to get rid once I got rid of that analyses that it's my manhood in here it's weeks. Beloved that this young lady has given to him. Don't like I was certain look coming out on the other side he'd look at canal like you say that that lady. The loves Newsradio give gets it did you all playing a waiting now in quarantine and this this is what you told us now our producers in the pre interview that in quarantine with your man no one told me I was going to have to be imprisoned with mom man. Couldn't go out and vent to my girlfriends. But here you're just wrapped Bettis the glove right trivia that's good about it would you like to amend their. They could. Solicit. His good looks. Like I agreed to marry my eyes never agree to that are up beyond lie down its. If I act and like I. What we didn't go anywhere do anything and let's say the if there was ever any doubt in my mind before I wanted to marry Mike hill. I know that I can with what is this wedding and a look like now vs what it was gonna look like Ben. It's always going to be like futuristic. Light to master rate market. We're taking all of the public eighteen precautions. We're doing temperature checks weird heard and I guess you get tested five days before the wedding. Sanitized as mass shields like it's going to going to be crazy and you know we are social distancing the wedding. We changed from end to work to completely outside so. We won't greater cannot agree. They know I didn't go to dope that this is what people have to do you do it you have to do in this new era. And that's great what you all are going to be newlyweds and it's always curious to know how well the the newlyweds know each other so. I have a few quick questions here and I want you both to answer them at the same time okay. Now of course the first. Who is more likely self cry. During the ceremony. City's main U bouquet of minute agreement there include my little crave the crowd okay who is most likely. To hop on the dance floor first and show out. My. K I knew I knew I thought that's what and I and a finally who has most likely to eat though most wedding cake. Victim yeah I don't know idiots and loses weight that's what I love the devout heard the thing about city seeking. He would she wants to as he maintained that figure out think about date. And I below what life's German. About a 100% success rate right yet they could lock down the to months ago. He hasn't kept on. Cynthia think he's so much help in Mike it's available on all platforms now we're wishing you. The best wedding ever and the best marriage ever. Thank you say you may do so much.

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"The engaged couple play the “Near Newlywed Game” to see how well they know each other.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73198616","title":"‘RHOA’ star Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill talk wedding plans","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/rhoa-star-cynthia-bailey-mike-hill-talk-wedding-73198616"}